Top 10 best tourist attractions in Irvine - California, United States

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Inhabited about 2000 years ago by the Gabrieleño indigenous group, the land was later explored by a Spanish explorer which has now become a master-planned city of Orange County, California, USA. Home to several higher educational institutes of the State, this pretended city designed by Irvine Company is popular for low crime rates, proximity to cultural activities and state-of-the-art traffic. Being labeled as America’s Safest Big City by FBI, Irvine has become favorite tourist destination all over the globe. Moreover, this planned city is production home of Blizzard Entertainment that turns Irvine a paradise on Earth for gamers.

Today we have ranked Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Irvine, a city that literally entertains more than 20, 000 people every year, at the Global Village Festival for celebrating Irvine’s love of cultural medley representing more than 50 different cultures. From the Irvine Global Village Festival to Tanaka Farms, Irvine is one of the largest planned urban communities tempts families and couples for entertainment and cultural activities for a memorable holiday weekend. Let’s dive into the list of Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Irvine to explore the plethora of romantic and thrilling tourist landmarks of Irvine city.

10) The Irvine Museum Collection

Featuring rotating exhibits, the Irvine Museum is dedicated to American Impressionist art that displays a slice of Orange County Art. A free visit to such beautiful and cozy museum makes it a great contribution in promotion of paintings and art. Preserving California art of Impressionist Period, this small but warm museum proves itself a historical gem of Irvine city. Loaded with artwork depicting landscapes of Irvine, California from 1890 to 1930, the Irvine Museum Collection promises a pleasant time in its warm historical aura.

9) Boomers! Irvine

While in Irvine, skipping Boomers’ Buccaneer Cove at this amusement-cum-water park would not be a great idea! Believe me, this amusement park featuring over 1000 feet of water slides challenges your daredevils buried deep down into monotonous routines for super fun. Deserving every cent spent, the water park plenty of attractions i.e. miniature gold, Go Karts for kids and adults, climbing tower, arcade games and so much more, which altogether a complete package of a family day out filled with thrilling memories. (Note: Food may be a bit pricey in holiday seasons)

8) Adventure Playground, Irvine

Prepare for a wet mud fun at Adventure Playground in Irvine, which is all about promoting outdoor fun for kids giving them a decent space from video games and technology. All you need to enjoy the world of imagination is extra clothes for the clean ride to home. The adventure playground located in University Park features a plethora of things to do i.e. a creek bed, three water pumps, Life-sized Lego-type blocks to build fortress and castles along with sensory gardens for kids to relax their muscles and so much more making it a haven for children.

7) Tanaka farms, Irvine

Basically Tanaka farms are a family owned place for family fun, in the middle of Orange Country. Tanaka Farms is a must-to-do thing in Irvine city that is all about picking up melons, strawberries and melons along with your friends and families. The best part of the place is hello kitty themed pumpkin patch which makes it’s a highly recommended field trip for kids that involves purchasing fresh vegetables and fruits as well. The strawberry and melon wagon tours are pricey though but they are totally educational and informative for your young ones, especially if you are planning to start an organic family-run farm after your retirement.

6) K1 Speed Irvine

Here comes a real package of excitement and thrilling recreation for real daredevils for a great experience of their lives. K1 Speed is actually an indoor go-kart racing company which has designed two professional tracks for indoor racing fun in Irvine city. Truly deserving of your bucks, this indoor racing center promises unforgettable thrill featuring electric go-karting for all-ages. Apart from racing cars, leather seats and acceleration experiences, visitors are offered to enjoy diverse variety of racing memorabilia and art along with their Pit Café Snack Bar. A true fun enthusiast would not take this award-winning center of California State for granted! Zero-Emission electric karts, arcade games and European style of racing makes this place a big YES for lifetime fun.

5) The Irvine Spectrum Center

The Irvine Spectrum Center

Tracked down on the southeast edge of Irvine, there lies a gem of Irvine city, paradise for shopaholics and fun-lovers, which always look for unusual experience out of shopping and dining. This outdoor shopping mall lined with fountains is crammed with almost 100 boutique shops and internationally renowned entertainment venues i.e. Edwards 21 IMAX & RPX movie theaters and eateries i.e. Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop tempt tourists to stretch legs watching stunning architecture of this place. Making it different than typical malls of the country, there is a giant wheel of 108 foot high which gives ride to visitors till 11pm, making them star-struck giving sprawling views of the city.

4) UCI Arboretum, Irvine

Mainly located in the University of California, UCI Arboretum is poplar landmark of this master-planned city, which is basically a botanical garden of South African Plants, stretched over an area of 12.5 acres. For the nature loves, the botanical garden is really a surprise in such pretended city that usually concentrates on making money for the State. In this urbanized area, a stroll of this beautiful is must for seeking peace and sunset making a strong connection with nature on such a place which was all ruined but restored promoting Mediterranean flora. (Note: In Irvine city, UCI Arboretum is not a typical garden of thousands of plants, but it is more like a research trip for science students)

3) San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, Irvine

Extended over a land of 300 acres, it is a wildlife refuge in Irvine city whose ultimate aim is to preserve birds. Home to species of more than 200 birds, this wildlife sanctuary offers tour of bird watching and photography opportunity near the pond area. Totally a breathtaking hangout spot of the city loaded with wild birds. One must miss this natural oasis of wildlife nestled in the middle of the city.

2) Pretend City Children’s Museum, Irvine

Brimmed with 17 interactive exhibits, the museum is designed for promoting better brains to engage kids in art studio, library, doctor’s office and so much more. All the indoor activities of museum, makes it safe entertainment destination for kids and toddlers featuring hands-on experience and educational programs. The interconnected city theme of the Pretend City Children’s Museum makes it amazing place for working mums to keep an eye on un-ruled kids.

1) Orange County Great Park, Irvine

All about sports, agriculture and arts, this public park of Irvine city is all time favorite tourist designation. The ultimate attract of the park is balloon ride which literally offers aerial view of this master-planned city and an amazing stroll of the sunset. Popular among the residents for scenic views and calm atmosphere, the park is known for peaceful aura to escape from daily grind.

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