Top 10 most beautiful places in Bathurst, Australia

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Bathurst is sometimes referred to as the Gold Country owing to the first discovery of Gold in Australia and the subsequent gold rush in the city. It is a beautiful city located about 200 kilometers west of Sydney. The city has great transportation network and is accessible through road, rail and air. The city is also the regional Highway hub. The city has many landmarks, parks and other beautiful places which attract the tourists. Bathurst is also famous for motor sports. The top ten most beautiful places in Bathurst along with their brief description are given below.

10) Machattie Park, Bathurst

Machattie Park Bathurst

This gorgeous park is located right in the heart of the Bathurst city. It is very well maintained and has beautiful grounds and excellent old buildings. The buildings and some trees date back to late 1800’s and are still beautifully maintained. The park also has a pond with a lot of fish and ducks in it. There is a beautiful fountain in the park, which is quite popular among the locals. The Fern house and the Begonia House are a must see in the park. Machattie park is an ideal place to grab a cup of coffee or lunch and have a walk or sit with friends and family and relax.

9) All Saints Cathedral Bathurst

All Saints Cathedral Bathurst Australia

The cathedral was built in 1848, but the foundations of the structure were weak due to a dried up river bed right beneath the cathedral. It was reconstructed in 1960’s and was opened in 1971. Currently the cathedral is used for many different purposes. It hosts concerts, candlelight dinners and other events as well. The cathedral has a beautiful bell tower. The sound of the tolling bells from the tower can be heard across Bathurst city. We strongly recommend a guided tour of the All Saints Cathedral in Bathurst, to fully understand and enjoy the beauty of this historical Cathedral.

8) Blayney Wind Farm, Bathurst

Blayney Wind Farm Bathurst

Blayney wind farm is located a few kilometers away from Bathurst at the Lake Carcoar. The wind farm has 15 turbines and has the capacity to produce 9.9 MW electricity. The giant white towers (45 meters in height) and fans surrounded by the beautiful grass lands and trees give a unique sight in the windy environment.

7) Jackeroo Ranch, Bathurst

Jackeroo Ranch Bathurst Australia

With a breath taking scenery and pretty cool horses, Jackerro Ranch is sure to awaken the cowboy in you. The place is highly suggested for kids if you plan to visit Bathurst. It is a great place for camping for couple of days or spending a whole day with family. You will get to experience horse riding on the beautiful and scenic hills of Bathurst and also learn a lot about nature and horse riding. The food here will not be luxurious but will be adequate.

6) Jenolan Caves, Bathurst

Jenolan Caves Bathurst Australia

The magical and must see Jenolan Caves are limestone caves located west of the Blue Mountains. These are among the most visited caves of  Bathurst, Australia. The caves and the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in which Jenolan Caves are located are part of the UNESCO world Heritage site Greater Blue Mountains Area. The caves are absolutely stunning and the tourist guides are very knowledgeable and friendly. You will get a feeling that you are in a place in some Disney movie. The river cave nearby is also very beautiful.

5) Off-Road Tours Adventure, Bathurst

Off-road tours adventure with detour

Off-road tours adventure with Detour Adventures will ensure that you have a magnificent day. There are a number of exciting off-road tours from which you can choose. You can enjoy camping, fishing and even gold prospecting with Detour Adventures. It also provides you with an oppertunity to explore the ruins of old silver and gold mines. You are sure to learn a lot about Australia’s oldest inland city Bathurst with Detour Adventures.

4) Abercombie House, Bathurst


The Abercombie house was built by the Stewart family who were some of the first residents of Bathurst, in 1870’s. It is currently owned by the Morgan family and it is their family home. They are incredibly generous and hospitable. You can enjoy a lovely high tea on a Sunday afternoon with some delicious food, and get a guided tour of this historic house. The staff is very friendly as well.  The house is beautifully maintained and has lovely rooms with amazing architecture.

3) Ben Chifley Dam, Bathurst

Ben Chifley Dam Bathurst Australia

Chifley Dam is also known as Ben Chifley Dam. You can camp or hire a cabin on the shore of the dam in Bathurst. The dam provides excellent scenery, a great fishing experience, wonderful swimming and exciting water ski opportunities. There are some excellent picnic areas as well. Play grounds are also there for the kids. You may wander on the walking tracks located on the hill behind the cabins and see the marvelous view of the lake from the hill. This an excellent place for a family vacation.

2) Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, Bathurst

Mount Panorama Circuit Bathurst Australia

This famous race circuit in Bathurst is open for public who are allowed to drive cars on the track. It is a great experience to drive around this popular racing circuit. The speed limit is 60 kph. The race track is super smooth, like glass. The experience will give you a great appreciation of the skills required in professional motor racing. On race days the circuit is obviously closed for public to drive on. The races are themselves an exciting experience with energetic atmosphere, super skilled drivers and very fast cars. There is also museum near the Murrays Corner. The museum is also a great place to visit with a lot of cars and motorbikes in it.

1) Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, Bathurst

Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

This museum is a real gem in the city of Bathurst. It is housed in a old primary school building in the center of the town. There are minerals, gems and fossils from all around the world in this museum. The presentation is very good. You will not be allowed to touch the gems but you can see them closely. This a great place for the kids as it will provide great learning about minerals and fossils. The museum also has a genuine full sized T Rex dinosaur and some dinosaur eggs as well. The museum also has a gift shop from which you can buy some lovely souvenirs and other pretty cool stuff.

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