Top 10 most beautiful places in Madison, United States

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Madison city in Wisconsin is one of the best places to live and travel for its amazing main downtown lined with numerous cool restaurants, amiable public transportation services, funky festivals and great farmer’s markets which invites a huge number of vendors to sell their products. Madison offers some great sports to the enthusiasts as well as fairs and celebrations with wonderful fireworks. Madison also rejoices the opportunity to organize the Wisconsin Film Festival on annual basis. In this article you’ll get across some carefully chosen places for you to visit when in Madison, Wisconsin.

10) Camp Randall Stadium

As an outdoor stadium situated on the campus of University of Wisconsin Madison, this stadium is a favorite place for football lovers. Besides the state football championship, this stadium is also packed with crowd who come to watch ice hockey. Camp Randall Stadium also organizes some really cool concerts due to its high seat capacity. Visitors can easily select from the seating chart available to them whenever they’re up to enjoy any event there. Just grab a drink or something to watch some awesome games and matches performed here and chill!

9) Monona Terrace

Located on the beautiful shores of the Lake Monona, the Monona Terrace is a marvelously designed convention center which hosts around six hundred meetups, conventions, and wedding ceremonies. It also opens its doors for free community service based programs for thousands of people every year. You can find a nice gift shop to get some souvenirs or you can dine at the rooftop café for some scrumptious food depending on your own choice.

8) East Towne Mall

Who doesn’t love shopping at a place like East Towne Mall with latest fashion trends, great pools and lounge areas, amazing sculptures, huge chandeliers, and flashlights well synchronized with the music which is played there. This mall has a beauty in its shops which are around a hundred in number as well as the food courts, theaters, and cinemas. Shopaholic visitors never miss visiting the great gift shop situated in this mall so that to buy some precious gifts for their loved ones.

7) Lake Kegonsa State Park

Situated on the north-east shore of the Lake named Kegonsa, this state park is fitted out with prairies, wetlands, and forest where people go for camping, sailing, swimming, boat landing and hiking on the trails created for the hikers. Though a few areas there can be off-limits for the pets people carry along, but there are many other services offered such as boating, and fishing some nice variety of fish including walleye, perch, pan fish, blue gill, crappie and northern pike. During winters people go to this frozen lake for snowshoeing.

6) Art Fair on the Square

Celebrating 36th Birthday, the Art Fair on the Square is the home for great artists and versatile craftsmen belonging to both, the regional as well as the local community. With a courteous mission to demonstrate high quality arts and crafts, this domain draws a great crowd for a great experience regarding visual arts. The Art fair helps in strengthening the community by providing people with opportunity to work with the talented artists, actors, playwrights, and producers. Everyone can visit this place for the love of arts; and to get across the hard work of many people which they put in their crafts that are displayed at this center.

5) Memorial Union

Located on the lake Mendota is a fine outdoor recreation and dining place with a fantastic view of sailboats known as Memorial Union. This place is occupied with the sound of cool live music which is a free source of entertainment for the visitors. The local heritage of Madison, Wisconsin is pretty well reflected through the great artwork and the decorated rooms. There are several other services offered at this spot including bus tickets, food from cafeterias, newspapers from the store and the apparels displayed in the shops. This is definitely the best place for a nice hangout with friends and family.

4) Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Operated and owned by the non-profit Olbrich Botanical Society, the Olbrich Botanical garden has several separate areas with shallow pools and nice Thai pavilion. There are abundant plants which are selected on the basis of temperatures respectively. The separated places include the rose garden with beautiful rose cultivars, rock garden with a mountainous hill like slope and alpine plants, meadow garden with wild flowers and perennials, herb garden with a collection of medicinal and kitchen herbs, and an atrium shade garden with plants ranging from lungworts to hostas and astilbes.

3) Lake Mendota

Of the four renowned lakes in Madison city of Wisconsin, Lake Mendota is one with great recreational activities especially for summer time including fishing, canoeing, tubing, waterboarding, sailing, kayaking, water-skiing, and wind surfing. This lake does not stop entertaining people in winters since it changes the set of activities to ice-fishing, ice-skating, snow tubing, and ice hockey. Not only many people visit this lake for picnics but researchers also carry out some useful sampling from here throughout their research tenure.

2) Henry Vilas Zoo

This amusing zoo can be visited without any charges or any parking fee. Each year millions of visitors from different parts of the world spend a marvelous time here capturing moments with a diverse collection of birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. This zoo doesn’t make people become tired as it takes just an hour or two for exploration. Animal lovers not only enjoy watching a variety of species of giraffes, penguins, polar bears, ostriches and lemurs but, can also spend their time volunteering there.

1) Wisconsin State Capitol

With significant architectural display that this Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison pertains, its visitors also get fascinated by some naturally occurring fossils which are found in the capitol. A few of these fossils include: Burrows, Starfish, Coral, Gastropod and Nautiloid. It also has many different original décor stencils and murals which captivates the attention of visitors. The Wisconsin State Capitol offers a nice tour through a quick reservation for this beautiful and eye catching capitol.










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