Top 10 most beautiful places in Albury, Australia

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Albury is a beautiful city located in New South Wales, Australia. It is a small city with a population of approximately 45,000 people. It is located on the foothills of Great Dividing Range on the Hume highway, on the north side of Murray river. Albury has a diverse 4 seasons climate with hot summers and temperatures reaching below zero in the winters. The city has some really good tourist attractions which everyone visiting Albury should visit. Following is a list of top ten most beautiful places in Albury which will serve as a guide for you during your visit to Albury.

10) Lieutenant Albert Borella V.C. & Victoria Cross Memorial

This monument commemorates Lieutenant Albert Borella who was awarded with the Victoria Cross for his services in World War 1. It also commemorates the other Victoria Cross recipients. It is a very famous monument in Albury. There is a lot of research put into this memorial and the statue is very detailed. The statue is an excellent piece of art. Also there is a detailed plaque inscribed with the details and services of Lt. Albert Borella and another plaque with the names of Victoria Cross recipients.

9) Albury Racing Club

Albury racing club is a horse racing club located on the Fallon street. The club has got a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful garden setting makes for a pleasant day at the races in the club. The whole track can be viewed from the stand. There are a lot of facilities at the club, a perfect shade, comfortable seats, a bar and good food facilities are some of the features of the club. The Albury Gold Cup events are quite famous among the locals. The beautiful country setting makes sure that every one whether a race lover or not, feels relaxed and enjoys at the club.

8) Albury Railway Station

Albury railway Station is a historical railway station which was constructed in 1881. The building of the railway station is really beautiful with a clock tower which is visible from quite far away. There are two platforms in the railway station. The railway station is in service. It is definitely a great historical place to visit to get a feeling of Australian culture and history.

7) Eastern Hill Rotary Lookout

To get a panoramic view of Albury city, make your way up to the Eastern Hill Rotary lookout. It is situated off the East Street. It offers views of Albury Airport and the Murray river flood plains. On a clear day, viewers are also able to see the Lake Hume and the Hume Dam Spillway. Other activities related to this place are bird watching, animal viewing and picnics.

6) Noreuil Park

Noreuil Park is a quite and peaceful riverside park for the nature lovers. There is a riverside cafe in the park and there is a play ground for kids, right next to the park. People come here for picnics with families and for BBQ also. As the park is on the riverside, it is also famous for swimming in the river during the summer season. Many different species of birds can also be spotted in the park.

5) Albury Library Museum

The Albury Library Museum is a library as well as a museum. The library is well stocked with books and digital material. The library has about 50,000 books and electronic media items. The display and the building are quite modern and well designed. The museum is small and is about the history of Albury city. The staff is very friendly. Many exhibitions are also held here throughout the year. There are displays of different items and interests, changing regularly. Children are also welcome and usually have an area to sit and watch the historical info on a large screen.

4) Monument Hill War Memorial

The Monument hill war memorial is a short drive up the hill or may be a run up the hill if you are fit enough. You will get excellent views of Albury from the hill on which the memorial is located. There is a Memorial Bowl, a short distance below the monument  to honour the men and women who served in Second World War. There are walking tracks to and around this place where you can enjoy the sights of local flora and fauna.

3) Murray River Albury

Murray river is  Australia’s longest river. The river has a variety of fish and other aquatic animals. One of the best tourist attractions of Albury is canoeing in the Murray river and camping on the riverside. Canoes are available to hire and you will be provided with excellent gear. Exploring the natural beauty of Murray river on a canoe with your friends or family is a must do. Another famous activity on the Murray river is exploring the Murray river trail via cycling, walking or jogging.

2) Albury Botanic Gardens

Located in the middle of Albury town, the botanic garden has an area of approximately 10 acres and it specializes in the specimens of Australian rain forest. It is a perfect family place to visit. There is a really cool kids play area and dinosaurs statues as well. The garden is quite compact but is really well kept. There are some very giant trees in this garden. It is perfect place for a day out and a picnic with family.

1) Lake Hume Albany

Lake Hume is a beautiful place to visit. It is located on the Murray River about 10 kilometers upstream of Albury. The lake gives excellent views and is surrounded by greenery. The drive towards the lake is quite relaxing. The lake has well kept parks and gardens as well. It provides a great swimming experience in the summers when the water level is down. There are not many places for food near the lake, only a few restaurants are present. There is a dedicated area for BBQ. Fishing is also popular among the visitors of Lake Hume. The lake gives breathtaking views at sunrise and sunset. Every time you visit this lake you will have a unique experience and wonderful lifelong memories of the trip.

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