10 Best Tips For Clear Skin

10 Best Tips For Clear Skin:

Clear skin can be challenge for sometimes we all suffer from bad skin from time to time , But with the help of these tips you can have better skin naturally. Which are given below.

10)Know your skin type :

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It is very necessary to know what type of skin you have. Because  different skin types need different types of care. There are some different skin types and their descriptions.

There are three types of skins like Normal skin , Dry skin and Oily skin.

* Dry Skin :

Dry Skin is very sensitive skin and usually has a dull appearance , feels dry and itchy. Dry skin must be requlated from both side inside and outside as well. Inside with fresh water and outside with mists . Dry skin should moisturized with rich hydrating creams or lotions.

*Oily Skin:

This type of skin is prone to acne. Oily skin looks slippery and shiny and has a greasy texture. For Oliy Skin we must be used periodic herbal steam treatments and clay masks as well.

*Normal Skin:

Normail Skin basically the gift from God , not too oily  not too dry. Normal Skin looks moist , vibrant , plump. But it also still requires as much attention as the other types of skin . It benefits from regular moisturizing and toning.

9)Drink Water :

Water cleanses your body from both side externaly and internaly and also helping eliminate toxins . Water hydrates you and rids your of dirt and different oils . Try to drink water half your body weight in ounces . For example if your weight 100 Ibs  than drink 50 oz of water each day .

 8)Use natural cleansers :

Facial cleansers with many harsh chemicals can be harmful to your skin. In these days harsher chemicals  have been known ato strio paint off of walls . Try to use natural ,organic cleansers it will help you r skin clear up faster and can be much more effective than unnatural cleansers and moisturizers.

7)Ensure proper nutritious diet :

Eating balanced diet with plenty of nutrients and antioxidants is one of the important factor behind beautiful looking skin . Eat lots of nuts , seeds , fruits and beans . Avoid meat , fish , eggs , fried foods white fllor and also white sugar products , coffee , soft drinks , alcohol, tobacoo, drugs ,including contraceptive drugs.

6) Wear less makeup :

Waering too much makeup is very dangerous for your skin it can easily damage your skin . People don’t notice your skin breakouts when they first time see you. But in parties and at any occasions if you have to wear makeup use natural and mineral makeup.

5) Don’t stay in the sun :

Don’t stay in the sn for too long time . Try to limit your exposure to the sun during middle of the day . Sunlight  on your skin is the best source of vitamin D ,but it can mostly lead to skin cacer and wrinkles.

4)Exercise at least 15 minutes a day :

Exercise is very important for your health , proper exercise can make your skin glow . Be sure to wash your  face properly after your exercise routine. Sweat and dirt can easily cog your pores.

3)Wash your  face regularly :

Be sure to wash your face properly wash three or four times a day with a face wash and sparingly . follow up with the toner applied directly to the affected areas. Whenever you washing your face specially washing off make up splash on cold water as it helps to tighten your pores.

2)Sip spearminit tea :

Acne is caused by homones and called androgens . To counteract all these effects which women suffering from acne . Luckily spearmint tea has a similar anti-androgen perperties.

1)Find ways to deal with stress :

High stress levels can significantly worsen acne . Stress stimulates the production of hoemones and hormones stimulate oil production . To help keep your skin clear and spot – free , try to find healthy ways to deal with stress such as exercise and also share your probles mith some one special it will aslo help to deal with your worries.

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