Bogota and Cartagena, Colombia


Bogota basically the capital district of Colombia, and the largest city of Colombia. From 1991 to 2000 Bogotá Called Santafe de Bogota. As the capital of the department of Cundinamarca , it is also designated by the national constitution . Bogota is most popular and largest city in the Colombia , and as well as one of the biggest in Latin America . Bogota and its metropolitan area had a population of around 8 million in 2010. There are many Universities and libraries . the old name of the Bogota was ‘ The Athens of South America ‘ . Cartagena, Colombia:
Cartagena is the big city on the northern coast of Colombia and the capital of the Bolivar Department , and it was founded on June 1, 1533 ,and named after Cartagena ,Spain.
Cartagena is the fifth largest city in Colombia and the second largest In the region after Barranquilla . because of its beauty it attracts the tourists . Cartagena played important role in administration and expansion of the Spanish empire during the Colonial period . Due to the presence of royalty and wealthy viceroys it also remains the centre of political and economic activity .

Getting to Bogota:

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Getting to Bogota is very easy . getting to bOgota you can use bus and tram ,local transport and as well as bicycle . But the best and fastest way is a taxi , if you are going from the terminal to the city center you can take any bus or tram ,but it is best to go by taxi. There are no more bus stops expect on a few streets you just wave the bus wherever you want to go. Each bus displays a board on the windscreen indicating the route . there are also mini bus which called Colectivos and its operate on major routes. Bogota has also one of the world’s most extensive bike route networks .if you have any bicycle then for you the best day to go for a spin is traffic_ free Sunday.

Getting to Cartagena:

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Getting to Cartagena is also very easy . you can reach there through land ( bus ) Boat , and Air.
the distance of any bus terminal is almost 10 minutes from any city , at there catch one with the red letters on the board which is very faster . Avoid slowly local buses.
there are no regular service between Cartagena and Colon in Panama, there are few cargo boats .
the nearest airport in Crespo ,3km northeast of the old city and also provides local transport . All majors Colombian carriers operate flights to and the from Cartagena . Crespo has flights to Bogota ,cali ,Cucuta,Medellin and San Andres.


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Bogota and Cartagena offers a host of stying options , you can rent a holiday home ,stay at backpackers lodge , stay at a sevice apartment or simple book a hotel room ,the options are huge ,both in terms of the stay in standard and in terms of budget too .
In Cartagena Bantu Hotel, Hotel 3 banderas, Hostel San Diego are most popular places ,
In Bogota Sofitel Bogota Victorai Reige ,Hotel Movich Chico 97, GHl Hotel Cpital are most popular places if you want to stay there.

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