Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

Chicken Chow mein (Chinese: 炒麵, “fried noodles”) is a Chinese term for a dish of stir-fried noodles, of which there are many varieties.
The pronunciation chow mein appears from the Taishan dialect of Chinese, spoken by foreigner from Taishan to America. In Taishanese. It is pronounced chāu-mèing.This is slightly pronounced Taishanese resembling the end of a Portuguese nasal vowel was taken to be /n/ by English speakers. It is often served as a specific dish at western Chines restaurants.Asian restaurants serve it in the whole country.
The noodle was created in China and deliver to Europe and Italy by seekers. Its demand there raise immediately and soon people were making their own noodles, commonly from cereal or eggs. The Chinese smooth noodle was the prime noodle used in Chinese cuisine, and it was called chao mian (mian in Chinese for noodle). As Chinese food was deliverd to America, though, crispy noodles were used for what is now known as chow mein.
Chow mein is a famous dish because it can be made with so many different ingredients. Chinese restaurants can add their own additives or flourish on this dish to make it their own. Since it is very well known, it is accessible in approximately any restaurant and customers can easily recognize it even if they cannot concern to any other dish on the menu. The dish has also span to other cultures and countries that have Chinese food, including Canada,Pakistan, India, the Bahamas.

Chicken Chow mein is a kind of Chinese food that consist of fried noodles.

There are many varieties of this dish as there are cooks, and some collection might have different names in assertive locations. Chow mein contains stir-fried vegetables and sometimes meat along with the noodles. Soy sauce or other additive also can be added.
This dish has its background in Chinese peasant cooking, with its intensity on vegetables and stir-fry formation. It has since been adapted by cooks in many parts of all over the world. There are collection that are considered Americanized, along with Caribbean, Pakistani, Indian and other collection, whereas many people still consider all of the varieties or collection to be Chinese food.
One of the extraordinary features of chow mein is the noodles, which are often prepared to be crispy. Even if they are the smaller, crunchy noodles that come in a can or the egg-fried noodles in restaurants, crispy noodles are what people hope for to find in chow mein. Many people call the same variety with soft noodles lo mein instead of chow mein.

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  • Boneless chicken cubed 250 grams
  • Boiled noodles 1 pack,
  • shrimps 250 grams
  • thin Sliced onion 1
  • Chicken stock 2 cups
  • Cabbage thinly sliced 1/2 cup
  • Ginger 1 inch piece
  • Spring onion 3 stalks
  • Crushed black pepper 1 tea spoon
  • Chinese salt 1/3 tea spoon
  • Corn flour 3 tbsp
  • Soya sauce 3 tbsp
  • Oil 4 tbsp
  • Salt as per demand
  • Capsicum 1
  • Chopped garlic 3 cloves

How to cook:

Preparation Time: Cook Time: Serves:

20 min 30-35 min 4 person

  • Take oil in a pan to fry deeply half of the boiled noodles.
  • Put the boiled noodles in a dish and then place fried crispy noodles on them.
  • In another frying pan bake ginger, garlic and onion for 2-3 min.
  • Then do addition chicken to it and cook.
  • Do addition of shrimps and stir fry for 2-3 min.
  • Then do addition of soya sauce, black pepper, Chinese salt, salt as per demand and chicken stock.
  • When it get to boil, add capsicum, cabbage, spring onion and cook for 3-5 min.
  • Then add corn flour in water and slowly add to the gravy to thicken it.
  • When it gets ready, get off the stove and drain over the noodles.
  • decorate with spring onion and present hot.

How to serve:

As per chines they serve this dish in a pan with the little touch of different sauces if required or demanded then you can also garnish dish with different green vegitables. For eating if you want to eat like chines eat then you just need to have two sticks as you can see in the given picture and if you are not comfortable with the sticks then you can use fogs or spoon to eat.


Chicken Chow Mein (1 serving)

  • calories: 250,
  • fat: 4g,
  • carbs: 39g,
  • protein: 15g

Chicken Chow Mein (1 cup)

  • calories: 80,
  • fat: 4g,
  • carbs: 6g,
  • protein: 8g
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Very high in vitamin C


  • High in sodium
  • Salt content

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