Top 10 best tourist places in Malatya, Turkey

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Malatya is a state located in the eastern Anatolian region of Turkey. Most of the land consists of large mountainous area and the capital city of this state is also named as Malatya. This old area was basically stolen by the Turkish Kurds from the Armenians. It lies in a productive plain streamed by the Tohma River and is bounded by soaring arrays of the eastern Taurus Mountains. Malatya is well-known for its peaches and most favorite apricots. The fresh town was established in 1838 near the places of two former completions, the prehistoric city of Milid on the location of the existing Arslantepe. This state holds about 12,313 km area and a population of about 740,643 measured through census in 2010 according to Wikipedia. Whereas the city of Malatya has a population of 426,381 which was measured in the same year, 2010.

10) Hurriyet Park

Hürriyet Park is really beautiful and worth seeing that is based on an area of 20 acres and has a lot of greenery. There is a biological pond with a measurement of 2,000 square meters in the middle of the park. In recent times the park has been expanded without harming any green texture as they grew up even further. There were materialistic changes including the sports apparatus that was also installed in the park so the citizens can play sports. Substantially modifies were made in the restaurant buildings and cafeteria for tourists. The park has been enlightened by different decorations.

9) Ethnography Museum

Ethnography museum was constructed by Hacı Sait Efendi about 125 years ago. Beşkonaklar, which was originally manufactured as a house and four houses next to it, is a significant illustration of traditional Malatya abode architecture. Ethnography museum provides service on Malatya province, 17-19 figured houses are given to the museum services, while the 15th numbered house is used as the “Administrative Building” particularly, the exhibition held in the 17th house. English language information carries active this display case of textiles, jewelry, and terrifying old weapons as well as a leisure of a traditional Malatyan house with very realistic figures. Its residence has a group of five reinstates old Malatyan mansions known as the Beşkonaklar (five mansions).

8) Ataturk House Museum

If you are visiting Hurriyet Park then you must also visit Malatya Atatürk House, which is just opposite to it. It was opened in 1981 in the old public house building. The building was used as the public education center building as well as the public-house and was changed into the museum with the last agreement ended. There is a meeting hall in the museum structured as a living room along with 6 different rooms. One of the room displays goods of Ataturk when they appeared in Malatya and is opened for visitors. Two of the rooms on the entry floor of the Halkevi building was positioned as Atatürk Evi in 1981. In the entrance hall, the first room on the right was cited with an embroidered coffee table equipped with an armchair and table used by Sarat. Atatürk’s books are also displayed in the room to the left of the way in.

7) Aslantepe

Aslantepe is 6km far from Malatya. Although it might not be a well-known sight outside of the archaeological sphere, Aslantepe is still an interesting site. Quarries here have discovered the Milidia remains of Hittite city as well as belongings from later era of Assyrian dominance. The most significant ruins uncovered are the bits and pieces of the Hittite palace and the large stone pieces adorned with different carvings. There is a big sculpture of a man standing along with a monumental sign of a lion portal in the area. Outstanding information plates just like the site explains its meaning and significance to archaeological information and really assist your understanding.

6) Levent Valley

Levent Valley

The Levent Valley is situated in the province of Malatya’s district in central Anatolia. It is perceived as the world’s most valuable natural field for its geographical features, home to rock arrangements that were supposed to date back 65 million years ago. It is often compared with the Grand Canyon in the United States and illustrates the interests of the many tourists who gather at the district. There is a long 28 km valley that features about the remains from the Neolithic age and remarkable geological formations along cliffs and caves. The figure of the caves and rock blocks surround the surveillance deck is enlightened by a solar power system, producing an outstanding outcome. The 240m high adorn, standing at an elevation of 1,400m was first opened for the visitors in 2012.

5) Mismis Park

If you are looking for a peaceful area to relax and chill, Mismis Park might be one of the best places to visit. The Mişmiş Park Fair Ground in Malatya was constructed on 35 acres and built by the municipality. Mismis Park draws an immense deal of attention particularly during the summer months. The park has begun to act as magnetizing to attracts more visitors due to the production of a 9,000 square meter exhibition area by the municipality. Families who come to Malatya should definitely come to this area because you can be sure that you will find peace and entertainment in this area.

4) Yeni Cami

The most eye-catching landmark in the central square and graceful is Yeni Cami (New Mosque). Though it was constructed in 1912 and maybe only a three minarets mosque in Turkey. The one minaret from the top side was knocked down long ago. From the nurture, it looks extraordinarily alike to the structure of some of the Byzantine churches in Istanbul. Its location is right at the back of the Şire Pazarı (bazaar area), it means that it is usually full of worshippers at all times of the day and night. Yeni mosque considered to be the most beautiful mosque in Malatya, as the name describes new mosque, it still looks new. It is well maintained and the big fountain right front on the mosque attracts a lot of people towards it.

3) Selale Parkı

Selale Parkı (waterfall park) situated in Malatya city center, Turkey. A striking park, located on the side of a hill with a bunch of water characteristics. Along with the canal, there is a ton of greenery that compliments the canal and gives a stunning view.  A man-made waterfall running through a concrete canal that keeps getting stronger at each upper cascade is the main attraction. The park is surrounded by a small hydropower plant that connects the power of the waterfall that is why the waterfall exists in the first place. Some open-air cafes line the cascading water canal and there is also a cafe located in between. The beauty of this site attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world.

2) Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Khan Caravanserai

Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Khan Caravanserai is located in the Battalgazi District Alacakapi district, west of the Shah Ali Bey mosque which is now called as Alacakapı Kervansaray. The dimension of this area is in a quadrilateral shape and has a large hall covered with inner domes, overlooking a large courtyard surrounded by porticoes. Although a large part of the hall remains intact, the construction surrounding the courtyard has been ruined from various places. There are blocks that rose slightly along the inside of the hall walls, the caregivers, and the less important passengers were warmed by the fire of the fireplace.

1) Orduzu Pınarbaşı

Nuri K.

If you wish to visit Malatya in summers then you ought to visit Orduzu Pınarbasi. It is the most surely understood walkway and most tranquil place in Malatya. Malatya-Elazığ expressway is 5 km from the center. At the separation, a lake was framed by pulling a set before the spring water in the garden of (Orduzu). Encompassed by pine trees on the inclines, this place is the resting spot of city individuals in the late spring months. Hot days in summer Malatya and incidental outcasts rush to Pınarbaşı and have a cookout on the lakeside and rest. Critical occasions of the Apricot festival held in July and different fairs are sorted out here at different circumstances of the year. There is an open outside swimming pool towards the finish of the premises. The yards on the premises are utilized for preparing of novice matches.

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