Top 10 most beautiful places in Minneapolis, United States

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Minneapolis city is one of the largest city of United States. Among the state of Minnesota also, Minneapolis city is considered to be one of the largest. The city is quite negotiable in terms of economic conditions. The city is located at the bank of Mississippi river along with being in the list of cities having richest resource of water including lakes, rivers, waterfalls and many more. Along with water resource, Minneapolis city also possess resources like timber wood and flour mills. A major part of companies establishment belonging to America is also present within the city making it even more powerful economically and globally. Minneapolis city is quite famous in terms of music including folk and rock, artistic work, theater performance and night clubs for the amusement and entertainment of local people and tourists. Minneapolis city is considered to be quite open minded in terms of accepting gay presence at every field along with their legal marriages.   

10) Frederick R Weisman Art Museum

The Frederick R Weisman Art Museum at the Minneapolis city is worthy to visit. A beautiful and attractive building made up of stainless steel with number of stories built, the Weisman art museum is considered to be a remarkable piece of architectural design in the city making it a quite eye catching for the tourists from far away distance. The art museum contains artistic work belonging to America from last many years along with variety of artisitic work from a number of countries and regions at the place.   

9) Nicollet Mall

The Nicollet mall at the Minneapolis city is one of the most stopped and admired shopping mall at the city. A wide number of shops are present at the Nicollet mall offering a wide vatiety of products for the people. The mall also contains eestaurants and food points for the people and tourists to get amused, refreshed and entertained along with shopping. The architectural design of the Nicollet mall is quite wondered containing a crystal court that provises with a beautiful scene of sky from within the mall. Along with this, the Nicollet mall also contains picture galleries and many other attractions for the tourists. 

8) Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park located at the South side of the Minneapolis city is worthy to be visited by the tourists. The presence of waterfalls and Hiawatha and Minnehaha statutes at the park along with trees and plants make it more than a visit able place. The place is considered to be as important to be among the historical landmark places. It is one of the oldest park of the city still present in the most beautiful form being the most famous park of the city.   

7) American Swedish Institute

The American Swedish Institute at the Minneapolis city is a true exhibit of Swedish culture and heritage. The architectural design of the institute make it a master piece. The architectural design contains the sculptural paintings at the ceilings of the institute building and carving through the building with oak and walnuts. The culture and heritage of Swedish at Institute is exhibited through textile work, glass and art work.

6) Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minneapolic Institute of Arts has been retaining years old exhibits of artistic work. The exhibits at the institute of arts in the city portray the artistic collection of number of countries under one roof. The picture gallery contain collections of famous artists Rubens and Rembrandt belonging to Europe. Paintings, Textile work, Prints, Drawings, Pictures and Sculptures at the Institute of arts belongs to different cultures being present under one roof.

5) City Hall

City hall at the Minneapolis city is located at the South side of the Nicollet Mall. The City hall is quite old built almost centuries ago. It is also named as Municipal Building. The City hall is also popular in terms of Clock Tower at the building that displays the time along with the details and description of historical event of its being made. It also used to make alarm sound several times a week set within the clock. The city hall also possess a statue that is carved with marble. The city hall is considered to be of quite importance in terms of being a historical building.    

4) Guthrie Theater

Guthrie theatee at the Minneapolis city has been one of the oldest theater of the city inaugrated a number of years back. Programs organized at the theater related to themes like classic and contemporary potraying the Shakespeare plays and stories. The performances at the theater are purely for the purpose of entertainment and information for the local people and tourists. There also appears an area near the theater that exhibits the old perfromances of theater in form of picture gallery for amusement of the tourists.   

3) Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden in the Minneapolis city contains a wide number of sculptures of artistic work being displayed at the Walker Art Center. The Sculpture garden is quite a widely spacious one having carpeted with greenery all around the garden. One of the most famous sculptures at the Sculpture Garden is of a spoon bridge with a cherry. Along with sculptures being displayed at the garden, there also appears some memorial events happenings along with flowers exhibitions as well.    

2) Mill City Museum

The mill city museum at Minneapolis city is one of the largest of its time. The mill museum has been built with glass cascades that modernize the building outlook after the fire at the building. The exhibit collection at the museum is all about the floor production.

1) Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center in the Minneapolis city is a place to have look at the contemporary artistic work. The Walker Art Center is always busy with artistic events like films screenings, musical shows, dance performances and plays for the amusement and entertainment of the tourists. The center was built quite a years ago but kept on expanding in area wise with the passage of time in recent years. The prrsence of art galleries, cinema, terrace and food points make the center a wonderful place to get entertained and refreshed. 





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