Top 10 best tourist places in Madagascar

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Madagascar is an island country situated in the Indian Ocean and was previously named as the “Malagasy Republic”. It is the fourth-largest island in the world and is a massive habitat for a majority of wildlife species that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. The capital and the largest city of Madagascar is Antananarivo. The country is considered one of the least developed ones in the modern age and depends highly on ecotourism and agricultural means for its economy. Due to poor political stability, the living standards have weakened over the years. Madagascar has abundant resources as far as tourist spots or destinations are concerned. Its extraordinary biodiversity is reflected in its beautiful sub-islands, seas-side beaches and wondrous national parks that still adhere to mystical beings.

10) Ifaty

Ifaty is a combined name given to a duo of fishing villages on the southwestern coast of Madagascar. The place is famed for its lengthy line of coral reefs that act as natural barriers to the sea tides and thus offer perfect opportunities for some marine activities including swimming, snorkeling, fishing and diving. It boasts luxurious hotels and wide beaches of sun-kissed shining sand where visitors party throughout their tours. Travelers can also go on catamaran tours near the Mozambique Channel to enjoy the traditional folklore of these villages.

9) Nosy Be

Nosy Be

Located offshore near the Indian Ocean waters, Nosy Be is one of the premier tourist spots in Madagascar boasting some trademark beaches of the country. The turquoise waters, small fishing villages and swaying jumbles of palm trees along the beautiful bays offer a splendid vacation spot. Nosy Be is acclaimed for its terrific seafood quality and harmonious tropical beach parties that erupt every weekend in the nearby native villages. Accommodation for tourists is also available in shape of small huts and hotels.

8) Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Lying in the southern part in Madagascar’s biggest natural reserve, Tsingy de Bemaraha is a patchwork of startling landscape comprising of towering rocky pinnacles, gargantuan monoliths and hoodoos made of carved rocks. The place is a World Heritage Site and also features a dense stretch of mangrove forests. Alongside this green belt of natural woods, there is a limestone plateau and highlands over the verdant hills. The park is inhabited by different species of baboons that roam freely and also interact with the visiting groups.

7) Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana National Park is one of the country’s most famous parks known for its natural habitat and draws huge numbers of tourists every year. Located across the village of Ranomafana, the Park houses densely forested inlands accompanied by fresh-water mineral streams studded by lizards and golden lemurs. Visitors often bring pairs of sturdy shoes and backpacks to hike along the long expanse of trekking tracks that meander through majestic waterfalls. Ranomafana is home to a variety of different species including some endangered ones as well.

6) Isalo National Park

Noted for its diversified terrain, the Isalo National Park is located in the central southern sector of Madagascar. It is a medley of grasslands that includes undulating meadows, palm woods and oases as well as rocky landscapes featuring amazing gorges, sandstone formations and serpentine canyons. Isalo’s extremely bio diverse nature is what allures a lot of tourists to this place. Attendants are available to accompany the tourists on specially guided tours which can take up to several days. It is also home to a lot of species of birds as well as lemurs.

5) Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Andasibe-Mantadia is a popular day trip away from the capital and is one of the most accessible parks within Madagascar. Encompassing a whopping territory of more than a hundred miles, it houses the largest species of lemur and depicts wonderful biodiversity in general. The park is divided into two subdivisions each one of them showcasing special reserve areas for various forest wildlife breeds. Andasibe-Mantadia is also famed for its abundance of hiking trails.

4) Ambohimanga

Deeply interlinked with Malagasy’s identity, Ambohimanga is considered a sacred place for the people of Madagascar. Nicked as “Royal Hill”, the place has once housed the Malagasy royalty. The wall surrounding the hill was constructed some 150 years ago and now boasts the mounded ruins of fortifications, regal tombs and burial grounds. Tourists can go on a tour around the old palaces to explore the ancient talismans, weapons and exquisite timber architecture originally used by the royalty.

3) Île Sainte-Marie

Ile Sainte Marie is situated off the eastern coast of the country and features elongated stretch of sandy beaches and shimmering waters that are peppered with whales. Tourists tend to party in the quays before heading off to the secluded coves and gorgeous enclaves. The massive rubbles of beach sand with corner-side coconut palms and exceptional resort hotels make for an amazing outdoor experience. Added to that is the traditional pirate history in shape of old ships that can be viewed from the cemetery.

2) Morondava

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Sandwiched in the beaches of Kirindy Mitea National Park is a sea-side region called Morondava. It houses several villages and particularly famed for its wooden huts and timber guesthouses that are established in the center. It is thoroughly visited by tourists and backpackers looking for cross-country adventures. The Avenue of the Baobabs is also found here: a striking landscape of hulking Baobab trees across a dirt road in a densely forested land. Although the jungles have been cleared, the humongous trunks have stood there for nearly 800 years now.

1) Masoala National Park

Masoala National Park is the landmark park of Madagascar, trespassing 250 miles of tropical rainforests and marine playgrounds. Home to a diverse array of wildlife species and reptiles, the Park’s ecosystem policies have been on the improvement since many years. Kayaking and snorkeling are popular activities for tourists once they reach the waterfalls that torrent down from the cliffs and into the roaring sea. Cap Est and Alohatrozana are the most famed hiking trails, leading to unknown mysteries and awe-inspiring panoramic sights.

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