Top 10 best tourist attractions in Nova Scotia, Canada

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In Latin, Nova Scotia means New Scotland. Nova Scotia is the second smallest province of Canada by its area, while second highly populated province of the country that is located on the Eastern side of Canada.“Halifax” is the capital city of Nova Scotia. It is one of the four provinces, which were originally a province of Canada. Multiple cultures and traditions take place here from different regions of the world. It is a place of natural beauty of the wilderness, wonderful beaches, national historic sites, exceptional outdoor activities, quality sports and thrilling nightlife. About 2,000,000 visitors are attracted towards the fascination of Nova Scotia every year.

10) Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market

Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market

The Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market is the oldest operational farmer’s market of North America. It has been organized in many places around Halifax. Currently this market has moved to a building, which is part of the Halifax Seaport. This building is certified for leadership in energy and environmental design. The building is beautifully designed by a local architectural firm with appropriate precautions for saving of water & energy with a beautiful rooftop garden for public. Visitors can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and many other eatables. Some gift shops are also available here from where people can buy many cultural artifacts from local artisans as memory. Visitors are facilitated with free parking on Saturdays and Sundays.

9) Oaklawn Farm Zoo, Nova Scotia

Oaklawn Farm Zoo

The Oaklawn Farm Zoo is located in the pleasant Annapolis Valley of Aylesford, Nova Scotia. It was opened as a family farm in 1984, which is now the largest zoo of Nova Scotia. It has spread over an area of 50 Acres, which offers exactly the natural environment for the animals. The zoo contains many endangered species of tropical, local animals and birds. Predators and primates are famous attractions of this zoo making it a fun place for the people of all ages. Children feed different grains and corns to the sheep, deer and goats. Feeding time of big cats like lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars and cougars including bears at 7:00pm is the main attraction for visitors. These predators are hand-fed by the working staff of the zoo in front of the visitors. A canteen for refreshment and a gift shop is also available in the zoo for the service of visitors.

8) Neptune Theatre, Nova Scotia

Neptune Theatre

Neptune Theatre is situated in Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Professionally, it is the largest theatre company of atlantic Canada. A wide range of theatrical, musical and comedy plays including premiers and dramas are performed in this theatre. Many famous productions has staged in this theatre. Cats, Beauty and the Beast and West Side Stories are some of its topmost productions. The theatre also acts as training center for the students. Different workshops, camps, programs and classes are organized in this theatre to educate students about theatrical activities. It also helps young local artists of the regions to work with famous professional artists in Canada. It inspires audiences with its unique stories and combination of classical & modernized play.

7) Skyline Trail, Nova Scotia

Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail is an adventurous twisting hiking trail, situated in Cape Breton Highlands National park in Petit Etang, Nova Scotia. It reclines in the west of the Cabot trail near hilltop of french mountain. This trail is famous for its beautiful scenic views, natural wilderness and adventurous hiking. Watching different whales, dolphins and seals swimming in the water makes it an eye-catching scene. It is the home of many species of animals and native birds like moose, bears and bald eagles. Beautiful flowers and unique plants are important features of its wilderness. These plants are very sensitive and frangible. Hiking on this trail is an awesome experience for the adventurers and other tourists from all over the world.

6) Calm Harbor Beach, Nova Scotia

Calm Harbor Beach

Calm Harbor Beach is a wide pleasant beach of white sand, which is located within the regional territory of Halifax. All people including kids can learn swimming because its a secure beach. Different areas are marked for swimming and surfing that are supervised by two lifeguards on weekend days. For past few decades, sand castle and sculpturing competition are organized on this beach in the month of August. More than 10,000 tourists experience this unique and skilled art of artists from all over the country. Live Music and food vendors are there to facilitate the visitors. In addition, beach has a large area for picnics, washrooms, cloth changing rooms, an interpretive center and different board walks. It is a great place for picnic fun for families and friends.

5) Cape Berton Miner’s Museum

Cape Berton Miner's Museum


The Cape Berton Miners’ Museum is situated on Glace Bay, which is the most attractive waterfront in Nova Scotia. Spreading on over an area of 15 acres that is completely furnished with wild grasses and roses. The museum pays tribute to the efforts of coal miners and coal mining industry of the region. It is the home of great and deep rooted stories of miners and their families. The museum is also home of chorale of mine workers that exhibits interest in development of geology in Cape Berton’s coal fields. The guided tour of the Ocean Deeps Colliery beneath the museum is organized at different times. There is a gift shop in the museum with Cape Berton’s artifacts and crafts for the visitors. Visitors can complete their trip to the museum by having appetizing and tasty home-cooked food at Miner’s Village Restaurant in the museum.

4) Halifax Central Library

Halifax Central Library

The Halifax Central Library is a general library for public in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is situated in a corner of Queens Street and Spring Garden Road. It is a flagship library of Halifax Public Libraries. Hybrid and advanced library design makes it a unique one. Its architect combines best features of customary libraries and revolutionary facilities and arrangements. It is designed to perform multi-functions for the future community. This building does not serve as a library only, but it is a free place for all the people in the center of Halifax. Its great interior provides outstanding views of wide and huge halls with stairs and bridges. Proper and well managed lights increases the attraction of the library. Different floors are dedicated to each persons of different ages for example, the second floor is dedicated to the children. It also offers a performance space of 300 seats, gaming stations, music studios, boardrooms for corporate meetings including two cafes for the refreshment of the visitors.

3) Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is also known as Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. Situated at the Southern Bay of Peggy’s Cove Village, Nova Scotia, it is one of the most famous and busiest tourists point in Nova Scotia. Being one of the most image captured lighthouses in the world, it is famous for its photogenic scenes and naturally formed fascinating rocks with strong waves of the Atlantic. There is a post office inside this lighthouse from where tourists can buy beautiful and charming post cards. Somwhere nearby, different restaurants offer lobsters, crabs and other delicious fresh seafood to the visitors.

2) Fortress of Louisbourg

Fortress of Louisbourg

Fortress of Louisbourg is a National Historic Site of Canada which is situated on the beautiful Eastern Atlantic Shore of Sydney, Nova Scotia. It is an amazing renovated fortified French town. Being one of the largest historical restoration of North America, it attracts many tourists from all around the globe. In the 18th century, it was an ornament for France and now it is a historical treasure for Canada. A bakery, a coffee shop and three period restaurants are serving in the fortress for refreshment of the visitors. The Fortress also has two gift stores for the visitors.

1) Halifax Public Gardens

Halifax Public Gardens

Halifax Public Gardens are beautiful historical gardens, spreading over an area of 17 acres of the Victorian age, situated in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In late September 2003, Hurricane Juan (a serious tropical cyclone), touched these Gardens making a huge disaster that damaged many parts of this place. But later on, it was fixed with astonishing color flowers and greenery. It is bordered by the spectacular set of beautifully decorated gates of wrought-iron. Gardens exhibit many decorative displays of native and tropical species of plants, trees and flowers. The gardens are full of historical and magnificent parts. Each part is honored with an achievement of the Victorian Era, any modern military event or with an individual person’s importance. These parts include upper & lower bridges across different stream and ponds including carpet beds of splendid plants, flowers & trees. Donated sculptures, statues, bird enclosure, breathtaking fountains, Bandstand, Horticultural Hall and Uncommon Ground Café are also situated in between the garden. Due to its great natural beauty that can undoubtedly make any person ease their pain and distractions from daily hectic routine, this place shouldn’t be missed if you’re in a bad mood.

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