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The University of Notre Dame Australia is a private Roman Catholic university that was formed in 1989 in the port city of Fremantle in Western Australia. The university is a private institute but has received massive funding from the Government. The university also has solid relations with the American University of Notre Dame which is locate in the state of Indiana in United States. The motto of Notre Dame is “In principio erat Verbum” which translates to “In the beginning was the Word”.

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The university has three campuses, one of them is in Fremantle in Western Australia, the second one is in Broome also in Western Australia and the university’s third campus is in the Aussie city of Sydney. The university is one of the fastest growing universities in Australia.

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The University has three campuses offering courses in the following school:

  • School of Arts and Sciences (Broome, Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Business (Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Education (Broome, Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Health Sciences (Fremantle)
  • School of Law (Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Medicine (Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery (Broome and Fremantle School of Nursing Sydney)
  • School of Philosophy and Theology (Broome, Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Physiotherapy (Fremantle)

Services offered for Students:

The student life office allows students and staff with a whole list of services some of them include:

  • Counseling
  • Academic Workshops
  • Study Abroad
  • Pastoral Care
  • Sporting Events
  • Community Service

The City of Fremantle:

The small port City of Fremantle is located on the mouth of Swan River in Western Australia. The City was established in 1829 and was officially declared a city in 1929. The city has a Mediterranean climate. The steady sea breeze that flows here is known as the Fremantle Doctor, because it provides a cooling effect from the scorching summer heat when it arrives between noon and 3pm


Universities/ Institutes:

The Challenger Institute of Technology:

Other than the university of Notre Dame, there are other universities/institutes in the city as well they include the Challenger Institute of Technology, it offers a wide range of courses from basic Certificate courses to Advanced Diploma level courses in its various campuses.


The Challenger Institute of Technology

Challenger Institute of Technology the Challenger University has multiple campuses in Fremantle. That inlcude the main campus in Beaconsfield, and the WA Maritime Training Centre at Victoria Quay, and the E-Tech campus, Visage Beauty Centre and Quinlans Cafe School of Hospitality are all located within the city centre. The institute offers a broad range of courses from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma level across multiple campuses and across a diverse range of disciplines.


Another well known university is the University of Curtin. The institute is full of PhD and Master level courses.

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