Top 10 best tourist places in Newark - New Jersey, United States

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Newark is the biggest administrative division in the U.S state of New Jersey, which is known for New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), international music and art concerts, dance performances and Newark Museum’s rambling art collection that promotes American paintings and sculptures. No one would have imagined a city; perched out in northeastern New Jersey would become an intrinsic part of Port of New York and New Jersey. Apart for being an important city loaded with Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart and one of the busiest airport of United States Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark has been an ideal destination for family vacations and honeymoons. Being located at the mouth of Passaic Rover, Newark offers breathtaking places of nature i.e. scenic parks and a romantic walk along the river in Newark Riverfront Park.

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Today we have narrow-listed the Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Newark, which are all about the large museum in New Jersey, Music and art complexes and great restaurants crammed with finger-licking barbecue food along with historic neighborhood and sporty hangout spots.

10) Ironbound, Newark

The coolest place in Newark that is must to visit is not a typical park or gardens, but it a multi-ethnic community, that is stretched over approximately four square miles, ringed by a network of railroad tracks. Roaming in the Newark city for a real fun? A single visit to Ironbound, Newark is mandatory to have a flashback of the industrial neighborhood of New Jersey, as the place was once a poorer downtown of factories owners, which is nowadays a hub of Portuguese culture. The place truly reflects peace and harmony for being home of immigrants of African American and various white ethnic residents that tempts tourists for delicious Spanish and Portuguese food in affordable prices. This old neighborhood of Newark is a bona fide paradise for foodies!

9) Newark Symphony Hall

Settled at 1020 Broad Street in Newark, Newark Symphony Hall is historic place of New Jersey State, which was built in 1925 and for many years, this iconic music theatre was being used as The Mosque. But these days, this four-story building featuring Greek and Egyptian architectural designs is renowned music centre, brimmed with main concert hall of 3,500 seats, black box theatre of 200 seats for theatrical productions and a dance studio. Newark Symphony hall organizes various traditional music shows and theatrical performances for multi-purpose functions i.e. convocation and high school graduation. This historical landmark welcomes tourists for incredible music shows, whose times differ from one show to another.

8) Newark Museum

Engrossing major collections of American, Asian and African art of various styles i.e. decorative arts, contemporary art and the ancient world, Newark Museum enjoys the courtesy of being state’s largest art museum. Its diverse collection of fine arts and Tibetan galleries (Chinese scripts), makes it a progressive cultural institution of its time. For some rational minds, an art collection at its finest quality would be hard to digest at a place which is known for ports and beer. For the history nerds, the Newark Museum is a feast holding comprehensive collection of Tibetan art and intriguing exhibitions of science.

7) Fernandes Steakhouse, Newark

A family vacation is always dull with great food, and if you are touring Newark city, you must not skip Fernandes Steakhouse that is known for serving an endless and scrumptious variety of meats on skewers. No matter if you are in mood to hit the place with a huge gang, the pace serving buffet system will offer best ever hospitality along with popular Great Rodizio for lunch in affordable prices. The wonderful vibe at the restaurant, endless barbecue variety, and mouth-exploding seafood, makes this place a big YES in Newark diaries.

6) Military Park, Newark

Spread over an area of 6-acre, it is a public park in downtown Newark, New Jersey. Free WIFI and a traditional atmosphere of small patches of greenery and trees makes it a favorite spot for tourists to hang out. In this nearly triangular-shaped park, people do come for pleasant lunch experience or just stretch their legs, away from a hectic routine of Newark city. Being a central downtown gathering space, Military Park serves a clean and soul-soothing vibe to its visitor. Nothing can be better than such a cute place to escape the concrete city of Newark, to look for a connection with nature once a while.

5) St. Lucy’s Church, Newark

St. Lucy’s Church is an architectural gem of Newark city, holding St. Gerard shrine and beautiful statues. For the Catholics, this is a calm and peaceful paradise, which are always looking for tranquility and a strong connection with their Creator. Nestled by statues, this beautiful landmark of Newark city is endowed with graphic decorations and stained glass windows. Best for traditional Catholic weddings, the historic church installed at 19-26 Ruggiero Plaza is considered very auspicious and sacred.

4) New Jersey Performing Arts Center

A spectacular performing art theatre lies in downtown Newark, which is never boring and always entertaining for all ages, depending on the different themes of the theatre. The best and incredible thing about this unspoiled gem of Newark city is, it organizes several events charging minimum prices or no ticket at all, throughout a year. The best place to enjoy a quality time watching national and international theatre artist, this place deserves a huge respect. Great for kids shows and music concerts, especially for jazz fans!

3) Branch Brook Park, Newark

This first country park holds a historic importance too in National Registers of Historic Places which was introduced for public use in U.S. Stretched over 360 acres, the Branch Brook Park is known for largest collection of cherry blossom trees of 14 different varieties in USA. Lying between the neighborhoods of Forest Hill and Roseville, the park provides peace and tranquility to its lucky visitors. Walk among the scenic views and beautiful trees or just praise the nature that is what Branch Brook Park tempts for!

2) Prudential Center, Newark

For a rocking fun and unbeatable excitement, this place is a must-to-do in Newark city. Proudly standing in the in the central business district of Newark, this multi-purpose indoor arena serves a great part in holding up the stereotype pub-cum-concert city image of Newark. Watch sports shows or music concerts, the place is blessing in disguise serving diverse range of fast food and pubs in a single venue.

1) Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

A live and gorgeous example of Catholic architecture and art, this church welcomes the visitors of all religion to enjoy the peace and harmony in Newark city. Being the 5th largest church in the U.S, it has literally maintained a serene and magnificent aura of the place. Not just a holy or sacred landmark of the Newark city, but the church itself is a lot more to explore the Gothic architecture.

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