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10 Best Exercises for Fitness

10 Best Exercises for Fitness

Fitness is the most wanted wish by every man and woman and there are numbers of forms of exercise to get fitness. Through this article you will come to know the 10 best exercises for fitness with their function which are simple as well. You just need to practice them to maintain your body the intensity quite good.

10) Medicine Ball squat with overhead lift

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Stand spreading your legs a little wide holding a medicine ball in your hand keeping your hand straight. Squat down keeping your back straight and head up and lower the ball to the ground. When come to the seated position fully then came back to the starting position and repeat the step again.

Function:  This will give strength your legs, arm, shoulders, and back.

9) Stair climb with bicep curls

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Simply hold two weights of 5-8 pounds in your hand keeping them straight by your side and stand in front of a stair while doing bicep curl. Then simply ride the stair without doing curl. Then repeat it about 5-10 times.

Function: This will help your body to be prepared to carry heavy thing upstairs boosting your cardiovascular fitness.

8) Lunge with back row

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First you need to hold an 8 pound weight in both hand, keep your right foot forward and left foot back. Then bend your right knee over the right ankle and lower your left knee to the ground. Straight your hand perpendicular to the ground and bend them to your wriest and straight them again and do so 10 to 15 times for each leg.

Function: This exercise will strengthen your muscles and your mid back, arms and shoulders and also improve your hip flexibility.

7) Hip extension with reverse fly

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Hold tow weights if pounds in both hands and stand straight. Now slowly bend down and lift your left leg and keep bending and lifting your leg until they come in level. Then do so again lifting another leg. Repeat it about 10-15 times.

Function: This will improve your balance strengthening you upper and back, shoulders and legs.

6) Diagonal Reach with Medicine Ball

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Simply hold a ball in your hand and stand straight widen your leg. Then lift your hand above your head straight with the ball and twist your body to left side facing forward. Then come in normal position and twist your body to right side again lifting your hands up. Keep your hand up diagonally with the opposite leg of your twisting side.

Function: This step will help to make your whole body work including the muscles.


5) Knee lift with lateral raise

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Stand straight holding a 5 pound weight in both hands and keep them straight by your both side. Then lift your knee until your knee come to the level with your hip and raise your hand to make a T-shape with your body and hand. Then repeat it about 10-15 times.

Function: You will get core strength with this exercise and it will tone your shoulders.

4) Push up with hip extension

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First lie down at the mat and keep your hands wider by your chest side bending your hands. Then raise your body stretching on your hands and knees keeping your belly muscle tight then straight your right leg lifting high to your back level and keep the left leg slightly bended stretching on the knee. Down your body until your hands come in 90-degree angle then push up. Now do this repeatedly 10 to 15 times.

Function: This exercise will strengthen your arm muscles, chest, and shoulder and core muscles; make your belly muscle too.

3) Torso Rotation with medicine ball

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Sit bending your knees on the ground holding a medicine ball in your hand. Keep you torso or chest away from your thighs at an angle. Now keep pulling your belly button towards spine then rotate your chest to the left as well as your hand with the ball and stay in this position for few seconds then come in normal position then rotate torso to the right. Do this repeatedly 10 to 15 times.

Function: this will help to tighten your waist and improve your tone strengthening your core muscles.

2) Supine bridge with arm extension

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Sit on the floor bending your knees. Then lift your body stretching your legs and hands until your knees come in 90 degree angle and the hands become straight. Then lift your left arm up your left shoulder and rotate your body to the right to keep pressure minimum on the right hand.

Function: This will tone and strengthen your arm muscles, legs, and shoulder and core muscles. It opens up your chest and tightens your hips too.

1) Dynamic Prone Plank

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First you need to stand straight then bend to touch your foot with your hands, set back your legs one by one and come to push up position then raise your hip high and make a 60 degree angle with your hip, leg and hands, Then lower your hip to the ground touching the ground with your knees, then go back to straight stand reversing the steps.


Function: It’s used for warm up or ends with. This will give your body energy toning lengthening, strengthening your body.

All these steps are quite simple, just keep patience and p\ractice them regularly to get fit. You can use any ball or any kind of weight like a child or other heavy thing and also can increase the weight as your tolerance level.

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