Top 10 best tourist attractions in Indonesia

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Indonesia is a transcontinental country and the world’s largest country (as an island) with more than 13 thousand islands, situated in the Southeastern part of Asia. Java, the world’s most populated island is also a part of Indonesia and is home to almost half of the country’s 261 million population. Capital and the largest city is Jakarta. Indonesia boasts tons of different cultures, religion, and ethnicities and offers religious pluralism that articulates the country’s diverse nature. As far as the economy is concerned, it is ranked better than many of its Asian counterparts and is a member of several multinational organizations. The tourism industry also contributes a major part of the country’s economy. It’s well-preserved ecosystem consisting of rainforests and seashores and the hundreds of isles that amalgamate into a single entity and within those days, the traditional representation of Asian arts and culture; all of this forms together to offer a perfect vacation spot and thus lures millions of tourists every year.

10) Ubud

Renowned as Indonesia’s major arts and cultural hub situated in Bali. Squatted along lush green terraces and the famous Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary located nearby, Ubud allures thousands of tourists every week. It boasts botanical gardens of top-notch standards, and the tourism here is boomed by the multiple art complexes in commercial areas as well as craft markets and countless traditional restaurants. Exotic dance gatherings and cultural fests are held on a regular basis to keep the rich primeval touch of the locals. Tourists can also utilize guided tours to get away from the buzzing town and explore the classical side of Bali.

9) Lombok

Lombok has recently aggravated into an island similar to the smaller ones in Bali with its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. In fact, it has become a placid, low-key alternative to Bali’s hustle and bustle. It retains the homey and picturesque feel of the old Indonesia. Apart from the gigantic volcano of Gunung Rinjani, Lombok is dominated by the Gili Islands, a highly rated tourist spot. Along the coastline, there are chances of water activities aplenty too.

8) Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a colossal volcanic lake and one of the natural wonders lying within Indonesia. Traversing nearly 100 kilometers, this majestic body of volcano & water was formed nearly 70,000 years ago as a consequence of a catastrophic volcanic eruption. In fact, it’s the largest volcanic lake in the world. Today, Lake Toba reflects utmost tranquility and draws in swimmers, scuba-divers, and fishermen from all around the world. The Batak tribe that occupies the nearby Samosir Island surrounding this gigantic caldera are well known for their hospitality and friendliness.

7) Mount Bromo

Located in East Java, Mount Bromo can be termed as the most well-known of the massive volcanic peaks in Indonesia. It sits amidst a volcanically active area which is one of the top tourist attractions in the country. The effect of spectacular scenic views of the blown off hills and white smoke spewing around the green-laden pinnacles is dubiously supernatural. Although it soars 2329 meters above, Mount Bromo is not the highest summit in the Java and is accessible for hiking and sightseeing.

6) Tana Toraja

Home of the Toraja tribe, Tana Toraja is a highland region located in the South Sulawesi province of Indonesia. It offers a pristine look of the country’s long-standing heritage and cultural significance. Reflection of the medieval way of living and boasting boat-shaped homes and structures of eye-catching architecture, Torajaland is a famous tourist haven. It’s also got to offer some spectacular natural scenery across the luscious hills. Travelers to this village can hook up with the locals or trek through the countryside to get a real taste of the natural touch that resides within the area.

5) Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat is a conglomeration of aquamarine an archipelago consisting of several hundred small islands and small enclaves. It is suggested that it is one of the most populous isles in the world as far as marine life diversity is concerned. The place is widely rugged comprising of a shimmering ocean and thick-laden mangrove forests. Raja Ampat is extremely famous amongst the divers and is known for its riches in marine wildlife including coral reefs. It is untouched by modernization and development and thus a lot of nature lovers make their way out here.

4) Komodo National Park

Outlying in the cobalt seas and coral reefs of the Lesser Sunda Islands is the Komodo National Park, named after its world-famous inhabitants, the Komodo Dragons. The giant beasts in the shape of carnivorous lizards roam freely around the park. Apart from that, the forested areas are also home to several other wild terrestrial creatures. Visitors to the area can make use of guided tours to interact with the wildlife. Moreover, sea surfing, canoeing, and snorkeling are also periodically practiced here.

3) Gili Islands

Rivalling the beaches of Bali with tripartite archipelago, Gili Island is an amalgamation of three smaller islands that collectively form Lombok’s best tourist attraction. Secluded with lively affairs, the islands are the most quintessential holiday spots in the whole of Indonesia. The myriad of beachside cafes, sanctuaries as well facilities for kayaking and snorkeling provide wonderful opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Islands offer a more relaxing and tranquil environment as opposed to the bustling town of Bali.

2) Bali

Bali is arguably the top vacation spot in Indonesia and is also globally famous for its beautiful beaches and popular islands. Its disparate landscape, sandy coastlines, tropical woods, lush green farmlands & terraces, sloping hills and blue waters provide a picture-perfect site for vacations. Bali is home to several important tourist attractions and houses world-class hotels, restaurants and tourist hotspots. It also hosts various festivals based on intra-cultural harmony and spirituality. Surfing and socializing on the beaches of Nusa Dua & Kuta are also popular pastimes.

1) Borobodur

Located in the northwestern corner of Yogyakarta, Borobudur is an ancient site and one of the most renowned and culturally significant Buddhist temples in the world. Constructed during the 8th & 9th centuries, Borobodur is known for its unique structural carvings and is also an Indonesian World Heritage Site. Thousands of Buddhist pilgrimages pay annual visits to this holy site. Tourists try to climb up the temple during the earliest hours of sunrise and experience breathtaking serenity as the complex gets bathed into the glorious daylight.

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