Top 10 best tourist places in Greensboro - North Carolina, United States

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Greensboro is a city of North Carolina and considered to be quite a populous city in the United States. It is one of the largest city in Guilford County. The Greensboro city is connected with the Piedmont Triad metropolitan area through the development of major highways within the area. Greensboro city is quite suitable and favorable city for traveling purpose and for collaborating other counties and cities for a number of purposes.

10) Weatherspoon Art Museum

The Weatherspoon Art Museum at Greensboro city is one of the most visited and famous places among the tourists. It is located at North Carolina University. It is one of the largest museums for the collection and presentation of artistic work. The collection of artistic work not only absorbs traditional but contemporary work exhibits as well belonging to a number of artists most preferably American artwork. A wide number of exhibitions are organized there at the museum every year. The most famous artwork includes paintings, Japanese printing, paper art and cone artwork.

9) Greensboro Science Center

The Greensboro Science Center is a combination of a number of historical places and sites. The combination of sites includes an aquarium, a zoo, and a museum. It is one of the most visited historical places in the city. The aquarium is the sole water exhibiting site in the area featuring Greensboro Science center. It contains a wide collection of sea life like eels, fishes, sharks, anacondas and many more.

8) Greensboro Historical Museum

The Greensboro Historical Museum is the sole museum that depicts the true cultural heritage and historical events happening related to the Greensboro city and the Guilford County. There appears a wide number of exhibitions at the historical museum for the tourists and the residents. Along with providing information related to the history through visual exhibits and oral information, there also appears a wide number of other learning sessions for all ages of people.

7) Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden

The Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden at Greensboro city is one of the largest gardens of the city covering an area of acres. A wide number of sculptures are also placed in the garden that is made up of Bronze metal. Along with this, there appears a wide number of remarkable paintings in the garden. Along with this, recirculating stream introduced in the garden, sensory garden for providing it with landscape experience, paver plaza allowing visitors to name the garden at their own and bridal gazebo for making the wedding ceremony spectacular all together make the garden one of the famous and remarkable piece of discussion among the tourists.

6) The Greensboro Arboretum

The Greensboro Arboretum at Greensboro city is a garden that absorbs a wide number of collection of foreign and local species of plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and herbs. The collection includes small trees, conifers, hydrophytes and climbing plants. Along with this, the Greensboro Arboretum is also known for its excellent structural designs like a gazebo, wind chimes, pathways, and bridges. It is quite a widespread arboretum covering the area in acres. The garden is also known for its greenery carpets spread across the Arboretum.

5) Antique Market Place

The Antique Market Place located in the Greensboro city is a place that remains full with a wide collection of antique exhibits and objects for the residents and the tourists. Greensboro Antique marketplace is quite a wide area covering a market with a huge number of sellers and buyers at the place exhibiting the antique collection for purpose of attracting the tourists and residents and compelling them to buy. The antique collection includes vintage items, furnishings, antiques, collectibles and many more.

4) Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park located at the Greensboro city is dedicated specially to the military forces. It demonstrates the exhibits related to the battle of Guilford that had in the past. The place of the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park was actually the battlefield lastly. It is considered to be a histroy changing battle of the country thats why such commemoration has been made for it later.

3) Undercurrent Restaurant

The undercurrent restaurant is quite an old restaurant of the city. It is located on the opposite side of the Marriot hotel in the Greensboro city. The undercurrent restaurant is famous for its food serving style like first appetizers then lunch and first drinks and then dinner. The dishes and cuisines present at the menu not only contains local dishes but also absorbs cuisines related to other countries on account of the great tourism industry in the Greensboro city. The cuisine is prepared mainly through the local ingredients and mostly the food is served following the French style. Large tables, dining rooms, banquette halls, seatings facing outdoor scenes and private seating areas are the features that make this restaurant different from others and more considerable among the visitors.

2) Greensboro Ice House

The Greensboro Ice House located in the Greensboro city is a place that offers all the activities that require the use of ice. It is one of the most enjoyable places for the tourists and the residents. People can enjoy here with activities like skating, ice skating, figure skating, hockey and much more related activities. Along with all these activities, the Greensboro ice house also provides with the facility of the locker room, shower room, women locker room and a shop that provides with all the things and services to facilitate skating. The ice house provides the facility of individually furnished rooms that remain available for organizing birthday treats and other related functions. The ice house is also home to Summit Figure Skating Club and the Greensboro Youth Hockey Association.

1) Dame’s Chicken and Waffles

Dame Chicken and Waffles at the Greensboro city is a place that provides food related to Southern cuisines as well as bistro style food. Along with relaxed environment and tasty food, the place is a terrific eatery for people across the world. The menu of the Dame chicken and waffle is rich with wide cuisines for the refreshment and satisfaction of the visitors.

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