Top 10 most beautiful places in Broken Hill, Australia

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Broken Hill which is also referred to as ‘the silver city’ and ‘the Oasis of the West’ is a city known for mining. It is an isolated city in New South Wales near the border of South Australia. The population of the city is about nineteen thousand. The city is surrounded by a desert like terrain and has a hot desert climate. The economy of the city is still dominated by the mining industry. Broken Hill has a lot of attractions for tourists which include some amazing restaurants, beautiful gardens, historic buildings, mines, museums and art galleries. Following is a list of top ten most beautiful places in Broken hill which every tourist should visit.

10) Broken Hill Musicians Club

Broken Hill Musicians Club Australia

Broken Hill Musicians Club is a family restaurant in Broken Hill. The restaurant provides tasty food at very reasonable prices. There is a lot of variety in the  buffet luncheon. The desserts are also very delicious. You can also enjoy live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. Its a great place to enjoy some really good food in a pleasant atmosphere.

9) The Town Hall

The Town Hall Broken Hill Australia

This is one stunning town hall with a beautiful and historical building. The town hall was built in late 1800’s and it included accommodation for fire brigade and a watch tower for fire brigade. The 75 feet tall watch tower is still present. The building is very well maintained and gives a great insight in the traditional architecture of Australia.

8) Albert Kersten Mining & Minerals Museum

Albert Kersten Mining & Minerals Museum Broken Hill Australia

Albert Kersten Mining & Minerals museum is an ultra modern museum.The museum appears to have a sample of every single type of rock found on earth. It is housed in the old bond store building. The museum also has great information on how Broken hill became a home to the world’s largest deposits of silver, lead and zinc. The main attraction of the museum is the famous ‘silver tree’

7) Menindee lakes

Menindee lakes Broken Hill Australia

The Menindee lakes are known as the paradise of birdwatchers and fishermen. The drive from Broken hill to Menindee lakes is quite picturesque. On your way to Menindee lakes you will get to see a lot of wildlife so be careful and watch out for the animals crossing the road. Menindee lakes are excellent for family picnics and having a BBQ. The lakes have a variety of fish and are a very famous place for fishing. The lakes provides spectacular views and the sunset at this place is just breathtaking.

6) Line of Lode

Line of Lode Broken Hill Australia

This iconic and modern structure is located on the edge of the mullock heap. The building is a great piece of architecture. It is a memorial for the eight hundred workers who lost their lives working along the line of lode. There are also two small trucks parked here which are a part of the memorial and represent two miners who died in the mine. The Line of Lode memorial is an icon of the mining industry and the city of Broken Hill.

5) Pro Hart Gallery

Pro Hart Gallery Broken Hill Australia

Pro Hart was an Australian artist across many forms. He is known as the father of the Australian outback art. The gallery is on several levels and has a huge variety of work of Pro Hart and his personal belongings. The Rolls Royce collection of Pro Hart can also be seen in the garage. You can see a video on the life and work of Pro Hart in the gallery. You can also buy some great stuff at good price from the gift shop in the Pro Hart gallery.

4) The Broken Hill Sculptures & Living Desert Sanctuary

The Broken Hill Sculptures & Living Desert Sanctuary Broken Hill Australia

It is located about 9 kilometers out of the Broken Hill city and is a fascinating place. The Sanctuary has great flora and fauna. There are alot of Kangaroos and many different types of birds can also be seen. About 1 kilometers from the flora and fauna sanctuary is the  amazing sculpture site.  The Rock sanctuary has some amazing artistic work. There are 12 large rock sculptures which were made by various artists in an exhibition held at this place in 1993. This place provides great views and is an ideal place to relax.

3) Outback Astronomy

Outback Astronomy Broken Hill

This is a must do in Broken Hill. The night sky in broken hill presents a sight of an amazing piece of art and you should definitely explore it. Outback astronomy offers personalized tours of the amazing night sky in broken hill. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful sky with naked eye and with some powerful telescopes. You will learn amazing techniques of star gazing and also learn how to identify different stars and different objects in the sky. Explore the milky way galaxy or get your self wandering through hundreds of thousands of stars. This amazing tour will last one hour.

2) Mutawintji National Park

Mutawintji National Park Broken Hill Australia

With an area of more than 170,000 acres this huge national park has some great sites, flora and fauna. The national park is very quiet and here you will find the nature at its best. There is a picnic area in the park with good facilities. The walks here are magnificent with well managed walking trails and excellent sights. You can also find some aboriginal art work on the rocks in this national park. There are also some pretty good guided tours available for the Mutawintji National Park.

1) Day Dream Mine

Day Dream Mine Broken Hill Australia

The underground tour of the Day Dream mine will take you to the 3rd level of the mine, approximately about 30 meters beneath the ground. The mine is worth a visit  and the underground tour is reasonably priced. The visitors get a realization of the working conditions of the miners. The mine will give you great knowledge about geology and the history of mining industry. The tour will take you to a world beyond your imagination and after the tour you will surely appreciate the struggle which the miners go through to earn a living. The tour guides are mostly ex miners themselves so they are quite knowledgeable. There is a canteen for snacks. The scones available at the canteen are quite popular among tourists and you can enjoy them with some hot tea.

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