Tourist Attraction at Sainte Chapelle Paris

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Paris is the one of the famous place to visit , it receives about 27 million tourists per year . The most famous and visited places in France are given as following Norte Dome , Basilique , louvre and Eiffel tower and sainte  chapelle. There are also different forms of transportation like Metro, train  , tram bus you can reach anywhere from these transportation .


Paris , France

La sainte chapelle , the holy chappelle is a royal medieval gothic chapel , which is located near the Palais de le Cite , the heart of Paris , France . It is begun 1239 and consecrated on 26 April , 1248 , It is also considered the highest achievement of the Rayonnant period and also Gothic architecture . the Saint Chapelle is one of the surviving buildings of the Capetian famous royal palace . It is also damaged during French Revolution and then restored in the 19th century .It is very famous place because of its stained glass building .


The royal chapel is perfect example of the reign of Gothic architectural style which called Rayonnat . The contemporary tourist entering the courtyard of the royal palace . It is one of the perfect example of the gothic period .The exterior building of the chapel shows many typical characteristics , deep buttresses, crocketted gables around the roof line . The internal division into upper and lower chapel also attracts the tourists .It is one of the famous place for the tourism .

The stained glass

The famous feature in this building the great stained glass windows which are known as the finest feature among the world . There are extreme delicate frame work .

During French revolution most of the part of the chapel was damaged but now in these days few part of the chapel need re-creation , two to thirds windows are authentic . now small comapared to many other famous buildings in the Paris like Jewel box structure is one of the most famous and beautiful place for any kind of tour .

Capela Dourada

What to see in Chapel

Saint chappelle is the high points of French High Gothic architecture . The interior part of the chapel gives the strong sense of Fragile beauty of this building  , the stained glass part , interior beauty of the building and as well external beauty attracts many tourists . The most visually beauty aspects of the chapel the considerable points in the world. Rose windows also added the beauty of this building . In this part tourists take pictures of this place to make own tour memorable .

gothic chapelle

Getting to Sainte Chapelle

Nearby the chapel is the oldest prison Conciergerie which can be easily accessed on a combine ticket with saint chapel . You can use any bus , metro and any train to reach their. The best time to visit this place the morning time and few days of week . A must see place for the tourists to make your tour extraordinary .

It is little known church with the STUNNER !

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