The Dolomites of Val Badia - La Valle-Wengen, Italy

The Val Badia valley is one of Italy’s most picturesque stretch of land, the science valley is located in the South Tyrol region of Italy, the river Gran Ega flows through the valley. The valley sits at the footsteps of the Dolomites mountain range.

The Dolomites:

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The Dolomites mountain range is located in north-eastern Italy. The range is a part of Southern Alps; the Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The range got the name “Dolomites” from the name of the famous French mineralogist Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu who was the first person to describe the rock, dolomite. The mountain range’s unique characteristic shapes and color is due to the Dolomite rock.

The Dolomite Paths:

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During the First World War, the line between the Italian and Hungarian-Austro forces ran through the Dolomites. The area now has open-air war museums at Mount Lagazuoi and Cinque Torri (Five Towers). Many tourists visit the range to climb the protected paths created during the First World War, known as the Vie Ferrate. There are also many long distance trails in the region which are known as Alte Vie meaning the high paths. The long trails take at least over a week to complete, the Alte Vie is dotted by Rifugi, the Rifugi is the name given to the huts in the area where the adventurers stay.

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A Tourist Heaven:

The Dolomites are a tourist heaven; the mountains are renowned for skiing in the winter months. Other attractions for the adventure seekers include climbing, hiking and Base Jumping. During the spring season the area is perfect for paragliding enthusiasts. Maratona dles Dolomites, the annual single day bicycle race covering the seven Dolomite passes takes place during the first week of July. This German-speaking part of Italy also boasts an exceptional cuisine, a wide variety of wildlife, flora and fauna.

How to get to Val Badia:

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Reaching the area is pretty easy; it is located at a distance of approximately 45kms from the main city of Bolzano, which is also the capital of the south Tyrol province. Bolzano is connected to Trento, Verona, the Austrian City of Innsbruck and Munich via the motorway network. The city is also connected to the Italian rail network. The Bolzano airport services flights from Rome, Vienna and Milan. Shuttle services from Bolzano will take you to Val Badia.


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Hotel Excelsior, Hotel Chalet Corso, Hotel Teresa, Hotel Grief and Hotel Dolomiti are some of the well-known hotels in the area. The magnificent apartment accommodation of Residence Plan de Corones in the mountains is quite popular too. Guest rooms offered at the Inn Carmen are a slightly cheaper alternative. The Christophorus Mountain Residence and the Lagacio Mountain Residence are two of the most splendid and scenic accommodations available in the area.