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10 Best Tips for Health

There is a say that “Health is well”.

It’s not only a say it’s a fact. If your health will not hold your hand then the world will leave your hand. An unhealthy or unfit is not accepted or honored by the world in past, present or future because they are not able to prove themselves perfectly. Their illness or unfitness becomes the barrier of their way and creates lacks in their confident. So there is no alternate to be healthy and fit. Our purpose is to tell you 10 best tips for health to make your journey to be healthy easier. Here you go.

1) Drinking Water:

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You need to practice a habit of drinking water approximately 1.5 to 2.5 liters daily. And most importantly you should drink a glass of water every morning when you get up and before have a tea or coffee. Water can save you from dehydration.

2) Bananas are useful:

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You can take bananas instead of your daily snacks. This ordinary fruit has extraordinary powers. It contains 99 calories with only .1g fat. This fruit can deprive your far from your mind anxiety giving you refreshment for some time. But you should not take it as desert; take it in place of junk or snacks, as a side meal.

3) Want to have sweet? :

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It is very natural that you would want to have sweets or deserts often but you have to remember that having more sweet can let your weight increase unevenly which is very harmful for your health. If you really want to have it you can replace sugar with sugar free or diet jelly with natural yogurt.

4) Aloof from TV:

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Remember you should not watch the TV when you are having your meal, this will make you to have more food and 40% more calories unconsciously. Because then your mind remain converted to TV from food. So try this for sure to have food remembering what and how much you want to have.

5) Measuring weight daily:

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If possible then you should measure your weight daily to know what you should do now to control your weight and if it is working or not what you are trying to losing weight.

6) Exercise Daily:

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Exercise can make your body fit growing your muscles. The more you have muscles, the more your Metabolism will grow. So you need to practice some form of exercise like push-ups, lunges, and squats daily or minimum 3 days a week.

7) Consider green vegetables:

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Change your food habit and replace your meals which were before full of meats or starches with green vegetables. Starches are very necessary for health but extra create unnecessary fat. Try to have green vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and Asian greens etc, to be fit and healthy.

8) Be regular:

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You need to be regular in whatever you have opted as your diet plan; it may be exercise or food habit. Because every step needs some time to express its effect. And every regular practice shows its effect very fast.

9) Convert your mind:

When you are in mind to have any food very badly but you know that this food s full of calories,

then you should change your mind in some way like gossiping with your friend or watching TV so that you can forget about that. Thus you will be able to not have the food.

10) Make a Diet Plan:

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It is a must that you need to make a fixed diet plan and practice that according to routine.

For you information you don’t have to do as others do like not taking breakfast or skipping meals. You should have a heavy breakfast and you need to know that breakfast does not affect your diet as you have to work full day so all your calories burn. And you should practice to take meal twice a day not more than that.
So practice these simple tips and be healthy. But one thing, you should be positive about yourself that is the more powerful thing to weight some loose and be healthy.

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