Top 10 best tourist attractions in Alberta, Canada

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Alberta is a Canadian province situated in its west that is surrounded by the vast prairies and badlands in eastern side of the province. The western side is attached to the Canadian Rockies and it is the fourth most populated province of Canada having 27,525 square km protected land, which includes 5 national parks. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, that is, center of service & supply of oil sands, crude oil and other resource industries. Multiple languages are spoken due to its multicultural roots. It is the home to 587 species of wild animals as many of these are protected or endangered.

10) West Edmonton Mall (WEM)

West Edmonton Mall

Its area is equal to 48 blocks of a city. In addition to shopping, it is a great place for fun and party. Galaxy Land is known as the world’s largest indoor amusement park. WEM’s water park has world’s largest indoor wave pool and many water slides. There are a lot of attractions in the mall which are, sea life caverns, awesome place for ice hockey and bowling, exact replica of Santa Maria of Christopher Columbus. It has 800 stores, more than 100 restaurants and huge brand name chains. 3D IMAX theatres, mini golf and casinos are also important features of this mall. More than 20,000 cars can park in its parking area.

9) Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower is 191 meters high observation tower, which is situated in Downtown Calgary, Alberta. Its original name was Husky Tower. The tower has the highest observation deck in the world, which shows the visitors a perfect 360 degree view of the city, Canadian prairies, Canadian foothills and the rocky mountains. Glass floor of its deck provides a spectacular view of city streets and awesome landmarks below the tower. Visitors can enjoy a multimedia tour in multiple languages in Calgary tower. Guests can also have lunch and dinner at two of its great restaurants, first “Sky 360” located at 155 meters and other “Ruth’s Chris Steak House” famous for its New Orleans style cuisine.

8) Bow Habitat Station


The Bow Habitat Station is located in the Pearce Estate Park, in the heart of Calgary. It is a combination of Visitor’s Center, the Pearce Estate Park Interpretive Wetlands and The Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery. Its fish Hatchery is one of the largest indoor fish hatcheries in North America, which provide about one million fish per year to the Canadian Waters. Children can learn fishing in trout fish pond and enjoy feeding the fishes in the hatchery. Its Discovery Center explains the marine and wildlife ecosystem with appropriate knowledge. About 21 acres of interpretive wetland trails show its natural beauty at the bend of the Bow River. It is an enjoyable place for not only the children but also for the adults.

7) Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (RAO)

Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

Rothney Astrophysical Observatory is an astronomical observation center, which is located on the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. It is under the ownership and administration of the University of Calgary. Its purpose is to share the wonders of astronomy with the students, researchers, other tourists and educate them about astronomical technology researches and projects. RAO has a unique flock of telescopes, astronomical photographs and research archives. Canada’s three largest telescopes are set there, which is open for the public to observe the sky and the Milky Way of stars.

6) Jasper Skytram

Jasper Skytram

Jasper Skytram is highest and most distant airy tram in Canada which was build in 1964. It is one of the must see attraction in Jasper because its marvelous height of about 2277 meters above the sea level is pretty awesome. Adventure of the Skytram begins at the lower station at the height of 1304 meters and ends at the Upper Station on the Whistler’s Mountain only in seven minutes. There are also some licensed dining facilities and gift shops to facilitate the visitors from all around the globe.

5) The Military Museums of Calgary

The Military Museums of Calgary

The Military Museums of Calgary is formed by eight different museums and exhibition gallery under a single roof. These museums include army, air force, navy and four regimental museums of Alberta. The military museum, library and archive is an important part of the museum. It is 2nd largest military museum of Canada. It is located around to the Garrison Woods near downtown area of Calgary. It displays the war machines, weapons and military equipment of ancient Canadian forces. Replicas of ships and other views of World War II explain the sacrifice, tragedies, victories and glory of Canadian Arms. Gift shop in the museums offers visitors to buy some aircraft models, medals and interesting novels as a memory of the museum.

4) The Canadian Badlands

The Canadian Badlands

The Canadian Badlands are the setting of unique canyons, mystical rock formations, treasured historical landscapes and eye catching scenes of its wilderness. It is situated in the Wild West of Canada. This setting has spread over 35,000 square miles in the region. These lands are richest in quality and quantity of ancient remnant and prehistorical landscapes. Heart of the Canadian Badlands is full of coal and dinosaur fossils. UNESCO world heritage sites include Dinosaur Provincial Park in the Canadian Badlands, in which digging is still in process for discovery of more historical creatures remaining. Beautiful sunset, dawn and spectacular view of sky with amazingly shiny stars attract a lot of tourists towards this place.

3) Chinese Cultural Centre

Chinese Cultural Centre

The Chinese Cultural Center was formed in September 1992 and is situated in Chinatown, Calgary. It is a building that represents Chinese culture and its history in Alberta. Chinese Culture Center in Calgary, is the largest establishment of its type in North America. Its architect and ornamentation is exactly according to the Chinese tradition, as used in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. There is a wooden dome in the center of the main hall. This dome was completely built in Beijing and then dismantled to bring it to Calgary. In Calgary same artisans who reinstate the Temple of Heaven, Beijing, re-assembled the dome and decorated the interior. The building includes some classrooms, a library, a restaurant and a museum in the lower level to educate the visitors about Chinese culture.

2) Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is a glacial lake in Banff National Park, situated in a beautiful valley of the Ten Peaks. Its surface has spread about a half square kilometers. It is famous for its aquamarine color water and it is 1883 meters higher than sea level. The lake is surrounded by the waterfall, mountain trails and rock piles, which provide plenty of fascinating scenes. It is a spectacular place for fishing, hiking and boating. Helicopter tours are also available for the aerial view of this heavenly beautiful lake. There is also a lodge for the overnight stay on Moraine Lake. It is one of the must see place for every tourist in Banff.

1) Canmore Cave

Canmore Cave

Canmore Cave is also known as the Rat’s Nest Cave, located in Grotto Mountain near Canmore. These guided tours provide a view, history and adventure of the Canadian Rockies from inside. The cave is home of ancient cultures, engrossing geological and undeveloped caves of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The Rat’s Nest Cave is totally a natural wild cave with nothing man made or artificial. Tours of the cave are full of knowledge, thrill, adventure and fun. Cave naturally maintains a temperature of 5°C. It is a stupendous opportunity for the adventurers. Tourists of all ages do enjoy this fascinating place and do take back home some great memories along with them!

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