Top 10 best tourist places in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is situated on the terrain on an island in the Persian (Arabian) gulf. Its main thing from which it earns a lot is oil fares and trade which has reflection by the horizon’s current towers and shopping mega center. The prominent examples are Marina shopping centers. Below the white-marble vaults, the incomprehensible Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque includes an enormous Persian floor covering, gem light fixtures and limit for 41,000 people which is an amazing place for the worshippers.

10) Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall

Having open, cutting edge, aerated and cool environment, Abu Dhabi’s shopping centers are a full of comfort escape from late spring warmth and provides you unlimited options for every kind of shopping. In Abu Dhabi Mall, there are enormous shopping centers with enormous things that welcome you and your family members even late at night too. There are many innovative plans and extensive variety of outlets in Abu Dhabi Mall which makes the shopping centers a very famous one. There are not only great shops but are places to meet, eat and have a lot of adventure.

9) Qasar al-Hosn

Qasar al-Hosn

Here guests can find more about traditional buildings that reflect great work of engineering and find out about antiquarianism through workshops and exhibits. Not only this, but also include old time work like how the buildings were used to be constructed and how the forts were made for protectection. There are lots of traditional buildings where visitors can get some answers concerning old time building construction by natural material. Besides this, there is a part for archeology students by which they can learn architechtural material.

8) Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

The area of Al Ain Zoo is about 900 hectares. It has close proximity to Jebel Hafeet. It is a fabulous place for visitors from all over the world. The Al Ain Zoo has more than 4,000 animals, with no less than 30% of its 180 species, which are considered very dangerous. There are a lot of green open spaces for picnics. Besides this, there is a children’s garden which is an exciting outside learning region intended to educate kids with knowledge about animals. It can be said that Al Ain Zoo is far beyond only a zoo. It has awesomely built houses and buildings in its surroundings.

7) Al Lulu Island

Al Lulu Island

It is a man-made island with the high tides and untamed waters of the Arabian Gulf. It is a fabulous place that has its own charm and beauty. There is a tidal pond, which increases its fascination. It is definitely not at all like its name, which signifies “pearl” in Arabic; there is nothing lovely or sentimental about the island’s 500 deserted hectares. However, that hasn’t kept Lulu from building up a strange fascination and charming environment. There are lots of shopping centers and exhibition halls, with an outstanding man-made architecture that facilitates all the people out there.

6) Aldar Headquarters Building

Aldar Headquarters Building

This building has a height of about 121m which was designed by Aldar of Abu Dhabi. The venture meets the standards of the American arrangement of grouping the U.S. Green building council and offers 62,000 square meters of office space with more than 23 stories. Few honors and acknowledgments has been given to Aldar Headquarters building, which includes “Best Modern Design” given by BEX, (the Building Exchange). Green Building Council (USA) Aldar Headquarters has a particular configuration and imaginative building exteriors. This outstanding structure is totally round in shape with curve in all aspects.

5) Emirates National Auto Museum

Emirates National Auto Museum

Emirates National Auto Museum is located about 45 kilometers away from south of Abu Dhabi. This is an outstanding collection and an incredible spot to stop while you are travelling to or from Liwa. There is a house “pyramid” which has around 200 autos owned by HH Sheik Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. There is an unlimited collection of unique vehicles, stunning American cars and world’s biggest truck too in that house of Sheikh. A small part of collection was shown in the BBC TV program which was named as “Top Gear”. This museum opens from 9am to 6pm and seven days a week.

4) Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace has a surrounding of 1,000ha of park that is delightfully arranged with palms and wellsprings. There are design mirroring scenes of the desert too. A private beach of 1.3kmis located adjacent to the hotel. The outer design has 114 outstanding domes, that has a length of 60m covered with shiny gold. The Emirates Palace Hotel has the honor of being only the second seven-star hotel in the world, next to Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Price on its construction was around 3 billion dollars which is absolutely an expensive one. You can have entertainment in bars and enjoy different kinds of traditional foods like Irani, arabic, italian etc. in restaurants with a unique and perfect taste.

3) Heritage Village

Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi’s Heritage Village is a genuine reproduction of a normal Bedouin encampment that gives a thought of life and culture of Emirates before the oil explosion. It’s situated in a beautiful shoreline territory of the city, which is a charming spot to stroll after visiting it. There are many displays including customary everyday articles, presenting neighborhood horticulture and the pearl plunging exchange which are basically the primary economies here.

2) Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed mosque is a huge grand mosque located in Abu Dhabi which has perfectly manicured gardens and is adjacent to Abu Dhabi Island. The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque gives you an outstanding and thrilling experience of a great achitecture and welcomes you to the city. This lovely and totally mammoth grand mosque is Abu Dhabi’s historic point building. Mosque facilitates up to 41,000 worshippers. The mosque was opened in 2007 after about 20 years of development. Muslims are permitted into all zones of the mosque (including the tremendous library) and there are guided visits by which you can visit the holy place easily.

1) Observation Deck

Observation Deck

Abu Dhabi has a gigantic view point named as observation deck. It offers horizon sees from the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel, which is the most elevated point in the city. Its not necessary to be a guest in that hotel, in order to go in there rather you can go there without any ticket, but ticket price can be redeemed if you have food or drink from Observing desk’s restaurants. You must give a shot at the high-tea experience with the whole city beneath you. The fresh air and a feeling of being at a high place is really breath taking moment.

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