Top 10 best tourist attractions in Leeds, England

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For spending meaningful quality time with friends and your squad, Leeds is the city of UK, which is worthy of spending buckets of money for lifetime thrill. Being situated in the middle of United Kingdom, Leeds has always been an important city in the northern English county of Yorkshire. Home to approximately  781,700, the city named for its wooded area, Leeds is enjoying the courtesy of being the metropolis of 4th most-densely populated urban area of UK. For tourism, this finest city in northern England has a glut of historic and modern places, ranging from liveliest bars to world-class eating places to explore the immenseness of global flavors.
Today we have accumulated and listed the Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Leeds-Bradford, which altogether are promising options to range over contemporary art, exciting nightlife, vibrant gardens and pedagogic museums of Leeds-Bradford.

10) Leeds Discovery Centre

The center is more like a museum of Leeds city, whose prime objective is to preserve and restore the fascinating objects relating to the natural world, human history, and intuition. The first thing to do for exploring elephant skulls, medieval log boat, mummy bandages and meteorites, one is required to do online booking on their official site. It is recommended for all ages to range over more than one million items excellently laid out in an informative manner. For the history and art lovers, this big warehouse of Leeds is a hidden gem, packed with extraordinary features of incredible art and artifacts in storage.

9) Lotherton Hall, Leeds

Lotherton Hall is popular tourist site in the town which holds about 200 bird species and a herd of red deer in the bird garden, right in front of the building. Once it was home of notable English families, in Leeds, which nowadays has turned into a historical site for preserving paintings, fine furniture, a collection of ceramics and costumes which gives a flashback a time period before World War 1. The place is terrifically beautiful and must-to-do for family fun, loaded with café, a wonderland for children and different exhibits. The best time to stop by the Lotherton Hall is December holidays for luxuriating in Christmas celebrations at the place.

8) Otley Chevin Forest Park

Approximately 282 meters above sea level, Otley Chevin Forest Park is preserved heaven of Leeds, lying in the Wharfe Valley. For soothing soulful entertainment, it demands pretty much struggle to reach the top for exploring scenic beauty and stunning views of West Yorkshire. Loads of trails, spectacular rock formations, the pub at the height, and vegetarian restaurant in woodland and natural beauty makes it place must-to-thing in Leeds, with family. Someone looking for peace and tranquility in life must not take this natural preserve for granted as silence abounds there and enchanting valley view might connect your soul to nature as well. (Note: Wear comfortable joggers, bring your dogs and forget the world to sink in the beauty of the world.

7) Leeds Art Gallery

British government has honored the Leeds Art Gallery for containing the collection of 20th Century British art of national importance. The Victorian building of this art museum is stunning beauty in itself, which attracts tourists to take a look at historical paintings and sculptures of previous centuries. The notable displays of the Leeds Art Gallery are big league Joseph Beuys exhibitions and Lothar Götz’s wall painting for the Victorian staircase. Truly an intriguing gallery of the modern and classic art collection and coffee at stunning tiled-hall makes it worth watching.

6) Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills

Leeds city has always been known for its diverse economy contribution to England and the credit goes to the industrialization of this region. Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills lying at Canal road is the genuine center to narrate the story of manufacturing which includes textiles, clothes, machines and engineering department. Proving itself an industrial heritage of West Yorkshire, England, this museum exhibits an extraordinary collection of textile machinery, railway equipment, and heavy engineering which altogether is a pure display of local industry. Best place in Leeds to spend hours without spending buckets of money in such picturesque riverside location, and getting productive information of industrialization.

5) Roundhay Park

A park that amuses about one million visitors a year is one most the biggest park in Europe, which is literally perched out over 700 acres (maybe more than it) land of woodland, gardens, lakes, and parkland. The park is a magical destination, full of surprises promising you to give an unforgettable time of your lives. What can a person imagine is such exotic place, hot coffee? Well, there is a functional café, installed at the edge of Waterloo Lake in Roundhay Park, Leeds. The best time to come by the breathtaking park is Lantern event, which is inexplicable for being so magical and lavish. Best hangout spot for dates and family time, in Leeds.

4) Kirkstall Abbey

Riverside location and historical places are always an awe-inspiring combination. The example is this Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds, perched out at north River Aire that has witnessed wars, battles, and executions and now the ruins English Cistercian houses built in the 11th century are damn mesmerizing. This massive historical building and its majestic location have made it an iconic sight for wedding photo-shoot in Leeds city. An abbey which was built on several religious sentiments and sacrifices is a live example of world evolution.

3) Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam, Leeds

Temple Newsam is another historical landmark of Leeds city in England, which is famous for its decorative arts in Britain. The house which has been the residence of Lords and parliamentary members is a hidden gem of Leeds in consideration of perseverance. Lying within parkland of 1500 acres area, it is a celebrated historic building of the region.

2) Tropical World Leeds

Situated at the center of town, Tropical World Leeds-zoo is a favorite tourist attraction for families and kids for being brimmed with exotic plant life, exciting landscapes and diverse range of wild animals. This zoo is honored for holding the tag of Britain’s largest greenhouse featuring vast collection of tropical plants and animals. Affordable for family fun time to explore butterflies, birds and animals along with aquatic life.

1) Royal Armouries Museum

A placing holding National collection of Arms and Armour should be rim of your bucket list in Leeds. The museum is an exceptional center of war histories and narratives of experimental weapons. The building itself is a real thing to see in Leeds, that holds 5,000 items in its permanent collection for display including historical trophies, battle elephants, swords, interactive models of historic battles and hundreds of different exhibits. All the five floors of museum are worth watching for all ages, and if you get lucky you can also get entertained by occasional live performances.

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