Top 10 best tourist attractions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai is an icon city of luxury and royalty seekers and it’s not just a populous city of UAE, but Dubai is counted as the top ranked business hub. It won’t be an exaggeration if it’s stated as an official destination of international passengers and vacationers from all over the globe. Being a city of UAE, Dubai is not a typical Muslim city but it’s an international realm of different cultures with rich ancient Arabic history. Dubai is basically called an arabic city located on the southeast coast of the persian gulf, is known for its luxury shopping of gold, textile and spice souks. Being a capital of UAE, Dubai tempts the tourists and vacationers from all over the world for exotic dance shows, viewing the breathtaking downtown from Burj Al Khalifa and unleashes the hidden daredevil to stand on the tallest building of world with the fastest 57 elevators ever designed. This veritable city, Dubai has transformed itself from a barren land to a modern and glamorous spot for international tourists. Dubai is stacked with multiple frigging places and world’s outclass man-made wonders. But here we have listed a brief list of top 10 best tourist attractions in Dubai, UAE to explore the cultural heritage and unblemished modern wonders of kingly Dubai city.

10) The Dubai Mall

For the luxury sopping and a stroll of fashion, beauty and entertainment commodities, you must stretch your legs in the 19th largest shopping mall of the world ‘The Dubai Mall’. You might bump in with Justin Bieber or international celebrities in the mall too. The mall is loaded with uncountable variety of world class brands and mix quality of light street products including clothes, electronics and world’s superb restaurants. The most mesmerizing sight is its Aquarium holding 140 species of water creatures. This fascinating huge mall is true example of Dubai turning from a desert into a swank business. No doubt, the economy and kingly glamour of city is blooming day by day. And it’s been a promise of Dubai monarchs to entertain the international tourists with tremendous beautiful attractions in Dubai city in upcoming future.

9) Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque is a must visit place in Dubai to experience the spiritual environment inside the mosque and witness the atmosphere full of peace and calmness. It’s proudly located on Bur Dubai Area and a beautiful soul soothing mosque with interesting architectural design. The mosque accommodates 1,200 worshippers, disallowing non-believers to enter the worshipping area except minaret. The mosque was demolished in 1900 but it has restored the image of a religious hub in 1960. Visitors of Dubai city are highly recommended to visit the sacred landmark of city to explore the fine intricate details of marble and gorgeous chandeliers. It’s a joyful experience to view the proper decorum and religious attire for women and men to get you amazed by this spectacular architectural work and feel the sacred vibes of a religious place.

8) Deira Islands

Deira Island is a man-made waterfront entertainment developed alongside the Deira Cornice between the entrance to Dubai Creek and Al Hamriya Port. This exquisite Deira Island will offer 21 kilometers of beaches front and resorts in future. The chairman has literally materialized the wild dream of water heaven for Dubai’s luckiest international residents. Does anyone expect a water paradise in barren land of desert. Deira Islands of Dubai are all about offering the impressive views of skyline of Dubai and across the Arabian Gulf. Visitors are warmly welcomed at Deira Islands to enjoy the scrumptious and hygienic Arabian meals and ride the cruise in Arabian islands.

7) Dubai Gold Souk

Is is not exciting to wear glitzy gold all over you and feel like an ancient goddess, but that’s too difficult to buy gold these days, Isn’t? Well, if you are fond of exquisite jewelry and glam of gold, you must visit Dubai Gold Souk. Dubai Gold Souk holds up to 300 retailers of traditional gold and modern gemstone accessories in Dubai’s commercial business district, located in Al Dhagaya, Deira. Even if you are not in mood to buy, a stroll of intriguing gold market is must in Dubai. It literally provides a royal wave all around you.

6) Dubai Museum

To make your Dubai visit meaningful, one must savor the monarchial city by visiting Dubai Museum. It might be a mistake if you skip the visit to walk around Dubai museum. The structure of the museum is really old and strong, making it the oldest museum in Dubai. It’s centrally located exhibiting detailed history of Dubai. Many people tend to have great fun to wander around the fort-cum-museum to learn about culture of Emirates. Dubai Museum is totally opposite to high flashy Dubai, as the museum truly displays generic Bedouin desert lifestyle and a clear idea about Ancient Arab life. To have an amazing flashback of traditional Arab, historical sculptures with background Emirati music, Dubai Museum worth a visit for great time.

5) Dubai Miracle Garden

In the middle of desert, no one would expect 45 million blooming flowers, well that’s the reason it is entitled as ‘Dubai Miracle Garden’. The superlative garden is full of amazing flowers, quite enough to strike your nerves for few hours. The Dubai Miracle Garden is situated in the Dubailand district, Dubai providing mesmerizing view of flora and fauna. Literally it’s a miracle indeed to create such an astonishing garden and breathtaking scenic view of blooming flowers in hot climate. Miracle Garden Dubai is waiting for nature lovers to engage your subconscious mind for a long time with vibrant and colorful flowery atmosphere.

4) Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay in Dubai has been programmed to provide an amazing time with friendly and trained mammals. It’s a joyful experience for kids and adults both to swim with dolphins. Set you free from busy busty life, Dolphin Bay should be a priority for an awesome exhilarating experience in Dubai. With the professional and trained staff, Dolphin Bay, Dubai is an extraordinary opportunity to interact with lovely dancing dolphins and experience the great hospitality to be served with refreshments.

3) Jumeirah Beach

Extended over the Dubai Coast, this superfluous white sand beach is most liked among the international visitors and tourists to explore the panoramic sightseeing of Dubai city. On the coast of Persian Gulf, Jumeirah beach provides stretches of glorious soft white sand to play around and soak the sun lying beside the cold and green/blue water to enjoy the lazy but clean beachfront. Isn’t this beach sounds a little dramatic in the middle of desert with a site view of Burj Al Arab… Being in luxury city of Dubai, this well maintained and clean beach is awesome to visit and interestingly it offers free wifi (internet connection) to the visitors… Whether you are looking for a calm place to enjoy the cold atmosphere, fresh drinks and beverages, phenomenal experience to swim during summer to escape the crowd and heat of Arab city, Jumeirah Open Beach welcomes you to have a wonderful time of Dubai visit.

2) Burj Al Arab

The elite class might count Burj Al Arab just as a happening place to relax their limbs, but in actual Burj Al Arab is something more than a typical luxurious hotel. It’s been claimed as an iconic symbol of modern Dubai for being designed sail-shape silhouette. Its distinctive design and royal suites has granted it an image of famous tourist landmark in Dubai. Burj Al Arab is proudly standing on an article island of Jumeirah. It promises a feel of royalty as you enter its glitzy realm. If your budget allows you to feel like an heir of Arab royalty, a visit of Burj Al Arab is highly recommended! All the restaurants and sparking lights of city will make you satisfied for really long time.

1) Burj Khalifa

No matter if you are an elite tourist or an average vacationer, you must have a bucket of activities to do in royal city of Dubai to make your trip meaningful. A visit of Burj Khalifa will always be a rim in bucket of rational people. Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest skyscraper is Dubai’s top most beautiful tourist attraction. Its phenomenal design of silver spike is beyond any other skyscraper in the world. This iconic building in the middle east offers a lifetime thrill to ascend the highest observatory in the world within 60 seconds. Visitors adore the awe-inspiring tallest skyscraper and the breathtaking views of city from such high spot. Nothing can beat the experience of watching sunset and Dubai fountain show from the top. On a whole, Burj Khalifa is rich with great panoramic views of Dubai and its visit is a must to attain an amazing experience of being in splendid luxurious city of United Arab Emirates.

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