Top 10 best tourist places in Japan

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Japan is one of the favorite tourist spots in the world. Japan earns a huge amount of money every year for the tourism sector. Its modern and traditional architecture and technology attracts people to make their tours to Japan during their vacations. There are many traditional places in japan but we will highlight the best tourist places in Japan for the tourist

10. Mount Koya, Koyasan

Mount Koya, Koyasan

Mount Koya is the most important place for Buddhist sect which is known as Shingon Buddhism. Mount Koya was brought to light in 805 by Kobo Daishi who is also known as Kukai. This wooden mountaintop was built by Kobo Daishi and a temple town has grown around the headquarters. Tourists can stay there one night to take the taste of a monk’s life style.

9. Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi

Lake Yamanaka, Yasmanashi

Lake Yamanaka is located at the base of Mount Fuji and that’s an advance for the tourists to enjoy the two beautiful spectacular views of Lake Yamanaka and Mount Fuji. Here are the arrangements for enjoying the water sports, hiking, Yamanakako Forest park of Literature and the beautiful flowers of Hana-no-Miyako Park.

8. Nijo Castle, Kyoto

Nijo Castel, Kyoto

Nijo Castel was built by Tokugawa in 1601.It was constructed as his residence. There was added a small amount of Fushimi structure in 1623 by the grandson of Tokugawa named Iemitsu. This castle covers about 8000 square meters of area with a number of huge stone walls and heavy gates. These attributes display the architecture of the time of its building.

7. Tokyo Tower, Tokyo

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo

Tokyo Tower is located named after its location Tokyo but it was designed inspired by Eiffel tower of France. This is the 2nd tallest structure of Japan and this is used for observation and communication purpose. Tourists visit this spot to watch the unparalleled views of Tokyo. You can watch the shops and restaurants of Tokyo from there.

6. Kiyomizu Dera Temple, Kyoto

Kiyomizu Dera Temple, Kyoto

The Kiyomizu Dera is situated in Eastern Kyoto. It is one of the most popular Buddhist Temples in Kyoto. This temple was built in the ending section of eighty century and it in the year 798.This temple is surrounded with nature and the most attractive thing which makes this place perfect for tourism that is the indoor waterfall coming from outside river.

5. Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo

Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo

The Tokyo Skytree actually a television tower of new model. It is the landmark of Tokyo. This skytree is 634 meters in height. This is the tallest structure in Japan and the 2nd tallest structure in the entire world. Tourists come here to watch its hugeness. Also there are shopping complex and aquarium at its base for the tourists also it is a popular photo object.

4. Himeji Castel, Himeji City

Himeji Castel, Himeji City

This exciting castle located at the center of Himeji City. You can get here within four hours by bullet train from Tokyo. This castle is beautifully designed by Japanese architecture. It has white walls which are fireproof system. This was built to protest the enemies during the feudal period and it was rebuilt many times after that during different centuries.

3. Toshimaen, Tokyo

Toshimaen, Tokyo

There are so many things in the name of Toshimaen such as Toshimaen station, Toshimaen amusement park. Toshimaen station is a railway station which is located in northwest Tokyo. The station remains very busy during the weekend. The Toshimaen amusement park is one of the biggest parks in Japan which is located in front of Toshimaen station.

2. Izu Oshima Islands, Tokyo

Izu Oshima Islands

Ippei and Janine Naoi

This island is located at southeast of Tokyo mainland in the Pacific Ocean. There you will get the Oshima at 108 km away and the Aogashima at 354 km from the metropolitan. Each of these beaches is very specific in their characters. There are facilities for swimming, scuba diving, surfing, and fishing for the tourists. The places surrounding the beach get full during summer season.

1. Mountain Fuji, Yamanashi

Mountain Fuji, Yasmanashi

Mountain Fuji is the highest mount in Japan with 3776 meters height. Mountain lovers should visit this mountain once to watch the symmetrical cone of the Mount Fuji. This symmetrical cone is used by most Japanese in photo shoot and art work. Every year almost 2000,000 tourists make their tours at this mount and about 30% of them are foreigners.

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