Top 10 best tourist places in Columbus – Ohio,United States

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Welcome to Columbus, the city of excitement and energy where your sadness and bad mood are overcome by the enthralling atmosphere of the city. Being the 14th largest city of USA in terms of population, Columbus is one of the most lively cities of Ohio state USA with heart throbbing and eye-catching resorts which attract the tourists from all over the world. With many other prominent and unique distinctions, Columbus is also blessed with a moderate climate which has made it a year-round destination for tourists from all over the world.

10) Franklin park conservatory

Franklin park conservatory

Located in the east of Columbus, Franklin Park Conservatory is a symbol of greenery and traditional heritage. The conservatory has the unique distinction of being a botanical benchmark and center of tourists diversion due to its huge collection of stunning plants and flowers. Besides this, the conservatory also organizes annual art exhibitions, educational expos and a large number of other events for people of all ages. Being a center of rich cultural heritage Franklin Park Conservatory is also a training workshop offering training in cooking, gardening, wellness and fine arts.

9) Center of science and technology (COSI)

Center of science and technology (COSI)

Located in the center of Columbus, COSI is an educational and research center which attracts thousands of art lovers and knowledge seekers from all over the world. It was founded in 1964 by Dr. David Chesebrough and Frederic Bentley with an aim to make a research and educational center which facilitates people of all age factors. A number of outreach programs are organized every year in COSI targeting people of different interests and tastes. Since 1964 COSI has been a home to about 30 million knowledge aspirants. COSI provides the most suitable environment for people exploring and studying science and culture.

8) German village

German village

Located in the south of downtown Columbus, German village has a unique historical importance. Blessed with a lovely atmosphere, it is the center of attraction for many tourists and travelers from all over the world. Its foundation was laid initially by German settlers and now it is being maintained by the government officials. The traditionally made historic sites including brick mansions, markets and streets are its real assets which make it eye-catching and attractive. Being culturally rich and beautiful German village is visited by a lot of art lovers and travelers. The plain dealer and The New York post declared German village guest house as one of the best in the Midwest and Washington Post also wrote a positive review on it. Besides having a lot of historical resorts, German village also has a big commercial area with a large number of hotels and marts.

7) Kelton House Museum and Garden

Kelton House Museum and Garden

Located in the center of downtown Columbus, Kelton house museum and Garden is basically a mansion which symbolizes Greek revival. It was established in the 19th century for the promotion of understanding of arts, customs, and daily life. The museum exhibits the culturally vast nature of the past and present and portrays the local history in the best possible way. It plays a significant role in training the volunteers and educating the public about the vast culture of Columbus.
Beside this Kelton house and the museum is also open for different local events and functions like networking events, personal events, functions, and marriages.

6) Prehistoric Indian mounds

Prehistoric Indian mounds

Well there are a large number of prehistoric Indian mounds located in different parts of Columbus and it depends upon on you which part you visit which is most convenient to you. Most of these sites are open for the public to visit 24/7. Some of these sites include Hopewell Cultural National Historic Site (Ross County), Serpent Mound (Adam country), Fort Ancient (Warren County) and Newark Earthworks in Lick country.

5) Ohio Statehouse

Ohio Statehouse

Located at the center of Columbus, Ohio Statehouse is the government house of the Ohio State. Built-in 1861 at the start of American civil war, Ohio Statehouse is considered as one of the best architectural landmarks built by The Republic. The Greek style of architecture of the statehouse portrays the expertise of the architects who designed it. The statehouse is open for the public to visit in specified timings under specific terms and conditions.

4) Scioto Mile

Scioto Mile

Located in the center of Downtown Columbus, Scioto Mile is multi-dimensional park covering 175 acres of land beside Scioto River. It stretches along the river from Whittier peninsula to vibrant arena district. It has a vast system of parks connecting Scioto River to downtown. A breathtaking 15,000 square feet fountain which is located in its center is the most eye-catching thing you will ever see in Columbus. Beside this, there is an outdoor climbing wall which is the largest climbing wall of the country and it’s totally FREE! Scioto Mile is also open for all kind of functions and events like marriage functions or any other personal or public event.

3) Olentangy Indian Caverns

Olentangy Indian Caverns

Located in the south of Columbus, Olentangy Indian caverns are the underground caves and passages; these caves and passages are natural, comprising of three levels. It is one of the most crowded places in Columbus because people from all over the world come to visit it specially. According to their history, the caves were used by Wyandotte Indians to hide from their enemies, later on with the passage of time these caves became a center of attractions for tourists and archaeologists.

2) Leveque tower

Leveque tower

Constructed in 1924, this 47-story building is an art masterpiece with a large number of Offices, hotels, apartments and a theatre. From 1927 to 1974 it held the record of being the tallest building of Columbus until the Rhodes state tower was built in 1974.The building is comprised of total of 47 stories with high class luxurious apartments and hotels. Although it was built in 1927 but it has been renovated after regular intervals to keep its decor maintained. A visit to Columbus is incomplete without visiting the mighty Leveque tower.

1) Hoover dam

Hoover dam

Situated in the north of Columbus, hoover dam is another example of scenic beauties of Columbus which add charm to the city. There is also a park and a lake beside the dam which offer guests with a lot of recreational activities including fishing, boating and camping etc. Beside recreation Hoover dam is also biggest source of water for Columbus holding an approximate of 20.8 billion gallons of water. This comes to end of the list: we tried our maximum to provide you with the thorough insight about the top most visited places in Columbus.

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