Top 10 most beautiful places in Armidale, Australia

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Armidale is a small city with a population of about 24,000 people located about half way between Sydney and Brisbane. This beautiful city is surrounded by awe inspiring wonders of nature, some of the most beautiful forests and waterfalls. There are several national parks and reserves around Armidale. You will also find some great activities and tourist spots in the city. It is an ideal city for the people seeking adventure in the wild nature. This city can be described as a nature explorers paradise. The top ten most beautiful places to visit while in Armidale are as follows:

10) Armidale Pine Forest

Armidale Pine Forest Australia

The Armidale Pine Forest is located on the Rockvale road about 3.5 kilometers from Armidale. Spreading on an area of 170 acres the pine forest is a relaxing and exciting place to visit. It is a great place for walking, jogging and cycling. At night one really enjoys the quite and starry skies. It is a nice place for camping with friends and family.

9) Armidale Sport and Recreation Centre

Armidale Sport and Recreation Centre Australia

If you are in Armidale and are craving for some sports activity then you should definitely go to the Armidale sport and recreation centre. This place provides great value for money. The centre provides several indoor sports including netball, cricket, soccer and volleyball. There is a play ground as well as a jumping castle for the kids. This place has a skating rink and bowling alley as well. The staff here is very friendly and the food is great.

8) Fleet Helicopters Armidale

Fleet Helicopters Armidale Australia

If you like flying then this is your thing. The Fleet helicopters in Armidale provide a once in a life time experience. You will enjoy amazing views and sights on this epic helicopter ride. The great thing is that fleet helicopters have got some very friendly and informed pilots who guide you all along the flight and tell you about the history and some of the most interesting facts. You will experience the natural beauty of Armidale in a unique way. Thou it is a bit costly but is worth every cent.

7) New England Regional Art Museum

New England Regional Art Museum Armidale Australia

The New England Regional Art Museum is a must visit for artists and art lovers in the city Armidale. It is a museum of national significance. The gallery has an extensive art collection. The quality of the exhibits is very good. You will find work of some great Australian artists like Tom Roberts and  Normal Lindsay. There is also a good variety of English and European artists work. The gallery also has a veriety of Armidale local contemporary art.

6) Wollomombi Falls

Wollomombi Falls Armidale Australia

Wollomombi falls are on the Wollomombi river. It is approximately 40 kilometers from Armidale. The falls are quite tall and some years ago it was believed that they were the tallest falls in Australia. However recent revisions showed that they are not the tallest falls but are still among the tallest water falls in Australia. At the first viewpoint you will not only be amazed by the jaw dropping height and beauty of the Wollomombi falls but also by the massive gorge. You will also see the Chandler falls to the right of Wollomombi falls. There are several walking tracks. The facilities provided are really good, these include picnic spots, camping sights and toilets. When ever you had a chance to visit Armidale, don’t forget to visit this sight.

5)  Cathedral Rock National Park

Cathedral Rock National Park Armidale Australia

The Cathedral Rock National park is about 70 kilometers from Armidale but a trip is worth it. Here you will find a good camp site with basic facilities. The walking tracks are a great adventure. It is a must visit if you like hiking. You will be rewarded with spectacular views after some walk and hiking. There are a lot of kangaroos in the area and there is a good chance that you will get to see them.

4)  Sumarez Homestead

Sumarez Homestead Armidale Australia

Sumarez Homestead is a great historical place to visit. It is a huge property with a main building having about 30 rooms and few small buildings. You will find a dirt track just like it was in old times and the houses and stables as well which are well kept even to this day.  On your visit you will be served great tea followed by a guided tour of the place which will take you back in time. The grounds are also very beautiful and very well maintained. This house is also often hired for marriage events in Armidale.

3)  Mount Yarrowyck

Mount Yarrowyck Armidale Australia

Mount Yarrowyck has an elevation of 1153 meters. It is a rocky mountain with a lot of bushes and many different types of flora and fauna. The trip to this mountain can be a bit hectic but will definitely give you a great adventure. It is a great place for explorers in Armidale. There are some very ancient rocks found here. If you are lucky enough you might just find some Aboriginal rock art work at Mount Yarrowyck Armidale.

2) Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park Armidale Australia

Oxley wild rivers national park is a huge national park. There are many different species of plants and animals including several endangered species of plants and animals in it. The national park has about 14 waterfalls. It is in easy reach from Armidale by road. There are well defined walking trails and spectacular views. One of the famous waterfalls in this national park is dangers falls. Foxes, feral cats and wild dogs are found in moderate numbers in the national park. It a great place for adventure seekers, and campers.

1)  Waterfall Way

Waterfall Way Armidale Australia

The waterfall way is a road between Armidale and Bellingen. But it is no ordinary road as it passes through some of the most scenic and breathtaking views of New South Wales. It will be one of the best driving experiences of your life. There are seven national parks located on this road or near this road. The quality of the road is good. There are many waterfalls along the way which are worth stopping for. There are plenty of other attractions on the way as well, like a trout hatchery run by the New South Wales Government. You should allow yourself plenty of time to fully enjoy this wonderful route.

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