Top 10 best tourist places in Swaziland

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Through this content I am going to explain the top 10 best tourist places in Swaziland. Swaziland is the smallest African country and one of the last kingdoms in the world. You can enjoy the varieties in the tourist spots at Swaziland while having the taste of African culture, songs and dance. This country is full of art and wildlife. The natural views and the rock arts and the game reserves are enough to make the travellers come back.

10. Bushman Paintings, Sandlane

Bushman Paintings are spread all over Africa. It resembles the past and the everlasting lifestyle for hundred years. These paintings are seen on the cave walls and rocks of Swaziland. The animals and human behaviours are seen in those pictures. There are so many paintings are found all over Swaziland but only some sectors are open for the viewers. The paintings of Sandlane are in more well state. The paintings of Nsangwini are going to destroy and falling pale.

9. Swazi Candles, Malkerns

The travelers should visit the Malkerns at least once to visit the candle company. Their candles are famous around the world. The candles are known by Swazi candles. This company is located in the Malkerns Valley. The workers of this company make and grind candles in their hands. Those candles always are of unique design and different from one another. The Swazi candle has been functioning there since 1981 which is one of the best tourist places in Swaziland.

8. Mantenga Village, Ezulwini

If you are interested to take part in the Swazi cultural and vibrant song and the different style of African dance performance then Mantenga is the best place for you. This is a very small and very cultural village which resembles the old African culture. This village contains only sixteen huts and there are different purposes of the each hut. To visit Mantenga you need to stay in Ezulwini. You can catch the lodges surrounded by the beautiful mountains.

7. Ngwenya glass, Motshane

Ngwenya glass is a small company where women and craftsman of Swaziland works. It’s a very old art industry. The animals and birds get a different glassy explanation here. It seems the work pieces take breath under the craftsman’s creativity. Ngwenya glass is located at Motshane in Swaziland. This renowned artistry is very famous and can be considered as a Swazi tourism sector.

6. Hlane Royal National Park, Manzini

The Hlane Royal National Park is one of the best tourist places in Swaziland and one of the largest parks southern parts of Africa. You can reach at the spot via Manzini airport or bus and train. This park is famous for elephants. You can see lions, cheetah, leopard and many more animals at The Hlane Royal National Park. This can be a perfect opportunity to observe the wildlife from so close. You can hire a vehicle and go through the Park.

5. Maguga dam, Piggs Peak

Maguga dam is famous for its offering the most spectacular view of Nkomazi River. It’s situated along the Piggs peak and Mbabane corridor. The tourists are attracted to the Maguga dam because of the water outing. You can simply enjoy the beautiful places with a peaceful moment in the green mountains. They are totally bordered by the water flanks. This dam is a source of job for lots of jobless people from Piggs peak. This place has come out as a tourism sector recently. It’s a project of Komati river basin development known as E2 billion developments.

4. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Ezulwini

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Ezulwini

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest game reserves in Swaziland. It’s located at Ezulwini. It lies between Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland and Manzini, the biggest city of Swaziland. This calm and wonderful Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary covers about 4560 hectares of Swaziland. It is the most visited and one of the best tourist places in Swaziland.

3. Mkhaya Game Reserve, Mkhaya

There are lots of game reserved areas in Swaziland which are contributing much in the Swaziland tourism. To have a taste of real Africa you should make a tour of the Mkhaya game reserve. This game reserve is famous for the Rhinos in black and white color. This is the place of 4 big black Rhinos, besides those lots of cattle, Elephants, Hippo, Giraffe exist here.

2. Phophonyane falls, Peaks Peak

If any tourist wants to pass a peaceful night in Swaziland should come to Phophonyane falls. It is located at Peaks Peak. You can enjoy your night at the lodges by the side of Phophonyane waterfall. This place is also perfect for hiking. You can simply set your own tent and stay there. The stream over the Rocky Mountains will fascinate you with its calm environment and the beauty.

1. King Sobhuza II Memorial Park, Lobamba

It’s a national property of Swaziland. King Sobhuza II Memorial Park is the national museum of Swaziland. This museum contains the reminders of Swazi years old traditional values and culture clothing. The dresses are shown in the museum is known as “emahiy”. It tells that the women use to wear a lion’s apron and a skin shirt. There are shown lots of Necklaces, beads and anklets which are used by the men and women in Swaziland. Some photos of old Swazi are displayed there and it’s the best tourist places in Swaziland. This place is located in the royal area, Lobamba.

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