Top 10 best tourist places in Idaho, United States of America

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Idaho is a mountainous state located in the northwest region of the United States. With a population of just over 1.5 million citizens, Idaho is the 7th least densely populated state in the country. Boise is the state’s largest city and the capital as well. Nicknamed as the “Gem State”, the state is renowned for its wide variety of gemstone collection. Meanwhile, food processing, electronics manufacturing and biotechnology are also important industries for Idaho. As far as tourism is concerned, the state is popular for its ever-green wildlife parks and state-of-the-art outdoor recreation facilities.

10) Sun Valley

Sun Valley

Sun Valley is a resort town in the southern region of the state. It comprises of different valleys and counties with a population of some thousand residents. It is a well renowned skiing area and attracts thousands of tourists and skiing enthusiasts annually. The majestic, snow-caped peaks offer cross-country skiing, ice skating and mountain biking. Chairlifts have also been installed in the area to provide further entertainment. Moreover, during the summers, Sun Valley hosts special events which are attended by many celebrities and important persons.

9) Discovery Center of Idaho

Discovery Center of Idaho

Discovery Center of Idaho is a correlative science institution in the capital city of Boise. Established in 1988, the discovery center is a place for scientific education and discovery for all kinds of visitors and locals. Every year, it organizes dozens of high-class, interactive exhibits featuring energy generation, transformation principles, and the interrelations between math and technology. The center aims to inspire the interest of learning science and for that; it arranges camps and training classes in different schools and colleges regularly.

8) Old Idaho Penitentiary State

Old Idaho Penitentiary State

Opened in 1872, the Old Idaho Penitentiary State was a prison for some of the most wanted criminals of the western USA. Due to severe riots, it was closed in 1973. Today, the structure reflects the 100-year history of this unique prison. It features thirty historic buildings and special exhibitions and events are held every year to relive some of the famous incidents, scandals and escapes of this haunted prison. Tourists can explore the facility and even tour the single jail cells which haven’t been used since almost five decades.

7) Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

Known for its deep river gorgers, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is an amusement resort located on the borderline of Idaho. This wilderness site spans over 900 square kilometers and the Snake River gushes through its forests and mountainous plains. The place offers terrific outdoor experience that is available at few spots in the state. Hells Canyon presents marvelous panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, gorges and soaring peaks. Visitors can enjoy thrilling and adventurous boat rides or go on a guided fishing tour. Moreover, hiking trails have also been established for the exploration of forestlands and bird-watching.

6) World Center for Birds of Prey

World Center for Birds of Prey

Originally founded in 1984, World Center for Birds of Prey is an organization that inspires to preserve the endangered species of raptorial birds. Extending over 580 acres, the institution is located in Boise and comprises of several buildings. The center produces endangered birds through captive breeding and releases them into the wild. The campus also includes breeding facilities along with artificial habitats for the newly born birds. Moreover, a library has been recently established within the site to provide encyclopedia accounts of different species of raptors. The place is heavily visited by tourists, especially children during the tourism season.

5) Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d'Alene

Coeur d’Alene is a lakeside town located in the northern part of the state. It is covered with miles of woodlands, sandy beaches and bays. The beautiful, sapphire Lake Coeur d’Alene sits beside in tranquility beside the bustling town. World-class restaurants, shopping malls and golf-courses are developed to entertain the touring throngs of travelers. The lake itself provides a wonderful spot for watersports where tourists can enjoy biking and amusement rides. Apart from that, the place offers an amazing downtown nightlife with fascinating events and cultural festivals.

4) Museum of Idaho

Museum of Idaho

The Museum of Idaho is a regional attraction located in Idaho Falls. The museum is one of the oldest in the state and conserves a comprehensive compilation of ancient artworks and artifacts. It provides historical preview of the dramatic scientific experiments that were held in Idaho, including the first use of nuclear energy. Additionally, the museum also has major exhibits dinosaur and vulture bones, ancient Biblical quotations and Titanic remains which lure a great number of visitors. There’s also a room, a memorabilia specially dedicated to the grand works of Lewis and Clark- legendary travelers.

3) Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is a county with a population of over 50,000 citizens. It is a much favored tourist destination as it’s the cultural midpoint of the region. Being a center of economic significance and outdoor recreation, Idaho Falls is a hub of eastern part of the state. The town hosts several cultural and communal events as well as live concerts and art festivals in some of the best institutions of the country. The greenbelt that extends along the Snake River as well as several tourist attractions, including the Idaho Falls Zoo attracts thousands of visitors to this incredible town.

2) Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is a spectacular water body located on the Snake River. Falling from a towering height of 212 meters, the Shoshone Falls is even higher than the Niagara Falls in Canada, rushing and splitting into several drops. It receives most of its water from snowmelt from the surrounding mountainous ranges. Shoshone Falls is known as one of the best natural wonders in Idaho. Visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational facilities in the nearby lakes, including swimming, boating and fishing. The site also offers splendid scenic views to be photographed by professionals.

1) Craters of the Moon National Monument

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Established in 1924, the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is a national monument and preserve located near the town of Arco. Lava flows rambles through this rugged area, creating magical scenic views of the vast oceans of lava that were formed thousands of years ago as a result of the eruption of ancient volcanoes. The place is a magnificent adventure site and offers lunar landscape with frequent spots to explore lava cones and caves from pre-historic times. On top of the plains, a visitor center has been created, providing learning exhibits for the tourists, hence attracting millions of travelers each year.

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