Top 10 best tourist attractions in Saskatchewan, Canada

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Saskatchewan is situated in the prairie zone of Canada. Due to bright sunlight, makes it the sunniest province in the country. It is homeland of 72 first nations of Canada who are living in some secured area dispersed throughout the whole province. Agriculture, industry and mining are major sources of its economy. Saskatchewan is the largest exporters of Potash and Uranium in the world. Regina is the capital city of the province. Saskatchewan is a land of natural beauty and fascinating wilderness. There are many rivers, ponds, artificial and natural lakes including forests and many ecological zones. It is a great place for visitors to experience beautiful green parks with plentiful wildlife, fishing in fresh water, boating, hiking, horse riding and golf.

10) Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo is a national historic site of Canada, which is situated in northeast of Downtown, Saskatoon. Initially, it was established as Forest Nursery Station, in which more than 147 million trees and plants were transported from Northern Prairies. Its zoo has more than 80 species of animals. Red Pandas, Cougars, Grizzly Bears, Miniature Horses, Central Bearded Dragon and the Gray Wolves are some of the famous species in this zoo. The park includes Forestry Farm House declared as a heritage and historic site in 1990. The Heritage Rose Garden, the Meditation Garden, the Demonstration Forest and Fish Pond are some other important attractions for the tourists of all generations in this park and zoo.

9) Wolseley Swinging Bridge

Wolseley Swinging Bridge

The Wolseley Swinging Bridge stretches over Fairly Lake, situated in the center of the Town of Wolseley, Saskatchewan. It is an important and famous attraction as the Wolseley that is also known as “Town with the Swinging Bridge”. Initially, it was built in 1902, which was then demolished and rebuilt twice later on. Current swinging bridge was constructed in 2004. The length of this bridge is 100 meters, which covers in delightful scenic walk of less than 5 minutes. About 50,000 tourists and other pedestrians cross this swinging bridge every year. People enjoy fishing and swaying of this bridge while passing through it.

8) Saskatchewan Legislative Building

Saskatchewan Legislative Building

The Saskatchewan Legislative Building is a prodigious three floors architectural fascination with beautiful marbles. It is situated in the Regina, city of Saskatchewan and was declared as a National Historic Site in 2005. Legislative Building arranges its guided tours of at least 10 persons after advance booking. Visitors can watch the officials in the process of legislation. Guides of the tours educate people about the history and importance of building in very politely and with appropriate justifications. Legislative Building allows wedding photography in its stupendous sections after the reservation for the session not more than 2 hours. The Rotunda, The Grand Staircase and The Prince of Wales Entrance have some beautiful settings and arrangements for this purpose. Waterfront and the outside park of the building enhance the beauty of this building.

7) Moose Jaw Cultural Centre

Moose Jaw Cultural Centre

The Moose Jaw Cultural Centre is situated in the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It is under the administration of Moose Jaw Cultural Centre Incorporation, a non-profit organization. Basically it is a place for entertainment, art and culture bloom that has 2 major sections. The first section is Mae Wilson Theatre, which is completely re-established to its ancient luster as it was in 1916. The theatre includes green room, dressing room, workshop area and a rehearsal hall of the size of a stage. It contains all the musical equipment, lights and seating capacity for 420 persons. The second major section is the Visual Arts Mosaic Gallery. Artists from all over the country exhibit their art here. Most of the time the place is reserved for meetings, weddings and different events. Tourists from all over the world enjoy concerts, events and art exhibitions here.

6) Casino Regina

Casino Regina

Casino Regina is one of the top most attractions of Saskatchewan. It is situated in a former Union Station of the Regina city. This place is full of fun, gaming, entertainment and leisure. Its gaming area includes 9 table Poker room, 800 slot machines and 35 table games of different kinds. It has a Vegas-styled live show lounge. Visitors can experience outclass live performances and entertainments in the intimate artistic arrangements and settings in the lounge. Casino organizes many tournaments for poker addicts. The CPR lounge provides opportunity of social gathering to friends and visitors.

5) Saskatchewan Science Centre

Saskatchewan Science Centre

The Saskatchewan Science Centre is a charitable non-profit organization, in a former Powerhouse of Discovery of Regina, Saskatchewan. The facility is promoting scientific knowledge and activities in the community through pleasant, interactive and energetic opportunities. More than 150 science artifacts and models of different fields of energy, space and wildlife are displayed on its exhibition floor. Live demonstrations explain visitors interesting facts of science of Air Pressure, Cryogenics, Sweet Science of Sugar and many more. Adult Science Nights provide knowledge and information about advanced scientific programs to the adults along with a licensed bar. It also includes Kramer IMAX 3d theatre which is only 3d IMAX theatre in the Saskatchewan. Park’s playground with swings, slides and picnic tables is a great fun place for children.

4) Battlefords CO-OP Aquatic Centre

Battlefords CO-OP Aquatic Centre

The Battlefords CO-OP Aquatic Centre is an enjoyable facility equally for both, children and adults. Basically it is a famous water amusement park in Saskatchewan that is situated at Carlton Trails in North Battleford. Its wave pool, lazy river, whirlpool and 6 lane lap pool provides dazzling aquatic entertainment to the people of every age group. Children and adults can enjoy water slides with a great pleasure. After huge fun in pools, visitors can relax their muscles in a comfortable steam room and hot tubs. There is a snack bar area in aquatic center where visitors can have some eatables and drinks to satisfy their appetite. It also has an area to host different type of parties for families.

3) Lake Athabasca

Lake Athabasca

Lake Athabasca is situated in the middle of Saskatchewan-Alberta Border. It has an area of 7,850 square km with a shoreline of 2,140 km. About 70% area of the lake is lying in Saskatchewan while the rest of the area is in Alberta. Athabasca Lake is 18th largest lake in the world and 4th largest lake in Canada making it one of the best fishing spots in the world. Water in the lake is rich with about 23 species of fishes. Walleye, lake trout and northern pike are regular catches of this lake. It is also home to lake white fish, yellow perch, arctic grayling, longnose and white sucker. A huge area in surroundings of the Lake Athabasca is biologically heterogeneous wetland, which is the part of the Peace Athabasca Delta. It is an important migration place for many species of birds like ducks, geese, whistling swan and whopping crane. The surroundings also include many historical sites and old gold mines. Lake Athabasca is a great place to enjoy for tourists from all over the world.

2) Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Tunnels of Moose Jaw are an underground network of tunnels under the downtown of the Moose Jaw city. This network of tunnels was constructed in 1908. These tunnels were basically a hiding place for the Chinese railway workers who were hiding from the fear of “Yellow Peril” or couldn’t pay the excessive head tax imposed by the Canadian Government. This is also known as a place, where a famous gangster Al Capone of Chicago used to meet with his associates. Currently, it is an award winning most famous attraction of Moose Jaw. Guided tours of these tunnels show the history and hardships of early Chinese immigrants through the presentations by the guides and official staff. These presentations explain two diverse periods of the history of Canada. More than 100,000 visitors have experienced the tours of these tunnels.

1) RCMP Heritage Centre

RCMP Heritage Centre

The RCMP Heritage Centre is a museum situated on the doorstep of the Depot division of the RCMP Academy in Regina. RCMP Academy is a training center of the Mounties of all the Canada. The museum includes many historical interactive artifacts to exhibit. Audio and driving tours are organized for the visitors to educate them about the history and glory of Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Visitors from different regions enjoy and appreciate this historical place, exhibition and events.

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