Top 10 Best Places in England

Britain might seem, on the surface, that is so attractive for American tourist travelers because of the common heritage and language but in reality it’s appeal is much deeper.  Tourists can see the roman Britain and the medieval Britain, they can wander around seaside towns, bucolic villages or see castles in Windsor and Warwick. Without any more words here are some best places in England.

10)Smoo Cave in Durness, Sutherland (Scottish Highlands)

Photos of Smoo Cave, Durness
This photo of Smoo Cave is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The spectaculatSmoo Cave in Durness, actually looks like a location from a high graphics video game. This cave is unique within the UK because the first chamber has been formed by the sea while the inner chambers have been formed by rainwater. Set into the limestone cliffs at the head of a narrow sea inlet, Smoo Cave has one of the largest entrances of any sea cave in Britain. The mouth of the cave, which is 15 meters high, leads to the first chamber which is 60 meters long and 40 meters wide. A small footbridge gives access to a smaller chamber, where the river AlltSmoo pours through a hole in the cave roof and thunders into a deep pool. From an observation point from the paths of the cliffs above the cave, you can also see the waterfall.

 9)The Observatory Gully on Ben Nevis,England

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There is quite a lot of summit furniture on the top of Ben Nevis, including the ruins of an observatory which was built in 1883, and which was in use until 1904. This observatory is in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands and is standing at 1,344 meters above the sea level, on the highest mountain in the UK.

 8)Portmeirion Village,England

This photo of Portmeirion is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The village, that is located in Gwynedd, North Wales, was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975, in the style of a Italian village. Tucked away by the seaside near Snowdonia, this is one of the UK’s hidden treasures. One of the reason why this  village is preferred by tourists is because it is a botanic garden, a treasure trove of architecture and a beach at the same time. If you come here, you can even stay in the imported Mediterranean houses as a resident for a few days. The colors at Portmeirion are always bright, the flowers are always blooming and you almost feel like you’re on a foreign island, a million miles away from anywhere real.

 7)The Royal Pavilion,England

Photos of Royal Pavilion, Brighton
This photo of Royal Pavilion is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If you come here you may actually come to think that the TajMahal is really located in the center of Brighton. Actually, this building is is Brighton’s iconic Royal Pavilion that was built as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales.  The Royal Pavilion is a stunning display of architecture that has become one of Brighton’s most iconic buildings since 1787 when it was built. The rooms inside reflect George IV’s love of impressing and entertaining his guests. The music room, that features flying dragons and a gilded domed ceiling is lit by nine opulent chandeliers. The banqueting room looks set for a lengthy feast, and tourists can even see the gallery used as an Indian military hospital, during the World War I.


 6)St. Michael’s Mount,England

This photo of St. Michael’s Mount is courtesy of TripAdvisor

You can stray from the mainland by foot or by boat and get close to the beauty of the castle topped isle standing in Mount’s Bay. Tourists can come ashore for a family outing, a garden visit or a tour of the castle itself. Listen to live music on the village green or tuck into fresh local food in the Island’s Cafe or the Sail Loft Restaurant and simply infuse your senses with color in the sub tropical gardens basking in the salty breeze and mild climate.

 5)Achmelvich Beach,England

Image Credits:wikimedia

AchmelvichBeach, that looks like a Mediterranean sun trap, is a stunning beach in the Highlands of Scotland. The walk tours lead from the beach along a good path to visit a ruined old mill and a hidden cove. With no public transport around the area, Achmelvich Beach can be reached by following a footpath from Baddidarrach, in Lochinver.

 4)The Lizard Peninsula,England

Lizard Peninsula Photos
This photo of Lizard Peninsula is courtesy of TripAdvisor

You don’t have to go to the Pacific Ocean next, to visit the reef if you are a tourist in England. The Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, is stunningly beautiful and unique at any time of the year and there is nowhere quite like it anywhere else in the UK. For this reason, it has been a  continuing source of inspiration of artists, writers and even simple tourists. The peninsula is almost surrounded by the sea, and it stands alone, in a real sense, from the rest of the country and it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.The air here is crisp and clear, and paradoxically, the climate is probably the warmest in England.

 3)Cockington Village,England

This photo of Cockington Country Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Many villages claim to be “picturesque” but the village of Cockington is the real deal. Coming here is like taking a walk back in time, along Cockington’s narrow lanes, lined with thatched houses and you will experience a quiet English charm. You can even find here a water mill, a forge and even the cricket pitch that was once a medieval deer park. If you are a tourist looking to go to Cockington, you should know that the village is only a stone’s throw from Torquay in Devon.

 2)Porthmeor Beach,England

This photo of Porthmeor Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

St Ives largest beach,Porthmeor Beach, runs parallel to Harbour Beach on the other side of Cornwall. It a very popular beach with families and surfers and is home to a surf school, where you can hire equipment and take lessons. This is a place where tourists are drawn to the beach’s golden, soft sands and the deep blue water and surfers enjoy the Atlantic swells.

 1)The Minack Theatre,England

Photos of Minack Theatre, Penzance
This photo of Minack Theatre is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Minack Theatre, which is located in Cornwall, is an open air theatre that was constructed above a gully with a granite outcrop jutting into the sea. As a tourist, you should visit and explore by day this unique air theatre, and enjoy the spectacular views over Porthcurno Bay to the Logan Rock. Explore the theatre, be surprised by the sub tropical plants or just relax in the Coffee Shop nearby, overlooking the theatre. This is a perfect tourist destination.

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