Moroccan Melodies, Morocco

The Moroccan Melodies is a 15 day tour that lets you explore everything Morocco has to offer. The tour visits most of Morocco’s beautiful cities as well as the mountains, desert and last but not least, the splendid Moroccan beaches. The journey starts in the historical city of Marrakech and after a 13 day long enthralling tour the tourists make their way back to the city where they spend the final two days savoring the attractions of the enchanting city.

The start, Marrakech:

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The historical city of Marrakech lies in the north of the foothills of the snow covered Atlas Mountains. The city has been a cultural, religious, and trading center for years. Like most other Moroccan cities the city is divided into two districts, the historical area of Medina, and the modern district of Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle. The old district of Medina is riddled with narrow intertwining passageways and traditional local shops full of character. While the new Gueliz district plays host to modern restaurants, fast food chains and multinational brand stores.

What to do in Marrakech:

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There is an endless list of things to do in the city, tourists can spend hours exploring the traditional Berber markets known as souks, wandering around the seemingly endless maze of markets is an experience like no other. You can descend into the Moorish history by visiting the only remaining part of the original Almoravid city, the Koubba El-Badiyin dome. Other attractions include a visit to the gorgeous Majorelle Gardens and museum of art, visit to the serene Ben Youssef Medersa, a visit to the splendid Koutoubia Mosque, El Badi Palace, the Royal Agdal Gardens, the Ourika valley, quad biking adventure and white splash rafting at the Ourika River.


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The city of Zagora is located in the Valley of Draa River in south-eastern part of Morocco. The city is noted for its international events international events; the Zagora Marathon and the Nomads Festival in M’Hamid. The city offers excursions in the Moroccan desert, trekking, bivouac camps, camels and 4×4. The open air markets of Zagora provide a retreat at night.


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The city of TInghir is an oasis turned into a city at the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. The palm oasis is irrigated by a network of irrigation canals. The oasis acts as a resting place before the tour heads deeper into the wilderness of the desert ahead.


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The 1200 years old city of Fez is a maze of souks, mosques and spice filled streets. The city has a fascinating history; some of the attractions of the city include the Moulay Idrss mausoleum, Nejjarine fountain and the Bou Anania Medersa.


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Casablanca is Morocco’s largest and most modern city. It is the most liberal and progressive of Morocco’s cities, the chic, beachfront area of Ain Diab looks more like a French neighborhood. The majority of the city is less than 50 years old and could easily be mistaken for Los Angeles or Madrid. Food is as European as it gets in Morocco, with pizzas and hamburgers as frequent as tajines and couscous.

Why go for the Moroccan Melodies?

From cities full of bustling souks, aromatic spices and splendid mosques to the rugged desert terrain, home to hundreds of years old ancient caravan routes and small oasis towns, Morocco has something for everyone.

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