Top 10 best tourist attractions in Missouri, United States of America

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Missouri is a state located in the mid-west region of the United States. With a population of over 6 million dwellers, Missouri is the 18th most populous state of the country. The capital city is Jefferson while Kansas City is its largest metro. It is located at the junction of the three greatest rivers of USA and has a diversified geography. Missouri is the leading producer of transport equipment and its economy is primarily based on the fast-growing industries of aerospace, biotechnology and food processing. Tourism also lures thousands of visitors to numerous points of interest which include historical sites, outdoor recreation activities and exquisite downtown nightlife.

10) Forest Park

Known as “Heart of St. Louis”, this sprawling public park is a wonderful place for outdoor recreation as well as family vacation spots. Spanning an area of 1300 acres, Forest Park contains numerous sites for both indoor and outdoor attractions. It offers lush-green gardens with side-ways ponds, and a variety of meadows and man-made. Bicycles and paddle-boats are available for tourists to tour the park. Apart from this, Forest Park also features one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Missouri including the Saint Louis Zoo and Saint Louis Science Center.

9) Missouri State Capitol

Missouri State Capitol is a building that represents the legislative and parliamentary councils of Missouri’s government. The imposing structure is located in Jefferson City and rises up to a height of 75 meters and is a must-see destination for many travelers. The area is well renowned for its architectural displays as the Capitol grounds are filled with engraved sculptures and statues. Tourists can take up guided-group tours to the state museum and the hall of famous Missourians, located within the Capitol, to explore the historic relics of Missouri and memorials of some residents who were honored for their contributions to the state.

8) Silver Dollar City

Opened in 1960, the Silver Dollar City is a public theme park which is established in Branson, Missouri. It combines a flashy mix of amusement rides and attractions with the culture and crafts of the 1880’s of the Ozark community. Thousands of visitors tour this place during its operating season to experience the thrill of its mind-blowing rides and play the arcades. Added to that, the traditional crafts and artistry demonstrated by the craftsmen are also a source of attraction. Silver Dollar City hosts several prominent festivals in its tourist season.

7) Titanic Museum

Titanic museum is a Titanic-themed museum in Branson. Carved like the Titanic itself, the double-storied museum is anchored in water and was opened for the public in 2006. The grandiose complex takes its visitors through the history and factual information of one of the greatest ships in mankind’s history. While taking the 90-minute guided tour, tourists can experience through the hallways, staircases, cabins and can explore the displayed historical artifacts of the ship and its passengers. Moreover, tourists can visit the Titanic store to get unique souvenirs.

6) Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is an amusement park based in Kansas City, Missouri. Primitively opened in 1970’s, Worlds of Fun is themed after the book, Around the World in Eighty Days. It is directly affiliated with Oceans of Fun, a water-theme park adjacent to it. The park canvases an area of 235 acres and is divided into five virtual ‘worlds’. It uplifts the level of exhilaration and frenzy to the top, with spine-chilling rides like the Patriot, the Mamba, and the Prowler. A dedicated spot for children, known as Planet Snoopy, is also located within the park. Moreover, for family recreation, a campsite has been established which houses all kinds of shops, restaurants and amusement places.

5) Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Nelson Atkins Museum is Kansas City’s most significant cultural attraction, known for its large-scale compilation of classical, scholastic and Asian art. Constructed on the grounds of the Oak Hall, the museum is prized for its broad range of historical pieces from around the world, including artifacts from Latin, Greek, and Roman dynasties of the pre-historic times. Nelson Atkins Museum also hosts several exhibits as well as educational programs for children and adults which lures thousands of tourists. The museum also houses a major collection of English pottery, American sculpture and miniature paintings.

4) Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical institutions in continuous operation in the country and a National Historic Landmark. Founded in 1859, the institution has been the leading center of botanical research study and an oasis in St. Louis. The Garden consists of 79 acres of elegant botanic display which includes Japanese excursion garden of 14 acre space and one of the world’s largest collections of endangered orchids. Moreover, several annual cultural festivals are held here in which arts, crafts and botanies are showcased. The garden also offers educational and learning programs for the citizens and aims to preserve the beauty of the city.

3) Union Station

Built in 1914; Union Station is one of the top attractions in Kansas City which played the role of railway Station during the times of World War 2. The gorgeous building contains 900 rooms and draws thousands of tourists who marvel at her stunning structure. Union Station contains adventurous spots like the Science Center and Extreme Screen for 3D theatre. Tourists may also find permanent rail exhibits for traveling around Kansas City or the state itself. Union Station was Missouri’s second busiest train station in its early times.

2) Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks is a large basin located in the north of Ozarks and it covers several lakes and tributaries. Due to its curved shape, the lake has been nicknamed as ‘The Magic Dragon’. Lake of the Ozarks State Park was established around the lake and it has been a top vacation site for thousands of tourists to Missouri. Once there, travelers can take a peek of the historical “Ha Ha Tonka” State Park and the Eagle’s Nest Resort. There are a variety of family picnic spots, golf courses and outdoor recreation activities available in this region.

1) Gateway Arch

A trip to Missouri would surely be incomplete without visiting this majestic, iconic structure! Located in the city of St. Louis, the Gateway arch is a 630 feet tall monument and the world’s tallest arch. It is situated in the nucleus of Jefferson National Park and has attracted millions of visitors over the years due to its exemplary architecture. Tourists take up elevators to reach the top most floor of the arch known as “Journey to Top” to experience stunning landscapes of the entire city and the surrounding highways. Moreover, there’s a museum located within the Arch to promote the cultural history of the state amongst the visiting crowds.

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