Top 10 best tourist places in Jordan

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Situated at the crossroads of three contrasting continents, Jordan is an Arab Kingdom in the Middle East with a population of nearly 7 million. It is considered to be the safest and most civilized of the Arab countries in that region. Amman is the most populous city of the country as well as its civic, cultural and economic capital. Jordan has a highly diversified economy and the industrial and manufacturing sector is extremely concentrated. Foreign trade agreements, construction projects and power resources have really boosted the country’s economy. Tourism is also considered as its economy’s cornerstone. Home to more than 100,000 archaeological, religious and tourism sites such as Petra Heritage Site, Dead Sea and Aqaba. Jordan hosts millions of tourists every year and attracts thrill-seeking adventurers.

10) Aqaba

With its idyllic setting and warm environment, Aqaba is Jordan’s best aquatic leisure ground and is the only coastal city in the country. This seaside region is situated on the Red Sea and is surrounded by the medieval walled city of Ayla. Aqaba is renowned for its pristine sandy beaches, cerulean waters with thriving marine life and five-star hotels with world class facilities. The place is a popular holiday destination where tourists can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sunbathing. Aqaba also boasts primeval structures including the world’s oldest church.

9) Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is a majestic ridge rising from the jagged landscape in the northwest portion of Madaba. It reaches to a height of more than 800 feet, overlooking the town known as the Holy Land. The cliff has extreme religious and historic significance and is known as the burial place of Moses. It has become a popular pilgrimage site and achieved the title of a monastery. Climbers who reach the mountain-top via the hiking trails are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and the far-fetched cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

8) Jerash

Situated some dozen miles from Amman, Jerash is the second most popular tourist destination in the country. It is an ancient city with an unbroken chain of human urbanism and dates back to more than 5000 years. Jerash boasts the world’s best preserved Roman heritage and provincial towns and was founded by Alexander the Great. The dignified landmarks like Hadrian’s Arch, the Hippodrome and Jerash Archaeological Museum offer archaeological insights into the city’s legacy. The Jerash festival held during the summers in the colonnaded streets, spacious public squares, and world-class theatres also attracts thousands of visitors.

7) Dead Sea

Sprawling around the borders of Palestine and Jordan, Dead Sea is a bewitching natural phenomenon with a 75-km long area and is the lowest point on Earth’s surface. It has an incredible salinity level which means that nothing can fully sink in it. Although the Jordan Valley comprises only a small part of the Dead Sea, tourists flock to this place during mild summers to enjoy the unique setting. Visitors float over the sea surface to experience its magical healing powers. Moreover, they can stay in the luxury resorts to enjoy spa treatments and beautiful Jordanian sunsets.

6) Dana Nature Reserve

Incorporating plenty of rugged granite and sandstone cliffs, Dana Nature Reserve is the largest reserve in the country and was founded in 1989. It is surrounded by the centuries-old village of Dana, inhabited by pastoral tribes. Despite the scraggy landscape, the place is a renowned hiking and photography haven with its broad canyons and fascinating valleys. Dana Reserve also houses several endangered wild-life species such as Nubian ibex and Syrian serin. Dana Cooperative Hotel has been developed to accommodate the tourists staying over-nights during their visit.

5) Madaba

Madaba is a town located 40 kilometers from Amman and presides over a grandiose mosque. It is globally famed for housing the most dramatic mosaics of the Byzantine and Umayyad eras. These masterpieces are patched along the floors of different archaeological and religious buildings, including the highly famous St George’s Church. Together, these mosaics design the structure of the Holy Land’s map, and are considered as the most preserved of its kind in the world due to its clarity. Visitors enjoy the diverse nature of the town and are attracted to other tourist attractions such as the Church of the Apostles, Dead Sea, and the Dolmens.

4) Wadi Rum

Known as The Valley Of The Moon, Wadi Rum is the largest desert valley in Jordan boasting breathtaking scenery. It was cut through sandstone rock formations and towering granite cliffs. Wadi Rum with its peach-colored sand dunes possesses genuine landscape beauty formed by ancient geological erosions. The natural landmarks offer unique colors-scheme and moonscape views of the valley of an otherworldly quality. The region is occupied by nomadic Bedouin tribes who are extremely hospitable to the visiting throngs of tourists. Visitors can enjoy the safari jeep races, camel rides, and spend a night at a remote desert camp under the star-lidded sky.

3) Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib, also known as the River Arnon is one of the country’s most remarkable features. With a depth exceeding 500 meters, the Mujib Reserve is the lowest natural reserve in the world. Wadi Mujib enters the Dead Sea at this surface level and constitutes of sensational array of canyon characteristics including sheer rocky walls and glistening waterways in form of puddles. The place enjoys breathtaking bio-diversity and is home to a series of wildlife species and marine plants. It also offers terrific opportunities for hiking and snorkeling.

2) Amman

Housing more than 4 million citizens, Amman is the cultural, political and financial capital of Jordan and one of the oldest cities in the Middle East. The city is full of pre-historic and contemporary landmarks and is always bustling with activity and foreign tourists. The central region of Amman boasts the ancient ruins of Citadel where the Temple of Hercules, Byzantine churches and Roman theaters are situated. The alluring charm and dynamism of the city is also reflected in its traditional markets, shopping areas and restaurants. The skyscrapers add beauty to this westernized city and offer scenic views of the surrounding towns.

1) Petra

Rated as the best tourist attraction in Jordan, Petra is a mesmerizing rose-red city which happens to be a World Heritage Site that enchants visitors from all corners of the globe. After being lost to the world for centuries, Petra was rediscovered in the early 19th century and a new set of incredible ancient structures were unveiled. Hiking through a kilometer-long sandstone gorge, tourists reach the main gate of the archaeological park, which further leads to myriad astonishing monuments such as The Treasury, Roman Theatre, The Monastery, Street of Facades as well as infinite tombs, funerary halls, temples, and arched gateways.

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