Top 10 best tourist attractions in Morocco

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Peppered with a population touching 35 million inhabitants, Morocco is a sovereign state in the North African region and has been a regional power, historically. The capital city of the state is Rabat whereas the ancient city of Casablanca is its largest municipality. Morocco is a major contributor to Africa’s economy and primarily depends upon the services sector, manufacture of goods, mining, and agriculture. Tourism, on the other hand, has also registered record-breaking gains over the years. It is galore of incredible tourist destinations that includes the four imperial cities and their unending grandeur, breathtaking palaces, colorful medinas and exuberant beaches of state of the art quality. The Moroccan Melodies is a 15-day tour that lets you explore everything Morocco has to offer.

10) Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is a charismatic mountainous city in northern Morocco that features a plethora of sapphire and white colored buildings and homes. This astonishingly photogenic glow about the city and the fact that it’s located in the majestic Rif Mountains is what entices a huge number of tourists to this place. The dramatic backdrop of nature is perfectly complemented by the sedate countryside where tourists can dwell into activities like swimming and hiking. Chefchaouen is famed for producing cannabis, woven blankets and other Moroccan handicrafts that are widely used elsewhere.

9) Volubilis

Volubilis was an important administrative hub during the Roman reign in the prehistoric times. Today, it’s a haven for anthropologists and archaeologists who frequently visit this area on day trips from either Meknes or Fes to get a better hold of the miraculous primeval mosaics. The toppled columns and the crumbling remnants of the structures still stand there as reminders to the world. It also features a hilly area, atop which one can enjoy panoramic views of the ruins that reflect the glory that has been lost.

8) Essaouira

Originally built in the 18th century by the Portuguese, Essaouira is a seaside town famous for its fishing ports. The city is a wonderful day trip away from the bustle and noise of the bigger imperial cities of Morocco. The colorful boats, beautified alleyways, and streets that lead to traditional eateries & crafts businesses and shimmering waters add to its already charming nature. Tourists normally love to explore the shore-side fortress as well as the ancient town of Essa, located off the coast.

7) Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is a benchmark symbol of extreme exuberance, located in Casablanca; the largest city and the commercial hub of Morocco. This monument, which was completed some two and a half decades ago portrays design and art of the most intricate and obscured detail. It took more than 10,000 craftsmen to carve the marble tiles and dynamic mosaics over the structure. Today, Hassan II Mosque illustrates traditional Islamic architecture of the supreme quality.

6) Dadès Gorges

Sporting through the High Atlas Mountains is the spectacular Dades Gorges which is a nature-lovers haven and offers a countermeasure to the cacophony of the bigger cities. It is a tiny village galore comprising of fascinating red-bricked mud houses and lush green fields. The traditional kasbahs located within the valley are dotted with conventional hotels and public spots. Added to that, Dades Valley also boasts the Torda Gorge which is a flat rocky track alongside a mammoth canyon.

5) Asilah

Situated on the northern coastline of Morocco, Asilah is a popular tourist resort and is flocked with vacationers throughout the year. It has been used as a pirate base for several decades in previous centuries and thus houses numerous fortifications along its shore. The hallmark of Asilah is its white-painted houses and colorful murals on the outside walls, characterizing Moroccan cultural arts. The highly renowned Paradise Beach also lies in its neighboring area. The place is regularly visited by famous artists during the Arts Festival when tourists flood this region.

4) Merzouga

Merzouga is a desert town in southeastern Morocco near the border of Algeria. Because of its close proximity to Erg Chebbi, it is popular amongst tourist agencies and known for its extremely strong, mesmerizing Saharan sand dunes. The village is a gateway to the actual experience of Bedouin life within. Travelers can go on special camel rides which is by far the only way of exploring the surrounding topographical areas. Tour operators set up tents near the knife-edged ridges where tourists can enjoy traditional food with music and go on stargazing at night.

3) Fes el Bali

Older Fes was the former capital of Morocco and currently its third largest city. It is also home to the world’s oldest university, University of Al-Karaouine and has retained its position as the cultural and religious center of the country. Elaborated architecture, exotic street ways, striking souqs, gorgeous medinas, adobe homes and ornamented courtyards are some of the features of the city where it is improbable not to get lost due to its maze-like map. The historic Chaouwara Tanneries and the Merenid Tombs are also established in this city.

2) Meknes


Meknes is one of the Imperial cities of Morocco and it’s smaller and less contemporary in nature than its counterparts, especially Marrakesh. The souks and medinas are well-preserved and designed in a way far easier for navigation and exploration. The city is an absolute showcase of Spanish-Moorish styles via the Moroccan architectonics. The ruins of Volubilis are also situated nearby. Meknes has extreme traditional significance as it was the capital city during the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail, who designed and devised the construction plan of the township.

1) Marrakesh

Situated at the base of Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is one of the imperial cities of Morocco. This vibrant town is known for its noisy atmosphere and buzzing environment and is also called the Red City due to its sandstone structures. Tourist highlights include the Saadian Tombs, Djemma El-Fna Square as well as smaller palm courtyards, exotic bazaars and botanical gardens. The city life is thudded with traditional dance gatherings, art deco complexes, hustling street shops as well as the colorful, maze-like pathways around the markets that keep the travelers awed till the very end.

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