Top 10 best tourist places in Maldives

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The Maldives has become the most desired destination for the Chinese, Tourism which was introduced in 1972 has successfully developed in the past years. The tourism in Maldives has been rapidly growing the number of tourist arrivals and resorts islands over the last ten year period. On the European market, Maldives today rank among the most attractive travel destinations in the tropics. Maldives offers large natural resources for tourism and encourages eco-tourism to protect the sensitive environment and underwater life. It is not only divers and snorkelers who enjoy the profuse underwater resources, but also beach tourists are attracted by the nature of the beaches and the climatic conditions as well. This environment really guarantees relaxation and recreation.

Maldives islands are characterized by a unique coral nature and thus they posses unique tourism resources though in a one-sided way, namely in the submarine and environment of the islands, lagoons and reefs, associated with the year-round tropical climate.

These small, picturesque islands with dense tropical vegetation including shrubs, flowering plants and tall coconut palms surrounded by blindingly white beaches, crystalline lagoons that exhibit all shades of blue is the combination that has acclaimed Maldives as paradise on Earth.

Here we compile a list of Top 10 best tourist places in Maldives.

10) Alimatha Island, Vaavu Atoll

Alimatha island is completely tourists destination, which is located at the Vaavu Atoll on the eastern side of Maldives. It offers world class diving, aquarium, and great facilities are also available for the tourists. The Alimatha island is rich, because of its green vegetation surrounded by beaches and many spectacular sites.

9) National Museum, Chaandhanee Magu

National Museum one of the famous tourists destination, which is located in the Sultan Park. It is the local museum, an ancient palace that has been turned into a museum for alluring tourists. The museum houses, like manuscripts, arms, ornaments and many costumes worn by kings and queens of this country. It is famous tourists destination to know about the history of Maldives. The original museum was the 3 story and after the news part of the museum is built and designed by the Chines Government .If you want to know more about the Muslims history then you should visit this place.

8) Artificial Beach, North Male Atoll

Artificial Beach, North Male Atoll

Artificial Beach is best destination,Whenever  you  make a trip to Maldives, so do not forget to visit it, it is most popular destination for the tourists. It is hugely popular spot among the local residents. It is located in the capital of Male.The white sandy artificial beach offers several sources of entertainment opportunities for the tourists. Water sports and carnivals draw crowds to such tourist place.

7) Manta Point

Manta area is the diving area, in which tourists can enjoy a lot , by seeing large numbers of Manta rays being fed and cleaned by wrasses. After being cleaned, they swim gracefully to the reef feeding .Whether you are an experienced diver or a novice one, you will surely enjoy this unique and exciting diving experience that Manta Point offers.

6) Banana Reef, North Male Atoll

Banana reef which is located at the north side of Male Atoll, it is also known as the most sought out diving site in the Maldives. It is called as the Banana Reef, because it has the shape of the Banana that extends 300 meters. The marine life, is one of the major feature of this Reef, where you can find Napoleon Wrasse and the rare Banana fish. There are number of  kinds of fishes of different colors and shapes.

5) Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque, Kaafu Atoll

Whenever you make a trip of Maldives, don’t forget to visit this place, also known as the oldest Friday Mosque of the country. It was built by an Emperor of the same name .The interior of the mosque is the outstanding and also allure the tourists. It is the oldest mosque, which you can find out there. The calm and peaceful place would be great for tourists to discover the Islamic History and culture .

4) Utheemu Ganduvaru, Bodu Magu

If you wanted to start your tour with historical place, than Utheemu Ganduvaru is the best one. It is historical place was the house of the Sultan Mohammad Thankurufaan . The historical place is located in Utheemu, Sultan Mohammad Thankurufaan is considered the one of the most famous heroes of the Maldives, and earned respects from the Maldivians for his historic action and bravery.

3) Jumhooree Maidan, Male Atoll

Having been set up in the year 1989, this is a republic square located on the Northern beachfront of Male. This lush green vegetative space has replaced a few old government buildings. You can also find a few commercial establishments at one side of the maidan. This is one of the best tourist spots that you must never miss out.

2) Biyadhoo Island Resort


It is known as one of the calmest beach of the Maldives, the Biyadhoo Island Resort. It is peaceful and quite place and also considered one of the best resort in all over world. The island offers to the tourists variety of water sports from diving, snorkeling and many others. Whenever you are interested in the  water adventure or looking for a place to relax and comfort where you could rest in calm and serenity, Biyadhoo Island would be the place for you, With great accommodation, dining and facilities for the tourists and local residences as well.

1) HP Reef


In your Maldives tour, you will enjoy a lot of amazing waters and reefs there, if you are looking for diving sites, Hp Reef is one of the famous spot for the tourists. Where you can explore several superb coral reef formations and colorful fish underwater. Hp Reef is located at the North Male Atoll, and also considered the famous tourists destination.

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  1. Awesome Maldive Holidays

    Great photos..Maldives is tempting tourist destination..
    I have been to the public beach of Maafushi Island..In Maldives you can get to see the wonderful side of nature..amazing blue beaches and many more..There are lot many beach resorts which fulfill our wishes of watching sunrise and sunset over beaches.:)
    One of my friend suggested me with a Maldives holiday planning site which is really cool for planning Maldives travel itineraries.I have shared it with you above hope it will surely be useful for all of us in future also.
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  2. Nice article and fantastic Maldives !
    According to me cruising is the best way to discover Maldives . With 4 friends we chartered our own private wooden cruise vessel last year . According to me, it is the most interesting and cheapest way to discover this beautiful country. Food was great, cabin crew very friendly, cabins are all equiped with private shower and toilets, they serve alcohol on board, excursions included, snorkeling & fishing equipment is free . We booked through a local travel agency, and we paid 179 $/person per night ( full board, taxes included, private boat for the 4 of us, equipment and all excursions included). It was such a wonderful trip, will definitely do it again if we manage to find a bit of free time!

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