Top 10 Most Beautiful places in Virginia, United States

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I would like to explain the top 10 most beautiful places in Virginia, U.S.A here. You will get to know about the interesting places where you may spend some time while you are travelling with family and friends. Virginia is a very much enriched state which is full of life. There are beaches, palaces, parks, lakes and so many beautiful places to walk around Virginia.

10) Richmond Canal Walk, Richmond, Virginia

If you are going to Richmond and feeling like to have a walk, you must visit downtown Richmond. If you want a relaxing walk, it’s the perfect place. You may enjoy the view of Richmond Haxall and Kanawha canal along 1.25 miles. You can see lots of monuments and exhibits while walking along the way. Tourists often come there to have a walk.

9) Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive, Shenandoah

If you love to go on a long drive with your loved ones, Shenandoah National Park is one of the best options in Virginia. Your honeymoon tour will be more romantic, once you go on a drive through this way within Shenandoah National Park. The roadside view will blow your mind for sure. There are four different ways to enter into the Shenandoah National Park. You need to keep your speed not more than 35 mph while passing this 105 mile road in Shenandoah National Park.

8) George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Fairfax

It’s a very famous house in Virginia, U.S.A, located at the Fairfax County. George Washington’s Mount Vernon had acted as the Plantation home of the First President of United States. The house is made of wood and it reflects a special architectural style called Palladian. This house is also used as tomb house. Tombs of George and Martha Washington are lying here.

7) Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk is a place for the adventure loving inhabitant and the tourists as well. People from inside and outside of Virginia consider Norfolk as tourism sector. The nightlife and the musical attraction of this city make people to make their tour to Norfolk.  You must be known of Bangladeshi Bistro and Chartreuse Bistro from the non fast food restaurants of Norfolk. There are some fast food restaurants as well to serve you. There are some historical landmarks and zoos you may visit while in Norfolk.

6) Busch Gardens, Williamsburg

You will reach here after going about 3 miles east of the Williamsburg. It’s a theme park of Europe where you can give peace to your eyes also can enjoy different adventure activities. Some people come here with their families and children spend some pleasant time as happen in all parks. There are different ride, some needs your courage to ride. They will give you a thrill as well as fun. There are water rides, roller coaster as so on which you can enjoy on your tour.

5) Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington

Arlington is a beautiful part of Virginia. Tourists love this city very much. This is a Cemetery to United States Military. Every year this place is visited by three million visitors. You can find the maps of the cemetery at the entrance of the graveside.

4) Colonial Williams burg, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg is a historical city. Tourists who love to visit old and historical places should definitely visit Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. This place is named as a living History Museum. You can stay at the official hotels at Colonial Williamsburg. You can also enjoy the art museums here which are also quite famous. There are other options to enjoy as well. You can shop here and have fabulous food in Colonial Williamsburg.

3) Virginia Beach

It’s an independent city in Virginia, U.S.A. It’s the biggest city in the U.S.A as well. This is a favorite tourism sector to the tourists. People come there to spend their vacation and their number is huge every year. The restaurants offer the delicious Haute cuisine. There are zoos, so many historical places and the charming aquariums in Virginia Beach. The nightlife is a thriving one here and the beach offers different events including marathon and water sports.

2) Alexandria, Virginia

It’s a big city with the good number of population. You can taste their foods which are non fast foods mostly. The arts and cultural value of this city is quite high. People are quite interested to live and visit in this city. People who love cheese must come to the Alexandria. You can’t resist stopping at the Cheesetique to taste their amazing cheesy meal. You can make your tour more pleasant by having the dinner at Medieval Madness while enjoying the sword fighting. You are going to be blown by the hospitality and food for sure.

1) Charlottesville, Virginia


This city is not so big city of Virginia, U.S.A, but you need not to be surprised watching it at number one in the top 10 most beautiful places in Virginia. There are reasons. The night life, foods, non fast food restaurants and many more attractions are there in the city of Charlottesville. That’s why many travelers make their tour to Charlottesville.

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