Top 10 Best Dishes in Germany

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Germany is famous for its Beer which is supplied to the famous festival Oktoberfest. Tourists plan their tours to Oktoberfest to take a sip of this German brew. Also there are different categories of foods are available in Germany. Through this article you will get to know about the best dishes in Germany which are another attraction in case of German tourism.

10. Brezel

It’s the best beverage to take with beer. It’s known as the pretzel in English but you will get the best Brez’n in Germany rather than the street side of New York. Brez’n is soft and sometimes filled with butter inside. You can get your Brez’n into fusion with raisins, walnuts, seeds, carrot strips or with another grain or wheat.

9. Wurst

Wurste actually mean sausages of all kinds. There are different types of Wurste such as: Currywurst, Weisswurst, Wollwurst, and Rostbratwurst etc. Wurste generally suite with breads. Weisswurst is a sausage which includes curry on top. People take this with Subem Senf. Wollwurst and Rostbratwurst are also very interesting sausages which attract tourists to taste.

8. Schweinebraten

Tourists should surly taste this extraordinary German food. You may get lots of sausages around the market but when you are at a German restaurant, you need to order Schwinebraten. Schwinebraten is one kind of roasted pork and the boneless roasted pork is much testier. This amazing pig pork roast is goes with sauce and dumplings. This is one of the best dish in Top 10 best dishes in Germany.

7. Brathähnchen

Brathend’l is for the chicken lovers. It is a grilled or roasted chicken. This delicious chicken is also famous in Oktoberfest. There is a specific coupon naming Halbes Hend’l to have half of a roasted chicken in Oktoberfest. If you are going to make your tour to this festival then you should try this. It will be really tasty experiences for you.

6. Steckerlfisch

It’s time to taste German fish dishes. Steckerlfisch is one of the most favorite fish dishes in German. It’s a grilled fish. People take this as a fast food but it tastes much better than that. You can see the outside arrangement of grilling the fishes at a beer garden. It’s really hard  not to taste the crunchy fish when watching to be prepared at beer gardens.

5. Eintopf

This dish mainly comes in track in winter when there is cold everywhere. Eintopf is a soup with vegetables like potatoes, carrots etc and meat. Another name of this soup is Pichelsteiner. This is a very traditional food for the Germans, coming for so many years and still very much popular in both homes and restaurants.

4. Käsespätzle

Kasespatzle is an egg noodle dish with cheese at top and roasted onions. “Kase” means cheese and “Spatzle” means egg noodles here onion is used to increase the flavor. It’s a perfect dish manly for the vegetarians and others. The taste of the mild cheese, onion slice and eggs will make your mouth full of tastes and spices.

3. Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen is the best attraction for the love birds and children because of its heart shape and chocolate. It becomes most popular at Christmas. Lebkuchen are round in shape and sometimes people make a full shape of houses traditionally with Lebkuchen.You can taste this covered with chocolate, walnuts, dried fruits etc.

2. Rote Grütze

It’s a dish for the desert lovers. A vast area of Germany covers forest and that’s why the ingredients of this desert are available in Germany. The main ingredients are Sahne, Meaning cream, vanilla and lots of berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries etc. These berries are received from the forests. Also the forests make a great place for tourism.

1. Schwarzwälder Kirchtorte

This is a great multi-layered delicious cake. This is another gift of the German forest as it needs cherries and the black chocolate. “Schwarzwald” means Black forest and “Kirsch” is Cherry. A huge layered piece of this cake is enough to make fascinated. Once you taste the cake it is a must that your tour will be delicious.

With lots of tourism sectors in Germany it is very much enriched with foods. Any traveler can’t forget the experience once he tastes them.

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