Top 10 most beautiful places in Colombia

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Once a Spanish colony, Colombia is now an independent country located in the north-west part of South America and is home to nearly 50 million people. It borders with various other countries and also canvasses through portions of the Amazon forest. Colombia is a powerful, global source of natural minerals as well as gemstones and jewels and some of the leading scientists in the modern world belong from here. Moreover, Colombia has a huge stock of stunning natural attractions with astonishing landscapes. Millions of tourists that visit this country are overwhelmed to explore its cultural heritage and places of extreme scenic beauty, such as the Andes Mountains, and the Caribbean coast.

10) Cartagena

Cartagena is a trademark Colombian city renowned for its imposing fortresses and ravishing fishing coastlines that offer vacations of the highest quality at its beaches. The town was declared as a World Heritage Site back in 1984 which reflects its extreme historical significance. Cartagena takes its popularity from its cobblestone streets and magnificent colonial architecture that escalates around the buildings and structures of this walled city. Some of the globally known destinations in the town are: Rosario Islands, Art Moderno and Castillo San Felipe.

9) Mompox

Mompox is a classical town in northern Colombia that preserves most of the colonial architecture of the country. This splendid town is well known for its culture and unlike the rest of the country; it hasn’t been affected at all by the modernization of the systems. Surrounding this municipality are crystal-blue lakes and forestlands of vast natural scenery. Nominated as the World Heritage Site in 1995, Mompox is also home to several churches and structures representing Spanish culture of the 16th and 17th centuries.

8) Caño Cristales

Nicknamed as the “River of Five Colors”, Caño Cristales is the country’s most stunning water body with rare features. It is located in a natural forestland in the eastern part of the country and acts as a tributary to a major river. Caño Cristales takes in an extraordinary amalgamation of a beautiful color scheme that varies itself as the seasons move on. The river adopts a bright red coloration in the winters and houses several species of aquatic plants and quartzite rocks. Moreover, trekking sites have been established alongside the river which leads to striking waterfalls and canyons.

7) Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a small town in Colombia’s state of Boyaca. It is a colonial village that reflects the Spanish architecture of the ancient ages. The town’s reason of high popularity is mainly concentrated on its central structure: the Plaza Mayor which is the biggest town square in the country. The monument is paved with cobblestones and surrounded by majestic buildings. Villa de Leyva houses world-class museums, depicting murals and idyllic structures of the legendary warriors of Colombian history. Moreover, tourists can visit the Paleontological Museum in the village which preserves a fossil collection of animals from pre-historic times.

6) The Coffee Region

The Coffee Region is a fertile area in the rural parts of Andes where most of Colombia’s famous coffee is produced. Also known as the coffee triangle, this area is divided into three major sectors and is blessed with the ideal weather conditions. Visitors to this region can tour the National Coffee Park to savor the colonial-themed areas and enjoy traditional festivals. Additionally, there are various opportunities for tourists to visit the coffee farms and observe the processes of coffee production.

5) San Gil

With a population of just over 40,000, San Gil is a small municipality in the northern part of the country. Housing various touristy attractions, the town has been designated as the tourism capital of the region. San Gil is a resort with bustling lifestyle and affirms great opportunities for outdoor leisure, including rafting, biking, kayaking and cave-diving. The Liberty Park located in the heart of the town is an important hub for communal gatherings. The crystal-carved structures and cobblestone streets add to the immense traditional beauty of the village.

4) Cabo de la Vela

Home to the indigenous tribe of Wayuu, Cabo de la Vela is a remote and a fascinating desert land located on the Caribbean Coast. It preserves the heritage of a Spanish explorer who first discovered this remarkable piece of natural beauty, dating back to 1499. Cabo de la Vela has unique topographical features and it majorly consists of beautiful sandy beaches and a brilliantly clear sea. Tourists can climb up Pilon de Azucar, a peak that offers scenic views of the region and can enjoy different festivals of the Wayuu culture.

3) The Salt Cathedral

The Salt Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church located underground in the town of Zipaquira. Zipaquira is highly esteemed for its salt mines and gigantic chambers. The Cathedral itself is a significant achievement and is a popular tourist attraction due to its ingenious architecture and its position of religious endowment amongst the Colombian people. Visitors and pilgrims to the cathedral also explore its outer complex that includes a museum of geology, a collection of precious stones and jewels and beautiful ornaments. Also, a Salt Park has been developed near the religious site that holds geological exhibitions and live mining lectures.

2) Tayrona Natural Park

Traversing an area of over 150 kilometers, the Tayrona Natural Park is a rainforest-themed woodland and a must-visit place for travelers to Colombia. The park is located on the Colombian coast and boasts exquisite natural beauty. It is also home to a diverse range of different species of birds as it houses a variety of ecosystems and tropical areas. Tourists to the Park can enjoy exploring the archaeological sites of ancient natives. Moreover, the sandy beaches and the deep bays provide terrific opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

1) Bogota

Housing nearly ten million citizens, Bogota is a vibrant city and is known as the heart of Colombia. This sprawling town has transformed itself into one of the best cities in South America and a top tourist destination. The thrilling nightlife and wonderful cultural festivals allure hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city annually. The Gold Museum located within the city is a popular tourist highlight and stores one of the biggest collections of gold and archaeological objects in the continent. Travelers can also visit the city’s central district: La Candelaria, where they can examine the spectacular colonial construction and spend a pleasant time in the town’s scurrying cafes and pubs.

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