Top 10 most beautiful places in Artvin, Turkey

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Artvin is the province of Turkey located in the northeast region of the country, adjacent to the border of Georgia. The city of Artvin is the provincial capital of Artvin Province. The province is surrounded by the beautiful nature and awe-inspiring highlands and is home to the fastest flowing river in the Turkey. It is famous for its highlands, lakes, rivers, churches and museum constructed by the Georgians in the 9th, 10th century in accordance with ancient Georgian architecture. Every summer, hundreds of visitors come here to enjoy the Kafkosar cultural and art festival at the upper lands in Artvin Province.

10) Deriner Dam

Deriner Dam is a double-curved concrete arched dam, which is built on the Coruh River in the eastern region of Artvin, Turkey. This dam is considered as the largest concrete arched dam in Turkey and stands among the top ten highest concrete arched dam in the world. The purpose of the construction of this dam was to generate hydroelectric power and to control the floods in the area. The dam includes an underground powerhouse, which is one of the deepest underground excavations in the world. The dam is surrounded by the natural beauty of the awesome mountain range and Coruh River, which provides very fresh and photogenic views to the visitors.

9) Mencuna Waterfall

Mencuna Waterfall is a beautiful wonder of nature, which is situated in a forest on a hilltop in Arhavi, Artvin Province. It is a 90-meter high waterfall which is divided into 2 sections. This waterfall occurs as a result of melting snow on the mountains. The site is a spectacular picnic point and one of the most visited tourist spots. Some restaurants are available at the start of the climb to the waterfall. The place is like heaven for most of the people, who love the natural wilderness and the wonders of nature and has a great hustle and bustle with the visitors and families going there for the picnic in summer.

8) Gevhernik Kalesi

Gevhernik Kalesi is an ancient castle located in the Addakale Village on a hill in Artvin Province. The castle is surrounded by the silver mine and therefore it is also known as the name of “Gevherli Nik”, which means mine and ore in Turkish. This castle was built around 5th century BC as per an estimate and was considered as the capital of the Cildir Atabeys and Georgian Kings. Gevhernik Castle is the only castle in Artvin, which is protected by the city walls and reflects the history of various prehistoric periods. Remains of Gevhernik Castle present the genuine historical architecture and surrounded by the natural beauty of nature and various spectacular panoramic scenes. Hundreds of tourists come to see these unique prehistoric ruins every year.

7) Laset Motel & Restoran

Laset Motel is a perfect place for the photographers, hikers, trackers and other people, who like to visit the beautiful natural places. It is a hotel that consists of 18 different bungalows, which can accommodate four persons at a time and is situated in Savsat, Artvin Province. These bungalows have a seating area with open terrace and also equipped with the free Wi-Fi facility, a fridge, a mini bar and all the ingredients of making tea along with an electronic kettle. Area of the hotel is surrounded by the breathtaking and awe-inspiring scenes of nature, which are the main attraction for the people who come here to stay in this hotel. Guests can have tasty and delicious meals from the Laset Restaurant closer to the bungalows and serve various local dishes, which include trout cooked in butter and local honey.

6) Istanbul Bazaar Alisveris Merkezi

Istanbul Bazaar is the first border shopping centre of Turkey and the only available shopping centre in Artvin. This Shopping mall is situated on the border of Artvin Province and Georgia for the 15,000 Georgian people, who crosses the border on a daily basis. The mall was constructed on an area 10,000 square meters with an investment of 10 million dollars in less than a year. There are 35 stores available in the mall, which includes many famous brands of Turkey. Burger King, Arrow, Blue Jeans, Adidas and Winter Gardens are some of the brands serving in Istanbul Bazaar which makes the place worth visiting. In addition, there are some shops that provide qualitative products at lower rates.

5) Ishan Church

Ishan Church is situated in a village of the Yusufeli District in Artvin Province. The church was constructed in 951 according to a manuscript in the time of Gregor Khandza, which was written in Khandza Monastery and presently it is kept in Jerusalem. This mountain church is an important prehistoric building in Turkey from the ancient time of Georgian Kings, which is restored by the Government.The place of the monastery is serving as a mosque since the Ottoman Era but a Chapel of Virgin Marry&the Church covered with a huge dome in accordance with traditional church architecture is also protected as an important cultural asset of the Turkey. The place is great historical and tourism spot in the country.

4) Kafkasor Bull Fighting

Kafkasor Bull Fighting is an excited and jaw-dropping event, which is organized on a high plateau of Kafkasor, Artvin Province in Turkey on the 3rd week of June every year. In this, event bulls are brought from all over the provinces for a competition with special rules. Bulls are classified according to their neck size and weights. When a bull is proved weak, it is considered as a loser and took away from the arena by the authorized people from the event. This is a traditional & a cultural event of Turkey. Many visitors must visit to enjoy this event during their trip to Artvin Province.

3) Black Lake

The Black Lake is an indispensable wonder of nature, which is situated in the town of Borcka, Artvin Province in Turkey. It is a huge lake, which was formed in early 19th century as a result of a landslide in the way of a river. Surrounding of the lake is rich with many species of flowers & plants and is abundant with the beauty of natural wilderness in all aspects. The Black lake of Borcka is an important tourist attraction in Turkey, which attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world every year with its pre-eminent view and colorful wilderness of its surroundings.

2) Cehennem Deresi Kanyonu

Cehennem Deresi Kanyonu is one of the rare canyons in the world, which is situated at 25 kilometres in the east of Artvin-Ardanuc Highway. A tour to this canyon is quite adventurous, excited and full of magnificent views of nature. Walk in the canyon start to a very narrow and steep entrance and covered from the top for about a kilometre in the beginning. After passing the narrow pathway, a slightly wide area appears with a grassy field. Some picnic tables and stubborn benches are available in that section of the Canyon. The large section of the canyon in its centre is converted to a huge cave. This large area is the most splendid part of the canyon, which includes different symmetrical curved large walls. This is an ideal place of tourism for hikers, photographers and other nature loving tourists.

1) Karagol-Sahara National Park

Karagol Sahara National Park is a national park in Turkey, which was inaugurated in August, 1994 in Savsat District of Artvin Province. The park has spread over an area of 8,030 acres and 1,800 meters above the sea level. Karagol and Sahara Plateau are two main sections in this national park. Karagol is the area in the northeast of the lake and includes dense forests, which have many species of wild plants, trees and animals. Sahara Plateau is highland of the area with a unique geological structure and rich with the trees of scotch pines, fir and spruce. A Pancar Festival is organized every year in this national park, which attracts many visitors from different regions and enhances the economy of the region through the tourist activity.

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