Top 10 best tourist places in Ghana

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There are many amazing museums and historical sites that will make you want to visit in Ghana. Everywhere you go in Ghana, you will find local people dancing to drum beats and listening to upbeat sounds. Even if Ghana is not a safari destination, it still has plenty of great opportunities to experience wildlife and of course nature. Without any more words, here is a list of the top 10 best tourist places in Ghana

10. Cape Coast Castle

Ghana’s Atlantic Coast is lined with old fortifications (castles) constructed by different European powers throughout the seventeenth Century. The Cape Coast Castle was assembled for the slave-exchange and is a standout amongst the most noteworthy of Ghana’s old posts. The Cape Coast Castle is currently a fantastic gallery with data about the history of Ghana, the slave-exchange and neighborhood society and a guided tour is available. A tour is a “unquestionable requirement”  and will take you through the cells and the “entryway of no return”.


9. Elmina and St George’s Castle, Elmina

Elmina is a beautiful angling town along Ghana’s coast, not a long way from Cape Coast. It is home to one of Ghana’s greatest attractions, St George’s Castle. Assembled by the Portuguese in 1482, it was caught by the Dutch 150 years after the fact and turned into the central command of their West Indies Company for the next 250 years. Gold fares were soon swapped by slaves and the tour through the cells will give you a great thought of how frightful an exchange it was. The Castle houses a little gallery and guided tours are accessible.


8. Accra, Ghana’s Capital

Accra is a sprawling city with in the ballpark of 2 million inhabitants and one of Africa’s more secure capitals and this is why it is one of the best tourist places in Ghana and a top tourism destination. Accra has a mixture of present day structures, shanty towns, intermittent castle and exuberant markets. The focal center point is around the MakolaMarket, only south of the business is the Atlantic ocean.


7. Kakum National Park, Central Region

Kakum National Park is a thick tropical rain backwoods in southern Ghana and is a top tourism destination. The woodland is home to over 40 types of bigger warm blooded creatures incorporating timberland elephants, woods wild ox, Mona-meerkats and civets. The winged animal life is phenomenal also with over 250 species living in the woodland. The highlight of any visit to Kakum, is a walk around the Canopy Walkway that is fabricated 30 meters over the ground, traverses 1000 feet (350 m) long. The overhang walkway offers a novel survey point of view of the natural life and one of a kind plants of the woodland.


6. Mole National Park

Mole National Park is Ghana’s biggest untamed life park and is placed in north western Ghana and it is a top tourism destination. In Mole you can hope to see bison, wander impala, elephants, warthogs, hyenas and provided that you’re exceptionally lucky, panther. Lions have as of late been re-acquainted with the park also. There are likewise more than 250 types of flying creatures to revel in. You can settle on a strolling safari or an accepted diversion drive joined by a furnished gatekeeper.


5. Kokrobite Beach

Ghana has some exquisite beaches however the most well known for the most recent decade has been the beaches around Kokrobite incorporating Langma. Kokrobite is a fast 20 mile (30km) tro-tro ride far from the capital Accra and is one of the best tourist places in Ghana. One of the fundamental attractions here is the amazing Academy of African Music and Art (Aama) established by expert drummer Mustapha TetteyAddy. The Academy lures drummers and dance specialists from everywhere throughout the planet.


4. Kumasi, Ashanti

Kumasi, Ashanti

Kumasi is the previous capital of Ghana’s Ashanti Kingdom in southern-focal Ghana. Kumasi is Ghana’s second biggest city with a populace of around 1.5 million. The Ashanti are extremely popular artisans, their gold adornments and trinkets are well known all as far and wide as possible, as is their Kente fabric and wood-cut stools. You can see samples at the National Culture Center and different create villages on the edge of Kumasi.


3.Busua Beach, Western Region


Busua is one of Ghana’s best beaches and offers the guest an opportunity to unwind, paddle around in the Atlantic and get a charge out of some lobster. There are a few inns along the beach front running from rich to basic. The Busua Beach Resort is a present day, expansive inn with feasting offices, pool and beach chalets.




Nzulezo is a village based stilts in the boggy Amansuri Lagoon and is one of the best tourist places in Ghana. It is comparative in looks and environment to Genvie in Benin. This is a remarkable bit of angling neighborhood, a long way from the buzzing about of every day Ghanaian life. You can just achieve it by leasing a kayak, accessible from the village of Beyin (around the range of two hours drive from Axim). It takes about a hour to achieve the village.


1. Lake (Volta Lake)

Lake Volta (or Volta Lake) is the biggest man-made lake on the planet. A traveler pontoon, the Yapei Queen runs the whole length of the lake between Akosombo in the South to Yeji in the North. The excursion takes in the ballpark of 24 hours restricted and withdraws from Akosombo each Monday. You can book your voyage through the Volta Lake Transport Company. You’ll be imparting the pontoon to some animals and heaps of vegetables, the vessel is frequently alluded to as the “yam watercraft”. The resting is unpleasant yet unquestionably remunerating for the dashing explorer.

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