Top 10 best tourist attractions in San Jose - California, United States

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San Jose is the heavily populated city of California and the tenth most populated city in the United States. San Jose also was known as “Capital of Silicon Valley” due to its high technology and computer-related industries. If we considered it as a technology hub, it would not be wrong. San Jose is surrounded with beautiful hills, mountains and bay area. Due to remarkable center of revolution, San Jose is the prosperous city of United States. Its area is 467.5 km2 with population of 1.025 million (2016). San Jose is known for its hot and sunny weather.

10) San Jose Museum of Arts

San Jose Museum of Art is an art museum nearby Circle of Palms Plaza and Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park. It is located in Downtown and was established in 1969. San Jose Museum of Art is highly ranked due to its unique exhibitions which attract the visitors from all over the world. San Jose is blessed with this great art museum. It has also won many awards due to its distinctive artwork and exhibitions and stands as the famous place of San Jose. SJMA is a center of attention to all the tourists and visitors.

9) Shoreline park

At first, Shoreline park was a landfill, then it was dedicated as a park in 1983. Park faced many problems with the beginning of methane fires. It has a captivating lake with recreational facility for the people of San Jose. Shoreline park offers sailing, windsurfing and kayak classes. It covers 750 acre areas of wildlife. On the birds are seen most of the time. Park has also the facility of beautiful cafeteria which opens daily and provides variety of food to the visitors and tourists. If anyone wants to spend some quality time with family, Shoreline Park is one of the best choices.

8) South Bay Islamic Association

South Bay Islamic Association was established in 1977. It is one of the ancient Islamic Center in San Jose, California and has two locations, San Jose Downtown and Harris Way. It provides many services to the Muslim community of San Jose in which five prayers are offered daily including Jumma prayer and Eid prayers. South Bay Islamic Association offers many Islamic programs like Quran classes, Tafseer (English translation of Quran) classes for adults, Weekend Islamic School and many conferences and get-togethers. The mission of South Bay Islamic Association is to provide religious services to the Muslim community of San Jose.

7) Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph was founded in 1877 in the dedication to Saint Joseph. The church was damaged many times by earthquake and fire. Cathedral Basilica is famous for it majestic domes and attractive stained glass windows. Every year thousands of visitors witness the beauty of this beautiful church. Visitors can visit this prestigious cathedral seven days a week. Guided tours are also available for the visitors and tourists. Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph is a soul-satisfying place for the Christian community of the San Jose.

6) Fort San Jose

Fort San Jose of oval shape covers 2 acres area. Fort was built in 1802 on top of the mountain of Umatic Bay. From the top of it, it offers the beautiful view of city San Jose and bay. Fort San Jose is attracting the tourists for its exemplary architecture. Rooms of the fort are guarded by shields, weapons, artillery of different eras. Yellow walls of the Fort San Jose gave a different look to the fort. It is surrounded by lush greenery. But the condition of the fort is deteriorating day by day.

5) Japan town San Jose, California

Japan town also noted as “Nihonmachi” is ironic and situated in San Jose California, the United States which is connected by the first street to the west, Empire Street to the south, 8th street to the east and Taylor Street to the north and Japan town is wholly North of downtown. It has an impressive arrangement of shops, markets and also a number of non-Japanese businesses, as well as Mexican, Hawaiian and Korean restaurants. Japan town arranges variety of Japanese businesses that held in different seasons of the year.

4) Raging water San Jose, California

Raging Waters San Jose, prodigious Northern California’s Waterpark is grounded in 1975, presenting breathtaking spectacular of Lake Cunningham and the San Jose Foothills. Family affable summer fun with 23 acres of water slides, family rides, kid-friendly activities that are particularly for the little ones and thrill rides attraction. It also customizes summer outing in the private Tiki gardens and provide the entire park to those who want their special event day a memorable one. Raging waters has become the Bay area for most of the tourist and a Northern California tradition for inhabitants.

3) Avaya Stadium, San Jose

Avaya stadium is a soccer stadium with a capacity of approximately 18,000 seats whose owner and operator is San Jose Earthquakes. Avaya stadium broke ground on October 21, 2012 and opened on March 22, 2015. This stadium forges an energetic ambience for fans with Premier Midlife and Premier Midline seating sections. Club seating provides food and beverage delivery service. Patio apartment has couch-style seating and private wait staff. Field-level elegant suites offer custom-built sliding glass doors and an open floor plan. Avaya Stadium was also planned to organize rugby matches.

2) City National Civic Theater

City National Civic Theater controlled and operated by San Jose Theaters, a division of Team San Jose. It was opened in 1933 in Downtown San Jose. Theater comprises of 2,850 sets of 1028 Main Floor seats, 628 Dress Circle seats, 1,194 Balcony seats, 350 Banquet-Style seats and 1000 Classroom-Style seats. Flexible seating plans are also available. Many renowned political personalities visit this theater because it has been home for hosting a number of events throughout the year. It is tranquil for small meetings, evening feast and provide a VIP Room and Sky Bar Lounge for show cocktail receptions and media gathering.

1) Little Italy San Jose Street Festival

Little Italy San Jose Street Festival recognized in 2010 whose purpose is to regenerate Italian settlement and Santa Clara Valley’s Italian culture and patrimony. The festival committed to provide Italian Cuisine, performances by well-known Local Brands and also dedicated to show traditional Italian Entertainment, children activities, skilled trade Arts and Crafts and provide facts about future Italian Museum and culture center. Little Italy Festival vigorously supports to take transportation or carpool to work. In the 2nd Annual Little Italy San Jose Street Festival, pizza and water provided to all volunteer.

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