Top 10 tips to increase height

Top 10 tips to increase height :

According to research it is say that sometimes  shorter people feel inferiority complex because of their short height , One thing is for sure , everybody wishes a good height at least above average , here ten tips to increase your height naturally.

10)Disciplined Regime:

To increase your height follow this disciplined regime .. Get up early and go to bed in time , takes your meal in proper time . Fix yourself into an ideal timetable. It will helped you to increase your height.

9) Yoga :

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Yoga is a great and important way to increase height naturally. Consult a yoga guru and go for the exercises. It will also bring you mental peace.

8)Adequate and peaceful sleep :

It is very important and well- known factor that our body grows and regenerates tissues while we are taking sleep. Proper sleep and rest are absolutely very necessary in a growing body. Human Growth Hormone is  produced naturally in our bodies during sound ,deep and wave sleep . Growing children and teenagers should have at least 8 to 11 hours of  sound sleep  every night .

7) Exercise to increase your height:

Exercise to increase your height

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The physical activities like jumping ,kicking ,running, swimming, weightlifting etc. strengthen the bones and muscles as well. The more you exercise , the better it would be for you. Exercise is very important to keep your body physically fit , and it also helpful to streamlining the systems , which in turn, help increasing height.

6)Genetic  factors:

Height mostly influenced by various genes inside our body . If our both parents are short it does not mean we won’t be tall. Tall parents also can have short children and vice versa.  But if our mostly family members from both sides are of short stature, then the next generations are likely to have short height.

5)Non Genetic Factors :

There are several non-genetic factors that influence our height to an extent . Being tall is associated with growth and similarly a short height can be attributed to inadequate diet for proper growth, lack of physical activity , incorrect posture, and because of video games children reduce own physical activities.

There are certain non –genetic factors which may affect height , which are given below.

  • Birth weight .
  • Ill helath during childhood.
  • Maternal smoking during pregnancy .

4) Cultivate confidence:

Being taller is really nice , but can not make up for a general lack f confidence. Always try to talk into feeling comfortable and relax way in your own skin, and being happy with your looks . A positive attitude will help  you for any lacking height .

3) Balanced diet:

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Balanced diet is one of the most important factors that contribute to increase your height . Have a balanced diet , avoid junk food, and through that you will be your own way to good and perfect physical growth.

2) Visit a medical professional :

If you are from a tall family and you are not growing by your mid-teens ,then it is a good idea to see a doctor , conditions that can stunt your growth, and if you having proper diet and getting plenty of rest and still you are not growing than consult a doctor.

1) Tricky shoes / High heels:

Whatever you are male or female, you can always make yourself look taller wearing high heels or tricky shoes , buy shoes with high heels and look taller.

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