Top 10 best tourist attractions in Indianapolis - Indiana, United States

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Absorbing America’s oldest shoe store ‘Stout’s Footwear and Medical Museum featuring brains in jars, Indianapolis is the capital and largest city of Indiana, United States. Known for racing motor speedways, beer, the children’s museum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis is located in Central Indiana is a dream place for sports fans and live enthusiast who always looks forward to exploring nature hit the brands and local markets for shopping or just watch theater. No matter if you are planning a family trip or intending to spend quality time with your babe, Indianapolis would never bore you for sure! The city of Indiana, Indianapolis-claimed to be the sports-focused house offers the tourists a promising and wonderful variety of thrilling and best tourist destinations for family fun and bonding of dear ones. Today we are short-listing Top 10 Best Tourist Places In Indianapolis, which guarantees to give a kick out of your boring life.

10) Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis

Installed in White River State Park in the downtown area, this intriguing place ‘Indiana State Museum’ is perched out in Washington Street, Indianapolis. The place is all about the history of Indiana, fossils and pop culture, which is attractive enough to engage maximum visitors of all age. Featuring IMAX theatre and wonderful rotating exhibits, Indiana State Museum host many special events and shows that includes Spooky Science show, Science at play and much more along with scavenger hunt to guide the visitors around the museum. For the history nerds, the place is heaven having flash-back of African American history and World War 1 posters. The best part of thing centrally located Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis is, there is an art gallery across the canal, loaded with painting and sculptures featured by local artists on the 3rd floor, where you can purchase these stunning pieces of artwork. The place is worthy of a drive for having meaningful time in your trip to Indianapolis.

9) Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis

Stretched out over 1,400 acres of water and 3,900 acres of land, Eagle Creek Park is the largest park of Indianapolis. That is way more than a typical park having dead trees and old benches! Eagle Creek Park host many thrilling events of migration game, eagle creek park hay rides, raptor feeding and much more to prove itself a worthy gem of Indianapolis. From the scenic lake views to hiking trails, the park is magnificently beautiful. Are you in a mood of grill and thrill or just making mind to capture nature in shots? You better come to Eagle Creek Park for barbecue night and relax your limbs and soul watching this serene location that is more iconic than anyone’s wild imagination. Leash your hidden daredevil for kayaking or seek health and peace in yoga classes on one the biggest municipal park of U.S.

8) The Handlebar, Indianapolis

Spending holidays in Indianapolis, the city known for sports, games, and motorways? Your holidays would be incomplete without pedaling your way through the streets of Indianapolis. For a lifetime fun ride, the Handle Bar, a bicycle pub is right there for sporty people to give you a blasting time! To fall in love with Indianapolis, the place entertains the tourists with great music and drinks for making unforgettable memories. The bicycle ride is all about meeting new people, building teams and drinking alcohol for which you have to be at least 18 years old. Just put on cozy clothes and comfortable shoes to pedal your ride with a professional driver-cum-tour guide, to make your riding experience thrilling and safe at the same time.

7) The Escape Room Indianapolis

Buckle up to play interactive adventure game and riddles in the Escape Room Indianapolis, located at Meridian St. Indianapolis. All you have to do is book your ticket online, and then you are warmly welcomed to enter a room with a team to solve puzzles, find clues and discover keys and combinations to escape the room within 60 minutes. Keep in mind; you have to complete the puzzle within an hour. The Escape Room designs very challenging and antic games i.e. Jailbreak, Hoosier hysteria and art gallery to build human interactions and understanding with your family and loved ones. Bored much to play games on your computers and tiring Sudoku? Well, the Escape Room is right there for you in Indianapolis, offering something new and challenging which is realistic and roguish at the same time.

6) Indianapolis Motor Speedway

As it’s been told, Indianapolis is a sport-focused city of Indiana, in this city; you will get several tourist places for engaging sporty people. Indianapolis Motor Speedway spread over an area of 253 acres, big enough to absorb various tourist attractions of Indianapolis along with Vatican City in its realm. Organizing popular sports events of Indy 500 and Brickyard 400, Indianapolis Motor Speedway is known as the home of a sports car. Having great museum on the ground and world-class golf course, this automobile racing circuit is a must-to-do thing in Indianapolis for once in a lifetime. Not much in cars and stuff like that? Well, you still can come along with your family and buddies to enjoy American road trip or just watch fast cars riding over this beautiful racing track.

5) White River Gardens, Indianapolis

This riverside botanical garden located next-door to Indianapolis zoo is home to indoor Hilbert Conservatory and the outdoor DeHaan Tiergarten, scattered in a stunning scenery of 3-acre area. You soul might need to see this lush natural oasis in this garden where you can find spiritual peace, sitting among tons of exotic and native plants, beautiful landscaping, and a truly romantic flower-bedded location. The fauna and flora of White River Gardens is a promising place for soul-soothing comfort. Craving for a fantasy-themed wedding? You must visit the place in Indianapolis, for making your big day memorable for next decades to come.

4) Holliday Park, Indianapolis

Highlighting trails, arboretum, playground and nature center with all-ages programs over an area of 94 acres, Holiday Park is ideal place for walking around, enjoying nature and taking photos. Totally the best place in Indianapolis for seeking mental peace, allowing your kids to play around in 3 big playgrounds or just praise manicured greenery of this place. Plan a family picnic and allow yourselves to get a buzz out of monotonous lives. For those who do not mingle much with people, Holiday Park is perfect place for such gals who are not seeking overwhelmed location with splash. Enjoy your sunny day naps in this peaceful and pleasant environment or enjoy hiking in this extraordinary rugged park watching architectural restoration of the ruins in Indianapolis.

3) Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo

Settled in White River State Park, Indianapolis zoo is home of more than 3000 animals and 300 species. Looking much more than a traditional zoo encaging elephants and dogs, just take a peek of Indianapolis zoo for diversity of animals and yeah the dolphin show is of this zoo is always in the limelight. For animal lovers, Indianapolis zoo featuring orangutans, giraffes, lemur and tigers   is not less than a paradise in Indianapolis.

2) The USS Indianapolis National Memorial

A monument settled on the east bank of the Central Canal, Indianapolis is a memory of sailors who died last U.S. ship to sink in World War II. This gray and black granite memorial was designed in shape of cruiser to keep the memory of those departed souls alive for next centuries to come. Maybe it sound not a bit tempting, but the place receives great respect in Indianapolis. Quite a place to honor sacrifices of a nation for world peace!

1) Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

In U.S states, monuments of dead people might sound like strange stuff as this nation believes to move on and hold the world in its hand! But Indianapolis’s Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument proves that the nation never forgets the departed souls of patriotic heroes. Monument to be built for honoring Hoosiers of American Civil War and Indiana soldiers of American Revolutionary war is an iconic symbol of Indianapolis. Circled limestone monument along with sculptures of many renowned personalities temps tourists from all around the world for upbeat atmosphere and live music.

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