Top 10 best tourist attractions in Georgia

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Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe in the Caucasus region of the continent, Georgia is a small country that came into being after several kingdoms amalgamated into one single sovereign state. The capital and largest city of Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia has gone through a major structural reform since the breakage of USSR and thus its economy is in a developing stage. Tourism, however is on a rise unsurprisingly. Unmatched in its mountainous ranges and undeterred by its vibrant past, Georgia is a meeting point where tradition and modernity conjoin to provide fascinating experience to its tourists. The shimmering beaches, snow-tipped pinnacles, unexplored archaeological gems and culturally exotic towns offer a terrific travelling experience to cherish for a long time.

10) Borjomi

Situated deep down aside the picturesque Borjomi Gorge, Borjomi is a small resort town in the southern part of the country. While the town may in any case be best known as the wellspring of its salty mineral water and volcanic steamy springs, it has a lot more to offer in shape of its beautiful setting. There’s the elegant architecture work of colonial magnificence, adjoining flawlessly up to the verdant gardens located in the heart of Borjomi. It also boasts the mystic Green Monastery that swivels along the primeval woodlands. It is a must-visit place for summer adventures.

9) Narikala Fortress

Narikala is an ancient fortress and a coveted Georgian tourist attraction that is the landmark for the capital of Tbilisi. The massive fort has a monumental history and its construction dates back to the 4th century. The walled sections lead to botanical gardens and sulfur baths, offering a breathtaking view of the glimmering city. Narikala also houses the recently restored St Nicholas Church. It was built by the Persians and went through several renovations as well as attacks that led to the eroding of the structure.

8) Mount Kazbek

Located in the northern frontier in the renowned mountainous ranges of Caucasus, Mount Kazbek is one of the highest and most important peaks in modern day Georgia. The area around this summit has been designated as a natural reserve where wildlife and meadows can be found in abundance. Mount Kazbek is especially famous amongst travelling enthusiasts as if provides a perfect snowy trail for trekking and mountaineering. Moreover, it offers unbelievable panoramic vistas to the hikers who actually scale the peak.

7) Tusheti National Park

Tusheti National Park is a massive spread of woods cascading down the eastern part of Georgia, right on the far-edges of Russia and Chechnya. It is amongst one of the eight Protected Areas under the Georgian government. The park mainly functions to conserve and provide protection to the endangered species of flora and fauna. It features soaring peaks and traditional villages occupied by the Tush people burrowed on the misty mountaintops. The region is extremely famous for its wool and cheeses and its sheep farms maintain high quality.

6) Stepantsminda


Named after a Georgian Orthodox monk, Stepantsminda is an awe-inspiring little town nestled between the valleys in the Caucasus ranges. It is situated on the base of humongous peaks and frosty glaciers that actually helped Stepantsminda to propel as an eco-tourism site and a leisure spot. It houses the Gergeti Trinity Church, a dramatic cathedral of traditional roots constructed high on top of a hill. Adrenaline-pumping activities and thrill-seeking pursuits include horse-riding across the meadows, paragliding from the hills as well as rafting and trekking.

5) Lake Ritsa

Surrounded by alpine meadows and beech forests, Lake Ritsa is a shimmering water-lake situated in the Caucasus range between the peaks of Abkhazia. A natural reserve encompasses the area and the lake has been linked with the Black Sea Coast. It plays a significant role in booming the region’s tourism catches as more and more throngs of crowds reach the lake to enjoy leisure time and carry out boating and swimming in the icy waters as pastimes. A couple of famous world leaders, such as Joseph Stalin have had their summer houses established near the lake’s side-terrain.

4) Mtskheta

Mtskheta is often regarded as the soul of Georgia. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and a designated World Heritage Site that is the birthplace and nerve center of Georgian Christianity. The extraordinary blend of cultural values means that the city boasts some of the most prominent religious landmarks that include the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Jvari Monatery and Armazi Fortress. The outskirts of the city demonstrate structural ruins of some of the early medieval palaces, tombs and acropolis.

3) Uplistsikhe

Uplistsikhe is a remote, rock-cleaved municipality in eastern Georgia. Built on the banks of Mtkvari River, Uplistsikhe is identified by archaeologists as one of the oldest settlements and was once a major political and economic hub. Today, the town demonstrates a complex of monolith cave dwellings, basilicas of stones and bricks, winding staircases leading to underground tunnels and sculptures made from rich material. Majoirty of the town was destroyed in a 20th century earthquake but it’s still an important tourist attraction.

2) Sameba Cathedral

Notwithstanding its appearance as an ancient structure, the Sameba Cathedral in Tbilisi is one of its kind that was recently constructed. The place is considered a blessed one for the Eastern Orthodox Church in Georgia. The building blends a mixture of different schools of design, yet dons a conventional look. Sameba Cathedral is home to nine churches, majority of which are located underground. Today, the Cathedral is an iconic venue and a prime destination of Georgia.

1) Batumi

Clamoring shoreline boardwalks, bustling trade & commercial hubs, soaring towers and seaside towns are what uniquely set Batumi as a perfect Georgian holiday destination. Boasting a lurking sense of modernity and classic architecture, Batumi is the second largest city of the country. Backpedaling to the time of antiquated Greeks, relics of that long-lost history still do sneak here at spots like the Gonio-Apsarosi Fortress. There is an assortment of vacation spots in the port of Batumi going from ocean side bars, eateries, and grand shopping malls facing the waters.

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