Top 10 best tourist attractions in Lithuania

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Lithuania is a country located near the Baltic Sea in the north-east part of Europe and is one of the three Baltic States. With a total population of only 3 million people, the capital and the largest city of the country is Vilnius. Lithuania is part of several intra-national world organizations and is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Lithuania’s tourism industry has really boomed since it gained independence from the USSR. The country is a haven for nature’s aficionados as it boasts spectacular sea-side villages and adventurous national parks. Lithuania has also preserved its history and tradition in a terrific manner as reflected by the cultural complexes, the majestic castles and fascinating, pre-historic towns.

10) Druskininkai

Stationed near the international borders of Lithuania, Druskininkai is a township with extreme natural richness. It is the primary and the most elegant of spa towns anywhere in the country and boasts mineral springs and beautiful gardens. The town is known for its curative and healing properties and thus frequently visited by a large number of tourists. Other than that, Druskininkai is also home to one of the best winter sport complexes in the world, known as the Snow Arena. There’s also a fine museum depicting a famous artist’s legendary works where tourists can also take guided trips around the museum.

9) Užupis

Located south of River Neris and housing one of the main Jewish communities in Lithuania, Uzupis is a city neighboring Vilnius and declared independence in 1997 to form its own constitution. Today, it is renowned for its cobbled alleyways, graffiti-covered exteriors, and eccentric art emporiums in streets. Tourists can also enjoy their time in underground eateries accompanied by music venues. The buzzing markets and exotic nightlife ensures that visitors to this sub-urban region thoroughly relish their time.

8) Hill of Crosses

Situated in the city of Siauliai, the Hill of Crosses is one of the most awe-inspiring and primary pilgrimage destination of Lithuania. It features more than 200,000 crosses, crucifixes, rosaries and other metallic symbols and sculptures of religious devotion in all sizes and styles. The hill has been covered like this for several centuries now and also represents the memorials of the Lithuanian people who died during different oppression or movements. This mysterious spot has an eerie feel about it and attracts a lot of travelers.

7) Gate of Dawn

Representing Vilnius’s defensive walls that had nine entrance gates and was initially constructed in the 16th century, the Gate of Dawn is the only leftovers of this historic structure from the medieval times. The complex has extreme religious and cultural significance as it boasts the famous painting named “Vilnius Madonna” and thus the place is also known as the Chapel of Mary. The place is believed to have magical healing powers and is regularly visited by thousands of pilgrims.

6) Aukštaitija National Park

Boasting patchwork of invaluable natural resources, dazzling lakes, and wild woods is what represents Aukstaitija, the first ever national park of Lithuania. It is a gem of the north-eastern corner of the country and houses several lakes and traditional villages. Tourists to this place get to know Lithuania’s biodiversity and catch a glimpse of its famed wildlife. Moreover, it also boasts ancient crafts and folklore related to time-worn communities that inhabited the area including timber churches, and haunted staves. Museum of Ancient Beekeeping is also situated here.

5) Neringa Municipality

A mishmash of woods and grasslands, rolling dunes and sandy beaches that arches around the Baltic coast, Neringa is one of the most envied destinations in Lithuania. It encompasses the waters of Curonian Spit and due to its wild nature, activities like windsurfing, biking, fishing and hiking can be enjoyed to their fullest. Additionally, visitors can explore art galleria and craft workshops set up in small cottages in the age-old townships around the area.

4) Trakai Island

Trakai Island

Trakai is a fusion of various islets, undulating meadows, shimmering water bodies and lush grasslands. It is a historic city-like island and is a popular day trip near the capital. Traditionally, it was occupied by a number of different ethnicities belonging to different cultures. Trakai is known for its sprouting, red-bricked historic Trakai Castle that mirrors beautifully alongside the dozens of lakes. Also, travelers visit this isle for midsummer recreation apace with the lake banks that offer a mild, placid environment.

3) Kaunas

Being the 2nd largest city of Lithuania, Kaunas has traditionally been the academic, economic and cultural hub of the country. Bulging out of the confluence of two major Lithuanian rivers, Kaunas is renowned as the partying capitol due to its countless street bars and underground eateries. The glowing bastions of the Kaunas Castle and the enchanted macadamized alleyways of the Old Town bring about the charming archaic touch to the district. Students that study in the prestigious institutes around the city, drive its nightlife.

2) Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit is a sandy peninsula traversing nearly a 100 kilometers and is a short boat drive from the city of Klaipeda (Lithuania’s third largest city). The area is famed for the largest undulating dunes in Europe and was formed nearly 5,000 years ago through sea currents. The Spit houses gorgeous amber beaches and distinctive landscapes. Nestled alongside the gulf are small villages including Nida, a municipality famous for its multitude of artworks and jewelry. The Curonian Lagoon also boasts wetlands, green meadows and nice public spots that are populated during the tourism season.

1) Vilnius Old Town

Covered in the primeval treasure trove of majestic Gothic & Neo-classical architecture and converging at the intersection of Lithuania’s two main rivers is the ancient capital of Great Duchy. Vilnius Old Town is also a World Heritage Site and internationally renowned for its well-preserved structures, cobbled squares and twisted roadways that weave through the traditional churches, citadels and fortresses. Lavish hotels and restaurants can be found dotted with cafes and eateries. The Town boasts signature tourist spots including the Presidential Palace, and St. Anne’s Church.

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  1. Dzukijos Uoga

    Dzukija National Park is a place not to miss while travelling in Lithuania. It’s on the way from Vilnius/Kaunas to Druskininkai.

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