Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Los Angeles, United States

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Los Angeles is one of the cities in United States that has a lot of venues, restaurants and green fantastic gardens and spaces that have transformed the town from a small movie town to a growing city center The following is a list of ten beautiful places that someone visiting Los Angeles for the first time would like to visit for funny and enjoyment

10) The Griffith observatory, Los Angeles

This place is an important tourist destination because of its proximity to the slope of mount holly wood to the south. And also there always no admission fees to visit the place.

9) The Venice beach, Los Angeles

This place is vibrant with bodybuilders doing their work outs and also the place has several beach volleyball and basketball courts. The place is famous for its canals and it has street performers who provide entertainment to onlookers all through and surfers are also frequent in the place.

8) The universal studios, Los Angeles

Big studios for movie are allocated in the suburbs of Los Angeles. For the many who love movies they can just take a tour and watch a film in action and then afterward they can take a walk to the city walk for shopping and also for dining.

7) Hollywood sign, Los Angeles

When it comes to entertainment and tourist attraction sites, Los Angeles is one of the best around the globe. The place is famous for museums, famous graves, entertainment venues and sports which are world class for example the Hollywood sign which is an entertainment venue is recognized worldwide. This sign was built in the year 1923 and the place is amazing with a lot of vantage points for greater viewing.

6) The Bonaventure hotel, Los Angeles

When it comes to the place to stay then the Bonaventure hotel is the right place for you. The hotel is made up of circular tower which are five in number and also it elevators which are external. Inside the room have window which extend from the floor to the ceiling and the usually provides a perfect view to all the events happening around the city.

5) The Million Dollar Farmacia, Los Angeles

Million dollar farmacia is a pharmacy which will deals with basic products such as candles, powders, shampoo which are electric blue, soaps, herds and much more Finally the beautiful thing is the alter which is slightly scary where one can pay homage to the dead.

4) The St Vincent court, Los Angeles

The st Vincent court which was once a department store has grown over the year and currently is a jewelry center. The place is located at the entrance to the formally st Vincent boys college off the 7th street in the jewelry district. The place is crowded with cafes and restaurants such as the sevan Garden which offers coffee. To the balconies we have flower pots, bakers, drummers and statues of fishers and also looking closer one can still find a place to curt their hair and have their shoes polished.

3) Last bookstore, Los Angeles

As we know many secondhand bookshops struggle much too break even with many of them even collapsing but the last bookshop store bet this and has grown to a bigger premise with thousands of books going for a low price of up to just $1 for a book. The store has a lot of art installations, a lot of corridors with endless winding and corners filled with shelves of books and puffy comfortable sofas to sit on. The store has also a coffee bar which is made for refreshment.

2) Philippe the original, Los Angeles

When it comes to food los Angeles has been the trendsetter and its made up of restaurants which are famous for example the Philippe, which is one of the famous restaurants in Los Angeles and its located near the union station; this is the place where you will get the French sandwich which is dipped in roasting pan juices, the place is old fashioned in that it has saw dust floors with friendly ladies at the counter wearing on huts made of paper and uniforms which were tailored in 1950s. The place is always busy with lunch been one of their busiest time.

1) The grand park, Los Angeles

Grand Park is a public place that stretches for length of about for blocks, the place was opened last year and it is surrounded by administration hall and the county courthouse. The place has comfortable benches and seats and it has a big fountain and water spouts where kinds of all ages play. The place has plants from all over the continent e.g. the palm tree which is in plenty; it also has artworks, statues, coffee shops and also memorials. And finally at Grand Park one is able to take a yoga class which is free.

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