Top 10 best tourist attractions in Liverpool, England

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From world’s iconic football stadium to Britain’s largest cathedral, the port city ‘Liverpool’ is a famous tourist destination of UK, being home to renowned rock band ‘The Beatles’. No one would have imagined then that the 800-year-old city emerged as a major port during Industrial Revolution could become UNESCO World Heritage Site and hub of Grade I and Grade II buildings of England. Brimmed with the historic waterfront, UK’s iconic building, city’s symbolic building of Royal Liver Building, this city of North West England has become one of most visited place in the UK. Very few people would know that Liverpool city is known as UK’s Northern Hollywood for playing a significant role in high-profile Hollywood movies i.e. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 and Captain America: The First Avenger.
Today we have come up with Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Liverpool-Birkenhead, as this national hub of creative industries is an ideal tourist destination for couples and family for absorbing UK’s largest open-air shopping center and phenomenal range of clubs, museums and restaurants making you feel astonished and contented at the same time.

10) Stanley Park, Liverpool

For the sake of spectacular layout and stunning architecture, Stanley Park being perched out over 110 acres of area is city’s proud asset. Lying between two soccer stadiums, the park is rich blend of grand terrace for expansive bedding, sporty areas and a listed historic building of Gladstone Conservatory along with conventional lakes and gardens. In Liverpool, the park is must-to-visit thing, for exploring cute café, stunning bridges, birds and nature in its glory. Ideal for picnic time!

9) St George’s Hall, Liverpool

Proudly installed in the heart of Liverpool city, St George’s Hall is a national heritage building of England. Built with Roman and Greek sources, the building is gem for city, which organizes important events and concerts. While in Liverpool, one should miss the Victorian styled courtroom as it is filmed in many blockbuster Hollywood hits. The building is stingily beautiful, both inside and outside to make people cherish the arches, detailing and statues. If anyone is planning destination wedding, the hall is big YES for breathtaking royal feel having England’s best wine in Liverpool.

8) Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

This single place in the town reflects wealthy past of Liverpool, as the Walker Art Gallery welcomes all the visitors to surprise them with special exhibitions and gallery on regular basis. For the history nerds, architecture lovers and art enthusiasts, the place is heaven displaying diverse range of black and white photos of 19th century; fine art paintings dated 5 previous centuries all together excellently laid out in such stunning building that has witnessed World Wars. The gallery is luxury asset of Liverpool crammed with Pre-Raphaelite paintings of Victorian time-periods. We bet you, even if you are not an art lover, still the paintings will amuse you analyzing the modern and classic masterpieces.

7) The Beatles Story, Liverpool

Installed at the famous site of UNESCO World Heritage site at the Albert Dock, this museum loaded with world’s largest permanent exhibition is Liverpool’s most popular tourist landmark. Concentrating on the lives and times on The Beatles museum narrates every aspect of the members of rock band, from their teenage to downfall of their careers. Featuring valuable objects of every Beatles, the museum is entertaining for all music lovers. It would sound silly not to cherish music in the Pop Capital of the UK, whose credit goes to The Beatles. While in the hometown of Fabulous four, it will be fool of you to miss this award-winning center, which is more than just exploring the legends of Liverpool, England.

6) Liverpool Cathedral

What an outstanding and splendid building, Liverpool Cathedral is. No doubt this fifth-largest cathedral in world is listed as a Grade I listed building of England by National Heritage. Aside of crucial on religious account, the Liverpool Cathedral is famous for its beautiful architecture and being Liverpool’s one of tallest structure it tempts thousands of visitors to adore the spiritual and love vibes in the air. The best part of the Church is its tower for which 2 lifts and more than 100 steps are worthy to range over the panoramic view of Liverpool.

5) Anfield, Liverpool

Once been a home to F.C. Liverpool, the stadium is known for its enormous seating capacity of 54,074 which has made Anfield 6th largest football stadium of the country. A city, which is known for its passion in football after winning very large English First Division titles, makes sense to absorb such stunning football stadium. Not an exaggeration, but this stadium is patch of heaven for ardent fans of football. Massive main stands, interactive museum and availability of stadium tour must not be taken for granted. And who knows, if you get pretty lucky, you might get blessed with a lifetime opportunity to watch a match there! (Note: You can check upcoming events or matches online to savor one of England’s successful sites ‘Anfiled’ in Liverpool.

4) Museum of Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool

Settled on Liverpool’s waterfront, the museum is established for the prime objective to narrate the accomplishments and lifestyles of residents of global importance. Featuring more than 6,000 objects of decorative art, social and urban history of city and the country, phenomenal collection of entomological and botanical and clothing, the Museum of Liverpool is ideal for all ages in the city for spending meaningful time with families. A bit different than traditional museums loaded with history and old stuff, this museum offers multiple options of live performances in theatre and a gallery for children (under 6) to explore modern history in interactive manner. (Note: While in Liverpool, do not miss the serene view of the city from top of the architectural building of this museum.

3) Sefton Park, Liverpool

While having trip time, some might not like bricks and people, for such nature and peace seekers, Liverpool’s Sefton Park is great escape for tranquility. This majestic park is located in the south of city, away from busty city center featuring Gothic fountain, green beds of grass, palm house, café and restaurant which altogether are a perfect combination of nature and modern world.

2) The Cavern Club, Liverpool

Many decades have been passed, but the music is still a part of Liverpool’s heritage and the credit goes to The Cavern Club! The club’s main objective is to prop up the British’s pop music as being the birthplace of pop; the club is ideal hangout spot for youngsters and couples. The place may demand a bit struggle to find a place for enjoying plethora of drinks but this place worth every money spent to live great acoustics and famous artists of Liverpool, England.

1) Albert Dock, Liverpool

The complex of building having no structural wood in its structure but a blend of iron, brick and stones is enjoying the courtesy of being world’s first warehouse. Not just a building or two but a hub of several but Grade 1 listed buildings of England; Albert Dock is top sight of Liverpool. Featuring Magical Mystery Tour and absorbing several landmarks of the city i.e. Beatles Story, International Slavery Museum, Maritime Museum, Mattel Play! Liverpool and so much more, the iconic place at the waterfront is heaven for fun enthusiasts. Despite of writing down best and coolest places of Liverpool to explore, you just need to remember ALBERT DOCK in your mind for unforgettable levity of your life.

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