Top 10 Best Dishes in Russia

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Best Dishes in Russia is what tourist explore while spending  vacations there.  Russian dishes are very much unique in taste and texture. Most of the Russian foods of this country symbolize the Russian culture. You will get different kinds of delicious soups, sweets or salads and other traditional dishes There.

10. Piroshki

These are one kind of buns or breads .These can be compared with the Italian dish Calzones. But there are several ingredients that are being added to prepare Russian special Piroshky. Piroshki are like little pastry. You may have it with full of potatoes or cheese as well as meat. Sometimes mushrooms, fishes, cabbage as a vegetable are also added to them.

9. Sour Cream

Sour cream is a Russian sausage which is quite similar to American ketchup in usage. Russian people love this sausage with their different kinds of dishes. They use it with salad and many other vegetable dishes. This cream is used in meat cuisine too. If you are in Russia going to Russia then you should taste the sourness of this cream.

8. Salad Olivier

Salad Olivier is a Russian Salad. This salad was first created by a French chef; it is something like beef Stroganoff. Then it became so popular that it’s like a national dish of Russia. There need several ingredients to make this simple dish. Potatoes, vegetables, onions, hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise are the main ingredients of the dish; you can also add chicken, peas, apples.

7. Borscht

Borscht is such a food which symbolizes the Russian taste the most. This food may be called as the true Russian dish. Borscht is a root soup. It contains different vegetables, beefs and some spoons of sour cream which is described here. American and European will love this as a different type of soup. This is Russian’s favorite.

6. Rye Bread

Rye Bread is a complete meal itself. Just a piece of it can omit your hunger because of its thickness and size. This is a hearty and dark meal. It contains fresh butter of a good amount as well as fish, eggs, cheese, meats, rye bread etc. This truly Russian staff is famous amongst whole Russia and travelers should have this for the sake of hunger.

5. Pickles

Pickle is one of the most made dishes in Russia. There you will get lots of varieties of pickles. They are different in taste and texture and totally unique in their facts. You may have preserved beets, cucumber pickles, mushroom and other fruit pickles. Russia may be named as the pickle artist because of their incredible art related pickle.

4. Herring

It is a fish recipe dish. There the fish is being backed first. But it’s not the end you need to dry, fry after baking the fish. Then it is required to pickle the fish and then add come salt to it. Now it is ready to serve on the dinner table, most importantly it is the favorite dish among different dishes to the Russians. It’s usually offered as “Zasuka” that means “small bites”.

3. Bliny

Bliny is being one of the most eaten foods in Russia because of its simplicity of taste and easy procedure to make. Bliny is nothing but a pancake. There is a tradition to make it with buckwheat flour. You can make it with green onions. You can also have it as a crisp and creamy potato cake with the tart goat cheese and roasted red pepper on the top of the cake.

2. Tula Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a perfect Russian sweet. It was inspired by the desert “Honey bread” from Ancient Egypt and had been taken to Russia in the 9th century. Tula is the mainland from where the most famous Gingerbread comes. It was mainly produced from rye flour and in these days there have been taken different changes in its recipe.

1. Caviar

Caviar is very aristocrat food. This food is so expensive that only the wealthy can taste the food. The Poor can only watch or dream about that. There are different price ranges of this food. You can have princely Beluga Caviar or the Humble Whitefish roe caviar. If you are ready to count some money then there is the renowned Caspian Sea Beluga caviar ready for you.

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