Top 10 best tourist attractions in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

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Ras al-Khaimah is situated in the north of United Arab Emirates. It is home to a vast diversity of cultures and civilizations for like 7000 years. The history of Ras al-Khaimah contains combats between early people, continuous struggles, pirate occurrences, imperial defeats including modern and peaceful development in the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi ruling era. The eighteen strongholds, towers and fortresses that are still found in Ras al-Khaimah are a demonstration of the area’s bright history.

10) The Ras al-Khaimah Zoo

The Ras al-Khaimah zoo is located in Al Dagdaga and has close proximity to Saqr Park. The zoo was built on an area of one million square meters and featured as third largest zoo of United Arab Emirates. Best international standards of safety and security have been considered in its construction. The main attractions in RAK zoo are white and rare golden tigers, black panthers, cheetahs, African and white lions, rare antelope, deer, wild buffaloes and a variety of beautiful birds. All the animals are kept in air-conditioned cages and ponds, that are decorated with 3D pictures similar to their natural and original habitats. Visitors can have a closer look towards the animals while the trained guards are available for emergency purposes.

9) Iceland Water Park

The Iceland water park covers an area of 103,000 square meters. Park’s attraction is basically based on a penguin designed theme and has a capacity to facilitate up to 10,000 guests. Other than customary water stop attraction, the island offers some kind fascinations with penguin falls, rocky polar mountain with collection of water slides, coral isle, a snorkeling pool and aqua soccer. Penguin bay is a 6000 square meters rain dance pool that provides exciting encounters at the arctic wave pool. An area of fast food court offers multi-cuisine and has a seating capacity of 650 persons.

8) Hajar Mountains

The rough and crude Hajar Mountains rule the Ras al-Khaimah and make a lovely range to take off into the nature on a daylight trip. The encompassing desert always shows the signs of change in sand dunes that might occur at anytime. While you’re in the area of mountains, there are some stunning landscapes that most guests don’t expect in the United Arab Emirates. Hajar Mountains are a huge enjoyment for the geologists because they do have the world’s most noteworthy revelation of ophiolites (it is a molten rock from the maritime crust). Jabal Yibir (Yiber Mountain), is a point, that is really astounding and has has a height of about 1,537 meters.

7) Fun City

Fun city is a perfect place for the kids of age between 1 to 12 years. Fun city plays an important part by providing a platform for children to have social interaction and to play in a protected, secure and easily reached area. There is an area that is called “fun and learn”, kids there are provided with an opportunity to improve mental and physical capabilities. On the other hand, “Play zone” is an area, where a protected place is provided to slide, climb, run and jump around. Birthday parties, school trips and mom’s coffee mornings are the ideal social affairs that make each minute memorable for families and companions.

6) Khatt Springs Resort

Khatt spring is one of the main attractions in Ras al-Khaimah that is a mineral-rich hot place, where you can observe water in its unwinding and restorative properties. The location of resort is in the midst of a palm-tree scattered oasis, upheld by the mountains. The sound water is a top track in the opposite direction, is a charm for local people as well as for tourists. The surrounding area is home to approximately one hundred and seventy archaeological sites. The items exposed here are comprised of prehistoric tombs and a 19th century tower made from mud-bricks, that indicates the length and constant settlement of this zone.

5) Ras al-Khaimah National Museum

This national museum was built in 1794. According to some people, this place was a residence for the ruling family “Al Qasimi” till early 1960s. A vast collection of archaeological artifact are found in this museum. The first floor of the building has a room named as “Qawasim Room”. In this room, there are some interesting collections of manuscripts and documents that are exhibited. The treaties between rulers of Great Britain and Ras al-Khaimah is an interesting part of this exhibition. Traditional life of this region, architecture, date growing, farming and fishing are shown in museum’s ethnographic section.

4) Al Jazirat al-Hamra

This place is an indication of life before the oil times. It is a relinquished fishing town and has roots in conventional coral block architecture. The main occupation of the inhabitants of this place was fishing and pearl diving. All the villagers that used to live here, left the place in 1960. The dry atmosphere of this place helped in saving the structure of buildings. The place provides an antique expression to all the people that visit this place.

3) Dhayah Fort

Dhayah fort used to serve as a natural defense area for the refugees. It is the only fort in the United Arab Emirates which has a hilltop. The fort played an important short term role in 1819 in resisting the British attacks against the clans of Ras al-Khaimah. The fort also offers an incredible view of lavish palm cultivates including the ocean and sensational mountains. Apart from this, some demolished fortresses and watchtowers can be seen to the south of the hill.

2) Falcon Show, Banyan Tree Al Wadi

Falcon show is one of the popular conventions in the Ras al-Khaimah. This unique falcon show is held at Banyan Tree Al Wadi, which is the first desert spa resort in the Middle East. This place features the most diverse accumulation of hawks, owls, falcons and eagles. Visitors can be a part of an activity or just enjoy the beautiful show by sitting at a place. The professionals here use traditional Arabic or western techniques to fly their birds.

1) Bassata Desert Village

If you love to tour a desert then Bassata Desert Village is a place that might give you an amazing desert experience. Visitors can observe and be a part of a wide range of traditional Arabic activities. These activities comprise of dune bashing, Arabic Tanoura and camel riding. Professional belly dancers give a charismatic look to all the viewers. There are arrangements of special Arabic barbecue in case you’re hungry. For overnight stays, village also provides the camping facility.

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